The Vampire: The Encyclopaedia

The Vampire Has Haunted The Imaginations Of People For Centuries It Has Been The Subject Of Myth, Legend, And Folklore The Villain, And Occassional Hero, Of Films And Novels Today, The Vampire Is Alive And Flourishing In Hit Television Shows, Special Night Clubs, And Even Comic BooksWith Than , Entries In A Z Format, The Vampire Encyclopedia Offers Information On A Variety Of Subjectsthe History Of The Vampire Legend Methods Of Finding And Destroying Vampires How To Become A Vampire The Role Of The Vampire Bat All About Female Vampires And Much There Are Listings Of Films, Appendices That List Short Stories And Novels That Feature Vampires, Even A Listing Of Vampire Societies And Organizations Whether Traditional Vampires Or Psychic Vampires Historical Vampires Or Vampires In Poetry And Art, They Are All Included In This Comprehensive, Single Volume Reference Guide To The UndeadThe Vampire: The Encyclopaedia

Matthew E Bunson is the author of numerous popular and historical encyclopedias, including The Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt, The Encyclopedia of the Roman Empire, and The Vampire Encyclopedia He has served as a consultant to the BBC, CBS Radio, MSNBC, NBC News, and USA Today He lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

[Read] ➫ The Vampire: The Encyclopaedia ➳ Matthew Bunson –
  • Paperback
  • 303 pages
  • The Vampire: The Encyclopaedia
  • Matthew Bunson
  • 18 January 2019
  • 0500277486

10 thoughts on “The Vampire: The Encyclopaedia

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    Hadn t seen or heard of this before a trip to Seattle, where it was lurking, waiting to be given a good home.I can t say that Matthew Bunson is held in high regard, since I don t rate his THE SHERLOCK HOLMES ENCYCLOPEDIA particularly highly, but the entries that I ve looked at in this vampire volume seem competent, and it s a useful addition to the reference shelf.

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    All that you need to know about you demons, vamps, werewolves and other supernaturals.

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    Almost as good as the Vampire Book this is a must have for those that truly are interested in the subject of vampires.

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    If you are looking for a writing resource, this is a good informational encyclopedia without drama, references back to movies, etc and includes good descriptions of folkloric vampirism.

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    A good information book for all your vampire needs Covers vampires all over the world, media, and in real life Vlad The Impaler Great for research if you want to write about vampires or kill them.

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    pretty good.

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    As a Game Master, I ve often found inspiration in the mythologies of the world This book is a fantastic collection of the myths and stories of vampires from around the world.

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    I haven t read the whole book but it looked like a necessary addition to my reference collection There are over 2,000 entries including several lists of books and films, plays and even poetry.

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    Was totally obsessed over this book as a teen Grown now, I know better Still, pretty good book My daughter has it now.

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    An intriguing and fascinating book with over 2,000 entries of myths, legends, and lore about vampires.

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