Kylmä jälki

PDF Kylm J Lki Author Jarkko Sipil J T V Syyssade Piiskaa Helsinki Elinkautisvanki Timo Ruoste On Saatettu Vartioituna Is Ns Hautajaisiin Kesken Kaiken Ruoste Harhauttaa Yll Tt En Vartijan Ja Juoksee Karkuun Komisario Takam En Ryhm Saa Teht V Kseen Palauttaa Karkurin TakaisinKylmä jälki

Finnish author and journalist.

!!> Read ➮ Kylmä jälki ➲ Author Jarkko Sipilä –
  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • Kylmä jälki
  • Jarkko Sipilä
  • Finnish
  • 06 March 2019
  • 9789512075270

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    My dad purchased this for me, because he s proud of his Finnish heritage, and is always on the lookout for Finnish literature and films, both recent and those published in the past This mystery takes place in Helsinki, as the title would suggest, and involves a core group of characters trying to track down an escaped convict However, as one probably expects, there is to the story than this simple plot, and it begins to involve why the convict was imprisoned in the first place In the edition I read, there were some errors that most likely occurred when it was translated, but overall, it was written well enough There were some likable characters as well, however, it s obvious this is a series, since it was difficult for me as a new reader to keep track of some of their backgrounds, etc One thing I found particularly interesting about this book is how different the Finnish penal system is from the American system If this book accurately represents the system in Finland, then incarcerated individuals, with good behavior, are given the opportunity to leave for important events such as funerals and after a while are able to take unchaperoned trips off the prison grounds Hard to imagine that ever being allowed in the States Of course, I m not sure if this is accurate, because I do not know much, if anything, about the Finnish legal and penal systems An interesting en...

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    Kuuntelin nikirjan Olen tainnut j d Takam ki koukkuun T m ei ollut niin hyv kuin edellinen Takam ki kuunteluni eli Mies kuumasta joka taitaa olla ajallisesti tuoreempi kirja Kylm j lki oli alku ja keskiosaltaankin hajanainen juonen osalta, mutta lopussa juonilangat saatiin mukavasti nippuun.

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    Crime novels are not a usual genre for me any, but I got a set of Jarkko Sipila novels recently, and I am glad I have another five to read after finishing this one The plot made sense, the characters were well developed, and I have to say that I was grateful that there were no graphic scenes of violence just steady police work solving crimes By the time the ending was closing in, I was in page turning mode and pu...

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    Mies kuumasta oli ensimm inen Jarkko Sipil n kirja, jonka luin Se oli sen verran hyv , ett kiinnostuin lukemaan my s toisen ja hyv niin Kylm j lki oli selv sti parempi kirja Tai ei ehk niin selv sti, mutta joka osa alueella Kokonaisuudessaan se on hyv suomalainen dekkari, jossa ei kritisoida, vaan pohditaan, ja siten opastetaan lukija itse pohtimaan Samalla tarina on oikeasti mielenkiintoinen ja k...

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    The Business of Justice

    It was an experiment on my part to read this novel by Jarkko Sipila And the outcome from my perspective This is a solid police procedural Beyond that, the characters are interesting and human, keeping the story real There is even a huge political statement about the justice system.

    An intelligent convicted murderer ...

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    Ihan passeli dekkari Sipil kirjoittaa pitk n linjan rikostoimittajana realistisen tuntuisesti poliisity st ilman turhia krumeluureja ja kielellisi hienosteluja, silti sortumatta liian yksityiskohtaiseen tekniseen kuvailuun Juoni ei ole kovin ...

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    No mutta Juuri kun marisin edellisest Takam ki dekkarista etten pit nyt loppua uskottavana niin t h n kirjaan olikin Sipil tehnyt sitten todella hienon lopun Muutoin kirja oli perusvarmaa Sipil , uskottavan t...

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    The latest in the series from Helsinki crime reporter turned crime novelist, Jarkko Sipila, this effort is not quite up with Sipila s best but is still a good bet for a rainy summer day at the cabin or a sunny day spent ...

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