The Proclamation of Bahá'u'lláh

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Born in 1817, Bah u ll h was a member of one of the great patrician families of Persia The family could trace its lineage to the ruling dynasties of Persia s imperial past, and was endowed with wealth and vast estates Turning His back on the position at court which these advantages offered Him, Bah u ll h became known for His generosity and kindliness which made Him deeply loved among His countrymen.This privileged position did not long survive Bah u ll h s announcement of support for the message of the B b Engulfed in the waves of violence unleashed upon the B bis after the B b s execution Bah u ll h suffered not only the loss of all His worldly endowments but was subjected to imprisonment, torture, and a series of banishments The first was to Baghdad where, in 1863, He announced Himself as the One promised by the B b From Baghdad, Bah u ll h was sent to Constantinople, to Adrianople, and finally to Acre, in the Holy Land, where He arrived as a prisoner in 1868.From Adrianople and later from Acre, Bah u ll h addressed a series of letters to the rulers of His day that are among the most remarkable documents in religious history They proclaimed the coming unification of humanity and the emergence of a world civilization.The kings, emperors, and presidents of the nineteenth century were called upon to reconcile their differences, curtail their armaments, and devote their energies to the establishment of universal peace.Bah u ll h passed away at Bahji, just north of Acre, and is buried there His teachings had already begun to spread beyond the confines of the Middle East, and His Shrine is today the focal point of the world community which these teachings have brought into being.Author biography from

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