Oleander House

This Edition Is No Longer AvailableWhen Sam Raintree Goes To Work For Bay City Paranormal Investigations, He Expects His Quiet Life To Change He Doesn T Expect To Put His Life And Sanity On The Line, Or To Fall For A Man He Can Never Have.Book One In The Bay City Paranormal Investigation Series.Sam Raintree Has Never Been Normal All His Life, He S Experienced Things He Can T Explain Things That Have Colored His View Of The World And Of Himself So Taking A Job As A Paranormal Investigator Seems Like A Perfect Fit His New Co Workers, He Figures, Don T Have To Know He S Gay When Sam Arrives At Oleander House, The Site Of His First Assignment With Bay City Paranormal Investigations, Nothing Is What He Expected The Repetitive Yet Exciting Work, The Unusual And Violent History Of The House, The Intensely Erotic And Terrifying Dreams Which Plague His Sleep But The Most Unexpected Thing Is Dr Bo Broussard, The Group S Leader.From The Moment They Meet, Sam Is Strongly Attracted To His Intelligent, Alluring Boss It Doesn T Take Sam Long To Figure Out That Although Bo Has Led A Heterosexual Life, He Is Very Much In The Closet, And Wants Sam As Badly As Sam Wants Him As The Investigation Of Oleander House Progresses And Paranormal Events In The House Escalate, Sam And Bo Circle Warily Around Their Mutual Attraction, Until A Single Night Of Bloodshed And Revelation Changes Their Lives Forever Warning This Title Contains Explicit Male Male Sex, Intense Violence, And Graphic Language.Oleander House

Ally Blue penned her first tale at age eight, relating the breathless terror of her little sister s not quite fatal encounter with a bee in the backyard That was the beginning of a lifelong love affair with storytelling She now writes gay romance of all flavors, and has recently branched into writing her first love horror She continues her neverending quest to scare herself She is not a hippi

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 221 pages
  • Oleander House
  • Ally Blue
  • English
  • 01 October 2019

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    It is very much a story of two guys in the closet because although Sam accepts that he is gay, he doesn t really shout it loud and proud Bo on the other hand is so far back in the closet, I think he might have a second job at Monsters Inc.I really enjoyed the paranormal aspect of the storyline It relied on the creep factor, like old school horror than outright gore I also liked how Ally showed the monotony and repetitiveness of the job It s not all running along darkened corridors with poltergeist at your heels It s reviewing hours and hours of video and audio punctuated by library research Dork that I am I would love that aspect She portrays it like any other job The only difference is it s not nine to five.Now, that sounds really boring, I hear you say and it is in real life but Ally manages to have this little thread of not quite right running through the whole book, so you feel on edge the whole time you are reading Plus all the boring work is interspersed with some really great characters Getting to know the team was a delight.I love...

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    I really enjoyed Oleander House It is the first in the Bay City Paranormal Investigations series, and it did not disappoint I was expecting a little bit romance in this book, and instead I got suspense, action, horror, mystery and intrigue I enjoyed all of those things and I cant wait to read the n...

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    I enjoyed reading Oleander House, it was fresh and easy to read however now that it s finished I m not sure how to think about some parts in it It starts quite eye catching and potential, but gradually I found some scenes getting repeated My serious problem with it was that the characters didn t seem to take the investigation and the perils of the house and the dreams very seriously and ...

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    I enjoyed this first book in the Bay City Paranormal Investigators series, and I intend to go hunt up the sequels I liked the main characters and I have to give the author credit for not having Bo get too far out of the closet in a book that covers such a short time span I also like that she killed off a main character, and didn t rescue her at the last moment although it did break up the happy hetero couple that I was enjoying seeing in a m m book My one problem with this book was with the plot details Say you are having repeated visions of a non human creature emerging through you and ripping apart the man you are coming to love, and say there is a history of multiple bloody unsolved murders confirmed on this sitewouldn t you do something other than just hanging around waiting for it to happen and taking photographs I would have liked to maybe see a severe compulsion keeping the characters from leaving Oleander house no matter how hard they tried the mention of a compulsion is so casual, and then they drop the subjec...

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    Spooky, creepy reading I love things that go bump in the night

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    2.5 s God This is one of those books I wanted to love Every page I kept thinking any second now, just one page but it didn t happen Sucks because I love ghost stories and this is a series with a lot of books out already So much was wrong with this story T...

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    I had high hopes for Oleander House I liked it, just not as much as I thought I would It s the first book in the Bay City Paranormal Investigations series We meet Sam, who is hired to do technical work with BCPI The group is investigating a haunting at Oleander House and things get really creepy Some of the members experienc...

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    My Review This first book in the Bay City Paranormal Investigations series is a fast and tense read, not just because of the mystery unfolding during the investigation, but because of the tension between the main characters Ms Blue has managed to create a realistic and painful bond between two very likable men that the reader wants to see resolved in a positive way And she doesn t hand out pat answers, either The reader is as aware that Bo has other people in his life to consider as Bo himself, and while throwing the two men together without considering the consequences would be the easy thing to do, Blue doesn t take that out As far as the mystery is concerned, it s given a good amount of weight, and at times, the romance reader in me was annoyed at the intrusion a testament to the tight writing of the emotional bits of the book Always, though, I ended up drawn into the mysterious events quickly enough that the annoyance w...

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    I really loved the paranormal portion of the story as well as the investigation portion It wasn t just walk in the house bam there is the ghost and away you go This was a very dark entity and I hope that we get to find out what it actually is in the upcoming books ...

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    I like to read stories about shapeshifters, demons but this one is my first real ghost story.I wanted to try it because i liked some of Ally Blue s stories and i ve read lots of good reviews about this serie.I ll say that i was really pleased but surprised to find myself liking the plot a lot i liked it than the romance itself For the romance i would give only 2 stars because i had hard time finding Bo loveable I really like Sam s character through.But i did not felt much chemistry bettween them and i was exasperated by most of their interactions.What gives this book its worth is the paranormal investigation and all the questions and feelings i brought to me I m not a believer in those things but Ally Blue got me bad I found my self having goosebumps or standing up whenever i hear something.I made a fool of myself as always lol.Only because of it, i ll give 5 stars and i bought right away the sequels I have to know what is this ThingI ...

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