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Mike Lupica is one of the most prominent sports writers in America His longevity at the top of his field is based on his experience and insider s knowledge, coupled with a provocative presentation that takes an uncompromising look at the tumultuous world of professional sports Today he is a syndicated columnist for the New York Daily News, which includes his popular Shooting from the Lip colum

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  • Paperback
  • 220 pages
  • Heat
  • Mike Lupica
  • English
  • 25 July 2017
  • 9780439024181

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    This book was my absolute favorite book of fourth grade At the time, I was really into sports books and this book fit the billing But what is beautiful about Heat is that it s not just about sports Mike Lupica deals with friendship, family, and coping with loss in a way that seamlessly integrates into the baseball theme.The characters and their relationships are beautifully developed I especially loved seeing how Michael and his brother interac...

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    Heat is a fiction book Michael Arroyo is a twelve year old Cuban immigrant His father, his brother, and he live happily in New York till the father poops Carlos, Michael s brother, and Michael try and keep it a secret till Carlos turns eighteen and can take custody of Michael Michael is extremely talented at baseball pitching and has a dream of playing to the Little League World Series Michael s fantasies look promising until one challenging opponent asks for Michael s birth certificate which, unfortunately, the Arroyo brothers cannot find Michael needs find his birth certificate and keep their father s death a secret if Michael wants to keep his dreams alive I thought was book was pretty well written Mike Lupica described all the characters and how they relate to each other to make inner conflicts, which made the book exciting I thought that he built ...

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    This book is really good, I rated it 5 stars It is about a Cuban boy, Michael, who can throw serious heat when pitching for his Little League baseball team His bestfriend and catcher, Manny, believes he even can hit 80 mph, which is a magic number like 100 is for major league players.I felt that this book had a lot of action and really gripped your attention The only part that could have been improved was how fast the plot changed from bad to good He was just sitting on the bench thinking about how he couldn t play because there was complaints that he wasn t 12 and without his birth certificate in Cuba, he couldn t prove it, when suddenly he got it and everything was a fa...

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    Michael Arroyo is a star, he can throw 80mph and is only 12 years old people think his future is up But nobody knows that he and his 17 year old are alone no parents, nobody There plan was to wait until his brother turned 18 But this plan got blow...

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    Imagine a boy with no parents, no family, except his seventeen year old brother living in the U.S by themselves, ALONE This book s genre is a Sports Novel I really liked this book because it is the perfect story for any kid who dream of meeting the favorite sportstar or being just like their favorite sports star Spoiler Alert The protagonist of Heat by Mike Lupica is 12 year old Cuban immigrant Miguel Michael Arroyo He is a Little League player with a pitching arm so good that rival Little League coaches ask about his birth certificate to prove he is only 12 and eligible to play Adults wish to speak with his father about his birth certificate but Michael cannot let anyone know his father died several months prior because his brother Carlos is only 17 and they are trying to avoid foster care by not letting people know until Carlos is 18 Michael is forbidden to play baseball until the birth certificate is presented The problem is resolved when a Cuban, New York Yankee s pitcher got in touch with somebody to find Michael s birth certificate so that he can play in a crucial Little League game Later, A Little League official takes temporary custody of Michael and Carlos until Carlos turns 18 The story is in first person and that affects the story because the reader experiences everything firsthand A major event that changed the char...

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    Michael and Carlos Arroyo are brothers keeping an important secret When that secret is blown wide open, Michael s promising future in baseball is threatened and his life with his brother may change forever.Heat is a book about baseball, family, and survival.But, mostly, it s a book about baseball And I might be the only person to ever read this book about baseball who knows so little about the sport that I actually had to look on Wikipedia to find out what a grounder is The characters in this book are wonderful Michael and Carlos are sincere and likeable, but it s Michael s best friend Manny who steals the show He is hilarious The first thing Michael saw when he opened his eyes was the worried face of Manny Cabrera, close enough to Michael that he could smell the Orbit Bubblemint gum his friend was constantly chomping on I know you think this is what heaven will look like, Manny said But, you re not dead The book is also inspiring It s the perfect story for the next blockbuster movie Just like Rudy or The Blind Side, Heat will bring tears to your eyes and have you rooting for the main character...

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    Heat by Mike Lupica is a great book It really grabs your attention If you love baseball or books about baseball, this is the book for you Heat is about a 12 year old boy with a booming pitching arm He is a Cuban immigrant He now lives in the Bronx growing up all his life watching the Yankees play Other teams don t believe this 12 year old boy named Michael is young enough to play because he is so good The problem is, he doesn t have a birth certificate to prove it and he can not get one Both of his parents have died and he is living with his brother, who is 17 years old No one knows he is living with his brother alone If they do find out, they will be separated from each other The title, Heat could mean two things, either it s that Michael s pitching arm is sizzling fast or that both of his parents have died and he has to go through that heat This book was a great book I think Mike Lupica, the author, did a great job writing about the situation Michael Arroyo is in and what he has to deal with Throughout the book, I could easily visualize what was happening I really liked this book It wasn t all about baseball It was also dealing with real life situations This book also inspired me, because a 12 year old boy having to go through all of this withou...

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    Heat by Mike Lupica was, in my opinion a good book this is a story of a young boy 12 years old who is an extremely gifted baseball player he lives with his brother who is only 17 in the Bronx away from his family in Cuba obviously this is a problem because he is not 18 yet and that is illegal they must try to hide their secret while Michael Arroyo is focused on baseball and about to enter the playoffs for his baseball team whose dream is to reach the Little League World Series in Pennsylvania the coaches are starting to get very serious and start to ask for Michael s birth certificate which is back in Cuba with his family who he has lost all contact with with all of this going on it becomes harder and harder to hide their secrets but i wouldn t want to spoil it for anyone so i will leave the rest to you This book was very good in the aspect that it wove many characters and their controversies together and tied it all up together in the end because i play baseball many references enhanced the feeling for me and made it extremely exciting in some parts i would definitely recommend this book to anyone that plays baseball or is a fan of baseball On the other hand it may be a slight bit confusing for people who are not as familiar with the game of baseball some of the things that happen in the story may be harder to understand if you do not know much about the game of baseball no matter who is reads i...

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    If you like baseball this is a book for you It s the exact feeling of a kid living in the bronx growing up watching the Yankess, but there s He is stranded with no parents just his brother and no proof of age or identity, so through out the book he is liv...

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    it was really good i thought it would be all totally sports but it wasnt

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