Guide to Getting It On!

[PDF / Epub] ☆ Guide to Getting It On! By Paul Joannides – How To Use Excel A Beginner's Guide To Getting A Beginner’s Guide To Getting Started Written by co founder Kasper Langmann Microsoft Office Specialist Excel is a powerful application—but it can al How To Use Excel A Beginner's Guide Getting It Epub Ù To Getting A Beginner’s Guide To Getting Started Written by co founder Kasper Langmann Microsoft Office Specialist Excel is a powerful application—but it can also be very intimidating That’s why we’ve put together this beginner’s guide to getting started with Excel It will take you from the very beginning opening a spreadsheet through entering and working with data and finish with Updated Guide to Getting Started Video Updated Guide to Getting Started Video This content is Guide to PDF/EPUB or also available in a text version Dec • Knowledge Article Details Body This content is also available in a text version Title Updated Guide to Getting Started Video URL Name updated guide to getting started video Taking Courses Loading The Gentleman’s Guide to Getting Lucky by The Gentleman's Guide to Getting Lucky is a sweet sexy short romp about love and sex and planning a future together I absolutely LOVED Mackenzi Lee’s Montague Siblings Series particularly The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue It to Getting It PDF/EPUB ¼ was so uniue so fun so romantic and so poignant Monty and Percy are easily one of my favorite literary couples in recent years This novella is an Ultimate guide to getting certified in Tableau | by Ultimate guide to getting certified in Tableau Sumit Gupta Oct min read For someone who has been a vocal supporter of Tableau and who thinks Tableau is the best product in BI and Visualization space it was natural for me to look at ways to enhance my tableau knowledge so that I can always be the go to person for any tableau related uery While enhancing the knowledge there Full electronic books free download The Fans love new book EPUB The Gentleman's Guide to Getting Lucky By Mackenzi Lee 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No not the Cascadia uake although with the way has been going so far we wouldn’t rule that out We’re talking GTD in minutes – A Pragmatic Guide to Getting This guide was written to serve as a simple pragmatic guide to the “getting things done” method This run through of the GTD method is meant to be brief It’s written from one person’s perspective and other people would probably assess the importance of different aspects of GTD differently If you want a complete overview of GTD you would be wise to read David Allen’s book which Empathy Mapping A Guide to Getting Inside a An empathy map is a simple easy to digest visual that captures knowledge about a user’s behaviors and attitudes It is a useful tool to helps teams better understand their users Empathy mapping is a simple workshop activity that can be done with stakeholders marketing and sales product development or creative teams to build empathy for end users A Guide To HMDA Reporting Getting It Right A Guide To HMDA Reporting Getting It Right The Guide is a valuable resource for assisting all institutions in their HMDA reporting It includes a summary of responsibilities and reuirements directions for assembling the necessary tools and instructions for reporting HMDA data A Guide to HMDA Reporting The edition reflects updates to incorporate content from the HMDA Rule The Guide to Getting It On Paul Joannides Daerick of Cosmo's Favorite Sex Tips Ever are from the Guide To Getting It On Cosmopolitan Magazine Cosmo's Favorite Sex Tips Ever If you're going to own just one instructional book about sex this is the one Funny hip and informative it's packed with advice about what to put where and covers every topic a couple could possibly be curious about Start Here Your Guide To Getting Into K Pop NPR Start Here Your Guide To Getting Into K Pop Korean pop's near total global ubiuity may be intimidating for the uninitiated but getting into the music shouldn't be Our introduction includes A Career Strategist's Guide 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Guide to Getting It On! PDF ¾ Guide to  PDF/EPUB or
  • Paperback
  • 854 pages
  • Guide to Getting It On!
  • Paul Joannides
  • English
  • 14 December 2016
  • 9781885535696

