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☉ [PDF / Epub] ☆ Sex Is Fun! By Kidder Kaper ❤ – A fully illustrated interactive and completely original sex manual combining the innovative look of a graphic novel with nonfiction advice and activities for fearless fun in bed Host of the wildly pop A fully illustrated interactive and completely original sex manual combining the innovative Sex Is Epub / look of a graphic novel with nonfiction advice and activities for fearless fun in bed Host of the wildly popular Sex Is Fun podcast Kidder Kapers brings uniue approaches to the topic of lovemaking In his first book Kaper reinvents the sex manual using whimsical cartoon characters and stylishly illustrated pages to deliver his singular sexpertise Sex Is Fun is for anyone looking for creative ways to spice up their sex lives and for couples seeking long term solutions for keeping their relationship exciting Both entertaining and informative it offers a fresh take on sex toys talking dirty sizzling foreplay erotic massage inventive positions role playing and other tips for a mind blowing experience With clever illustrations and humorous dialogue Kaper's titillating tour surpasses other books in the category taking the intimidation out of sex play and offering workbook style activities and games such as the candid Sexual Interest Inventory and the What Scares You uestionnaire read solo or with a partner these thirty six chapters will help couples enhance communication explore new territory and reach higher levels of pleasure and fulfillmentRead Kidder Kaper's posts on the Penguin Blog.Sex Is Fun!

In January of a very dedicated sperm chewed through his mother's Sex Is Epub / diaphragm like a Piranha with the sole intent of continuing to break the rule and circumvent all the barriers that block his way for the rest of his life Kidder Kaper is a different kind of sex educator Kidder is has decided that the world must realize that sexual knowledge is a virtue and that sexual ignorance is a bane to s.

Paperback  ì Sex Is Fun! ePUB à Sex Is  Epub /
  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • Sex Is Fun!
  • Kidder Kaper
  • English
  • 10 March 2016
  • 9781583333921

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    I generally assume books on sex contain nothing that I actually need to be told I mean I don't feel horribly deficient in those areas and I hope that most people don't cause I think that would be sad Based on the number of sex books it seems culture did convince people to feel horrible about themselves If you want a book that actually is about having sex I noticed at work that babes in toyland has a book I haven't read it and probably won't but I heard plenty about them in college and I feel like they will give you great advice So why did I buy this book 1 sex is fun2 comics are fun conclusions comics about sex are super fun this book is hilarious I was not disappointed it is weirdly obsessed with cosplay but reading it from a humor standpoint this is way funnier than a lot of what it could have been about I don't think anyone could use it as a manual because anyone willing to buy it would already know everything in it Although I think if people want to buy presents for their mom it's probably great mom book

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    This is a book for anyone looking for really creative ways to make sex with their partners extremely exciting The book is explicit and fully illustrated Stylistically it resembles a graphic novel complete with interactive workbook pages Many of the chapters allow readers to choose their own adventure from various multiple choice optionsDesigned for straight bisexual gay and lesbian readers this pansexually inclusive book has something for everyone no matter what you may be into

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    I think this may be one of the rare sex books that appeals eually to men and women I trust women will correct me if I'm wrong The suggestions feel both dirty and lovingly intimate and that's not an easy balance to achieve Also the illustrations add a visual element that is particularly helpful for those of us with a Y chromosome

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    this is my favorite book on sex educational clever and very fun clear instruction in commic book form if other things where thought this way id learn so much whats its opened up great conversation and great times with my partner

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    This book has taught me a lot

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    It's true

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    Radiolab asked listeners for their sex ed recommendations Rob a Radiolab listener says I gave an author signed copy of it to my son as an addition to our open sex education The pansexual open nature capturing the variety in human sexuality makes it a great book

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    There aren’t a lot of “how to” books that manage to capture our attention but let us assure you this book will Over and Over You will read a section put the book down and then flip through to another chapter For a couple days The book format structure is really what makes it a keeper; it reads as a realistic comic bookhow to sex guide How many other books do you know that have accomplished that?The first page states ”Frankly we don’t care who you are or what you are into We don’t care if you are straight gay bi transsexual female male or have both sets of genital We are publishing this book for people who think that getting it on is a great way to spend their time Therefore we’ve designed the book for everyone who likes getting it on If this means that we draw a chapter featuring women with women men with men or God Forbid a straight couple just try to find a way to adapt the chapter to fit you and your partners” Enough said They work damn hard to represent different bodies playtimes orientation’s and identities NiceThe second reason we recommend this book is because scattered through out it are cleverly placed “personal checklists” where the reader checks within themselves and sometimes is encouraged to share with a partner how they are feeling or thinking about a certain sexual behavior The fact that reflection time is honored in this educational book reflects well on respecting different learning styles and processing formats

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