The Three Deceivers

As Featured On Glenn Beck Radio Program How Today S Obsessions WithControl, Ownership, Independenceare Destroying The Quality Of Our LivesControl, Ownership And Independence These Are Time Honored And Highly Desirable Concepts, Right Wrong According To New York Times 1 Best Selling Author, Richard Eyre Who Sees Control, Ownership, Independence As The Three Deceivers Why Because They Are Unobtainable, And Actually Undesirable Having Control, Ownership, And Independence Are The Wrong Goals, Says Eyre Their Elusive Pursuit Draws Us Away From God And Diminishes Our Relationships With Other People.At A Time Of Huge Uncertainty In Our World, Eyre Attests That His New Book Strikes At The Very Heart Of The Three Chief Contributors To Unhappiness And Frustration In Our Lives Richard Not Only Exposes And Debunks The Three Deceivers But Importantly He Introduces The Reader To The Three Alternatives Those Goals And Attitudes That Will Lead Us To Happier, Spiritually Satisfying And Stress Free Lives.The Three Deceivers

Writers, lecturers, and grassroots and media catalysts, Linda and Richard Eyre s mission statement Our vision is to FORTIFY FAMILIES by celebrating commitment, popularizing parenting, glorifying grandparenting, bolstering balance, and validating values Their latest efforts in these directions are their new books The Happy Family St Martins Press , Empty Nest Parenting Bookcraft , and The B

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  • The Three Deceivers
  • Richard Eyre
  • 21 April 2019
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    New York Times bestselling author Richard M Eyre has been in the business of educating families for years Teamed with his wife Linda, he has been instrumental in bringing to the attention of America the need to focus on our families and teach them values and principles of honesty and decency that will serve them well throughout their lives With his release of The Three Deceivers, Richard discusses a new theme the ways in which we lie to ourselves about those things that will bring us the most joy.We live in a land of free enterprise, and I think it s safe to say that we ve all grown up with ideas of making it big and being successful As we set these goals for our future, we can get caught up in what Richard calls the three deceivers control, ownership, and independence When used appropriately, these three things can bless our lives, but unfortunately, they are most often used to excess and without proper understanding, and we end up miserable and out of focus.Richard suggests that we instead focus on the three alternatives, which are serendipity, stewardship, and synergicity I ll leave it to him to explain these principles to you as you read th...

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    Basically, an out of the box look at how the self help industry,INDUSTRY, uses the illusions of Control Ownership and Independence to peddle their warmed over pablum Just about everyone has read some self help book, from the classics like Thought Vibrations, to Think and Grow Rich, and How to Win Friends and Influence People Eyre argues that while you may be able to manipulate others and your environment you will never be able to control either True happiness comes from recognizing that self control is what really matters People waste their lives away trying to force and bully their ways through relationships This isn t to say that all their advice is bad most of it is good, just not focusing on what is best and who really is behind it all.Eyre makes great use of Serindipity as the alternative to control that we really should seek By maintaining a balance of preparation and openness to what comes along that may be bett...

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    Not well written or organized particularly well, still the ideas were helpful It was in a format appropriate for the blog that it was originally written to be I think there really should be a balance in our efforts to control things self control is good, but many other things are beyond our control and we should just relax and let God run the universe I really agree that we don t own things, we are just stewards over them, and that idea changes how you handle those things I also liked the idea that we are not as independent as we really think At least we are not very happy trying to live that way We not only need other people, we actually do better when we include them I love the...

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    As I began this book, I thought Eyre was a bit out in left field However, the I read, the sense it all makes We are watching the results of a society that has been consumed with power, greed and selfishness We see our youth looking to gangs for a sense of belonging We see many looking for a hand out Eyre exposes what he calls The Three Deceivers and claims that they are threatening our happiness It rings true It makes sense The alternative attitudes he...

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    Wordy and unorganized I skimmed the book The ideas were not new to me.

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    I highly recommend this book.

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    Wonderfully inspirational.

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