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    A sex guide as big as a telephone book; a page turner yet somehow oddly disappointing in many respectsMy greatest frustrations with this book achievement though this tome may be and it is uite a feat are that it repeats a number of facts and motifs over and over and seems to do so because there is no apparent logical order to the overall presentation It gets to be uite fatiguing after a few hundred pages The book is meant to be digested in small compartmentalized bits The voice is bemused and humorous but uite often I found author Joannides' urges to make jokes about the topics under discussion strained and possibly undermined the facts he was writing about The book tries to find a balance between facts conjecture philosophy and humor to keep itself from becoming academically boring though many sources are aptly cited but sometimes I think the conjectures and the uips go too far The definition of trophy wife in the book's Goofy Glossary for instance is mainly editorialized satire that seems to cynically dismiss a man's second marriage outright without making any concession to genuine feelings and motives and is sexist to boot Most intelligent readers should be able to discern between Joannides' flip opinions and actual facts but sometimes the line is blurred to the point of annoyanceIs it necessary to have an entire two pages devoted to showing a first timer how to insert a tampon and then have a section that jokes about Viagra and dismisses its users rather than talking about the facts of what Viagra does? Is it necessary on page 566 to give the exact same advice about using condoms as was already detailed earlier in the book? Why does the book insist throughout that the best thing to do when contemplating or having sex is to talk to your partner about what each of you wants but then have an entire chapter way back on page 429 about Talking to Your Partner About Sex? Shouldn't this chapter be on page 1? In the chapter on anal play on page 290 why does Joannides mention gerbiling as one kind of kink without then elaborating on it or condemning it since as he notes elsewhere there are sexual rights and wrongs? In one section he rather courageously and gingerly raises the uestion of interfamial desire but then seems at sea in explaining it Why include letters from average people asking about sex topics that in many cases have already been addressed in the book?Overall I found this pop guide to be like taking a balloon ride over the landscape of sex with an eccentric balloonist tour guide getting caught in crosswinds and drifting again over previously flown over territory I did learn some things including a few practices I was not aware of and would recommend it to people who think they know it all and who usually botch their lovemaking as a resultThere are some gems throughout It was interesting to learn about an exercise in which women are observed taking the man's on top thrusting role and being barely able to handle it for 3 minutes resulting in many exclamations of How do men do it?There is also this from page 247 which I like A mediocre lover always knows what a partner wants without having to ask An accomplished lover is a wise grasshopper who implores a partner to give him copious amounts of adviceMost people will find this book fun and helpful but I think it could have remained fun and informative in a version that cut out the approximately 40 percent of the material that seemed repetitive to me

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    Because everyone should have a sex guide book that uotes The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy This is an excellent general guide to sex and is designed as an all in one introduction It covers such topics as basic biology oral sex hand sex anal sex masturbation sex toys sexual safety sexually transmitted diseases sexual orientation and pregnancy Roughly eual weight and attention has been given to both the female and male perspectives on all topics All topics are discussed clearly calmly and in an engaging manner The publisher of this book also maintains a website wwwgoofyfootpresscom with sample chapters and chapter excerpts the author's weekly advice column recommendations for further reading and purchasing information for this and other similar publicationsThis review is of the third edition published in 2000

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    This book is not just a how to manual on getting it on It's a witty informative COMFORTABLE book on all the why's how's do not's and responsibilities of being an sexual bean I credit this book and this book only with the massive accomplishment of getting me to stop being afraid of sex It even includes chapters you don't want to read but you prolly should know anyway Dangers of it all And above all it prefaces the whole thing with a warning that if you are not ready to have a baby and make those life choices you prolly shouldn't be having sex in the first place Smart warning

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    So I went into reading this book a bit critical than most which may have affected the way in which I reviewed it I think this is a a great and thorough guide to both sexual health and sexual pleasure Definitely comprehensive than a lot of the stuff out there I was a little turned off by the fact that no sex professional was involved in the writing of the book but found a view things problematic For example I found that it seemed to frown upon casual sex or no strings attached sex It seemed to emphasize sex with emotions Sex can be as emotionally powerful as you want to make it But good luck if you are trying to have sex without it becoming emotional This was then followed by a chapter on romance I found it to be a bit to preachy whether it meant to or not Even though I did appreciate the chapter on Hooking Up Sex later in the book I feel like the beginning set a tone I was rather uncomfortable withI really liked that it featured a chapter on things that people often forget others don't automatically know how to do like kissing and hiding hickeys Super usefulUnfortunately it can be incredibly heteronormative but it makes up for it with chapters like Sex in the Military sex for differently abled people Despite its large size I would definitely recommend it

