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➮ [Read] ➪ No Good Deed By Manda Scott ➺ – Orla McLeod knows too much about violence for her own good She knows about pain and how to inflict it she knows about guilt and she knows about survival And because of her own experiences she knows wh Orla McLeod knows too much about violence for her own good She knows about pain and how to inflict it she knows about guilt and she knows about survival And because of her own experiences she knows what these things can do to a child So when she and a nine year old boy are the only ones left alive in a freezing Glasgow tenement after a Special Branch undercover No Good eBook µ operation she was spearheading has gone disastrously wrong there's no way Orla McLeod's going to hand Jamie Buchanan over to social services Not when Jamie's the sole witness to Tord Svensen committing an act of savagery so awful it's rapidly turning him into one of the most feared criminals in Europe Especially since Svensen knows a lot about survival too.No Good Deed

Novelist columnist blogger podcaster broadcaster and red green activist Manda Scott's novels have been shortlisted for an Orange Prize nominated for an Edgar and dived into the endless iterations of TV adaptations When she's not writing she's studying for an MA in sustainable economics and figuring out how to save a world that may in the end not need saving Her latest novel A Treachery.

No Good Deed MOBI ↠ No Good  eBook µ
  • Paperback
  • 480 pages
  • No Good Deed
  • Manda Scott
  • English
  • 04 November 2015
  • 9780755329038

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    Likely I will forget most of this book's story and characters within a few months; whilst reading it however I was pulled in by these characters and their attempts to piece together the MO and identity of their criminal adversary I picked this out of a long line up of crime books for a good police procedural and that is what I receivedWhat makes Scott's book stand out from the ever growing horde of crime fiction is her take on the conseuences of the conjectures that her coppers are forced to lean on during their investigation view spoilerEarly on in the investigation the police make an assumption that their opponent is receiving his information through a high level leak that occupies their efforts for weeks during which time the man they are after continues to outwit them and kill his opposers Given what the police know this assumption is valid and the plot likewise aims for a genre standard that deepens the mystery Then the police learn that the baddie is in fact someone who personally knows one of their number and they realize that all of their assumptions were way off base hide spoiler

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    There are two distinct categories of good book There's the page turner that keeps you reading faster and faster flipping the pages into the night with ever increasing enthusiasm to find out what happens Then there's the books that you want to savour and you turn the pages slower and slower you want to know the conclusion but you don't want to miss a step of the journey every page is magical and you need to feel it every minute you can And what's you trust the author to get you there you know you won't end up feeling let down This book is the second type and the first book this year 2001 that I've finished thinking that it was the best book I've read this year I was a little disappointed when I heard that Manda Scott's fourth book wouldn't feature Kellen Stewart who was the star of her first three books I'd got to like her and I look forward to meeting her again If she has any friends left to get killed of course ; Orla McLeod who took the centre role in No Good Deed was as good a replacement for Kellen as I could have asked for Not a picture of perfect womanhood but a flawed and tough product of a life lived too close to violent death Together with her colleagues from the police and a nine year old boy who's seen than a nine year old should have seen she plays out this fabulous story in both the dives of Glasgow's East End and the mountainous countryside of the West Scots coast Now I hope Scott writes standalone novels too

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    NO GOOD DEED – OkManda Scott – 4th bookGlasgow Police DI Orla McLeod is involved in a shootout in a dismal flat where she has been living undercover Her cover is blown her partner is killed and she is saved from certain death by 9 year old Jamie whose mother also dies in the flat The target of the operation is Tord Svensen a violent criminal whose true identity is unknown to everyone but Jamie who has seen his face There were things about this book I loved – Orla’s relationship with Jamie—and things I really disliked I felt as though I’d entered the series in the middle but then realized it’s not yet part of a series I also felt as though I was expected to know the backstory behind the characters but wasn’t really given that information until well into the story While the writing had elements of lyrical the plotting felt muddy I know others loved it but it didn’t work for me

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    orla is an undercover agent in scotland to try and bust the biggest crime and drug dealer but it goes disastrously wrong she and a 9 year old boy r the only ones left alive after she kills 3 men and his mother and friend r dead from bad drugs he turns mute and worse still her boyfriend is tortured for 6 hours and then killed she and her team r taken off the case and she moves to her mother's house in the scottish highlands but it appears the dealer has very high up connections and it is not long before she i located against orders she returns to the city to try and better this dealer but his knowledge goes far plus it appears that the murder of her father and brother plus the maiming of her mother and self will rear it's ugly head to torment her what s true and what is false? what r her true motives? whom can she trust and should she? yes the thought of the plot was there plus a few twists at the end but to me it seem rather disjointed plus i found it difficult to relate to some of the characters 375 starsbevps i considered it an insult to have stamped on the cover as good as ian rankin or your money back scotland is the only likeness

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    I really enjoyed her previous series w the Kellen Stewart character and thought I'd give this one a try It's a darker and grittier mystery than her previous work and there was definitely a psychological edge to this one I liked it

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    I'm so sad that Manda Scott has apparently given up writing mysteries in favor of a lengthy series of historical novels about Boudicca I very much enjoyed her veterinary series and finally got around to this stand alone which was if anything even betterOrla MacLeod and Luke one of her colleagues in a four person special police unit are undercover in the Glasgow slums on the track of a drug lord I don't want to spoil any of the suspense but Orla does end up with custody of a small boy who has seen far too much and may be in danger She takes him to the Highlands where her widowed mother lives Both Orla and her mother were disfigured and Orla's father and brother killed in Northern Ireland years ago The reader begins to suspect that a man whose trial precipitated the killing is now out of prison and possibly looking for Orla and her mother This is one of those books where you begin to suspect just about everybody there's even some possibility of police corruption and those are not usually my favorite but this one is so well done that it brought me into the same mindset for a while The Highland and Glasgow settings are evocative and the protagonists very uickly grow to be people you care about a lot Highly recommended and please Ms Scott come back to writing mysteries

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    Val McDermid summed up this thriller as dark taut and edgy Nuff said If you like your mysteries like that you'll love this one

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    Sometimes you look at the back cover of the book read the awesome reviews decide to read it and then end up feeling disappointed This is exactly what happened with this bookThere are some 200 pages of the main character just trying to connect with a kid in some snow laden parts of a country whose relevance to the storyline is debatable The plot could have been much better constructed and it seems like you are just thrown into the middle of some messed up operation Too much emotional tones for a crime novel Oh and the character development of Jamie is pretty much zero Any real suspense in this novel is perhaps only in the last chapter That it was nominated for Edgar Awards is a little shocking for meAnd for the love of God what happened to Luke????

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    I persevered through this gritty offering but felt rather bewildered through large swatches of the story line Like I was missing a whole 'nother book containing the back story possibly several other books I really liked some of the characters but had no idea why they cared about other characters or even exactly what the heck crime they were trying to solve while Orla was undercover There some good stuff here but my main take away was just baffling

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    Very good thriller I found it a little difficult to follow sometimes but that might have been because I read it over and extended period and had to play catch up Good characters and enticing plot Manda Scott is a master at portraying extreme violence without actually describing it You imagine the very worst but you don't see the result

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