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    Want answers to sex uestions without having to speak to a person? Don't want to read a book on sex that seems like it was written by your professor or grandparent? Then this is your book The author covers a large variety of topics that will answer any uestion you have and will likely provide answers to uestions that you didn't know you had The book is laid out in a chapter format so it is possible to read only the chapters that interest you The layout is engaging and the author is both a skilled writer and uite funny

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    A sort of cross between The Kama Sutra and Modern Chess Openings this book is a portable one volume guide that explains clearly and helpfully how to have any kind of sex you can think of with any partner you can think of male female neuter yourself or combinations of the above If you like doing it and it's not listed here you're either a remarkably imaginative person or in urgent need of psychiatric help I'll leave it to you to decide which

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    Snicker all you want this is the best book on sex we sell in our bookstoreHere's my blurbish review of the book from Brews and Books a while backThe Guide to Getting it On is the only “instructional” title on this list because it is really the best one I’ve seen Eually fitting on the shelf of a couple or as the text in a sex education class the nearly 1000 page book talks about sex frankly and with a sense of humor Published in over a dozen languages 6 editions and a winner of multiple awards Joannides’ book deserves all the praise it has received Although the tone is hip light and informal the Guide to Getting it On is meticulously researched and covers every sexual topic under the sun from the benign to the kinky The book deserves a place on the shelf of anyone who has had sex is currently sexually active or thinks they will be in their lifetime

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    Sweet cute funny humorous Definitely recommended for anyone interested in having sex even if you've been doing it for years This book is amazing It covers about everything you can imagine and when it doesn't cover something thoroughly it tells you and gives you recommendations for other books to read on the subject

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    Orientally posted on The Perv Pack's Smut Shack I’ve actually had a copy of The Guide to Getting It On for close to seven years now It has served as a great resource reference and just a straight up entertaining read Unlike a lot of other books about sex this book has a frank but humorous tone to it I mean with chapters titles like Nipples Nipples Nipples and The Zen of Finger Fucking you know this book isn’t your standard stale guide to human sexuality Right off the bat with the Alpha Chapter Joannides sets the tone by introducing us to the idea of the Goofy Foot Philosophy “that it doesn’t matter what you’ve got in your pants if there’s nothing in your brain to connect it to” This tone carries through the entire book Giving a practical guide to just about every aspect of sex you can think of from anal sex to family planning and even how to explain sex to kids It also features excerpts from Joannides’ weekly column The Naked Truth One of my favorite one is a letter from a frustrated guy name Randy who had wined and dined a young women but didn’t get laid The response to his plea for help began with “You might be confusing romance with prostitution” I laughed so hard I almost dropped the book The book also covers sexual anatomy delving head long into What’s Inside a Girl? Common myths about women’s sexuality are dispelled and detailed diagrams and explinations of female gentials is laid out alongside beautiful illustrations by the talented Dærick Gröss Fans of the penis do not despair The dick gets a spotlight too One of my favorite part is the awesomely titled The Zen of Finger Fucking where an entire chapter is dedicated to digital stimulation Numerous sources including interviews from actual women are used to give an informed explanation of “finger fucking” as well as giving tips on how best to bring a woman unbelievable pleasure by using your fingers A similar detailed approach is taken with handjobs oral sex and of course intercourse or Horizontal Jogging as it is called in the book There are even chapters on how to masturbate pick a sex toy homosexuality bisexuality and even kink It even addresses Sex When You’re Horny and DisabledThe Guide to Getting It On is a great resource for anyone curious about sex Whether you’re a virgin or an old hat at sex it has something interesting insightful and down right funny to entertain you

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    The entire chapter about consent is how heterosexual men can avoid the legal conseuences of rape Not how to respect a partner how and why to communicate etc I'll leave you with this gemEven if a woman didn't say no to sex you can still be charged with sexual assault The same is true if a woman said yes but suffer's buyer's remorse and it becomes her word against yours The author alludes to the idea that consent is important beyond it's legality and that people of all genders need to be concerned with consent But he chooses to criticize the current cultural conversation that calls on men to take responsibility for their sexual actions rather than teaching all his readers about the essential and wonderful nature of consentI did skim some other chapters a very heterosexual take on most things Sometimes relying on tired narratives on men and women and how they relate to sexualityThere are probably useful educational parts to the book But I'm not sticking around to find out

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