The Folk of Faraway Tree

Jo, Bessie And Fanny Have A Visit From Snooty Friend Connie Connie Won T Believe In The Faraway Tree And The Magical People Who Live There Moon Face, Silky The Fairy And Saucepan Man There S Only One Way To Prove Her Wrong Together The Children Climb The Tree, And Visit Some Of The Lands At The Top Of It, Like The Land Of Secrets And The Land Of Treats And After A Few Adventures, Connie Learns To Be A Nicer Person AltogetherThe Folk of Faraway Tree

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  • Paperback
  • 182 pages
  • The Folk of Faraway Tree
  • Enid Blyton
  • English
  • 11 January 2019
  • 9780749748029

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    Book 3 of The Faraway Tree was a step down from the first book, but it was as good as book 2, and the ratings on Goodreads is pretty high Very high in fact, considering that it s a half forgotten book.The person who visits Jo, Bessie, and Fanny is their mother s friend s child The author loved not only to name stuff naughtily, she liked to write up naughty ch...

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    Celyn and I have completed our marathon re read of the Faraway trilogy The third book is, like the second, simply a collection of tree related episodes, each fairly self contained This time the new child to be introduced to the tree and improved by the experience is Connie, daughter of a friend of the mother Connie s fault is being curious This is in itself curious Part of it is the use of the word curious in place of nosy Though I suppose if that was the extent of it Blyton could have brought in Nosy Nelly Another element does appear to the the now anachronistic view that curiosity, particularly in girls, is an undesirable trait The book is over 70 years old though and even in the sanitized versions some evidence of its age will show through In the grand battle at the end the girls are all sent up the tree with Silky to wait while the boy, Moonface and male small folk sort the trolls out.A variety of magic lands are visited, some of them the lands of secrets and of knowalls specifically to show the undesirable nature of nosiness or curiosity There s a return to the land of Dame ...

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    Rereading a childhood favourite can sometimes prove hazardous Often, what so appealed to our younger selves we later find riddled with plot holes, become distanced from the young protagonists, or find them just generally unsuited for an adult readership For this reason I had stayed away from my once beloved Enid Blyton, for so long.The Faraway Tree series were particular favourites of mine however, and I had been hankering to revisit them for some time I knew I was taking the risk of marring my rose tinted memories of this series but decided to proceed, regardless.It was with much relief that I found the delight and awe so often felt on early readings, as soon as I opened the very first page This series is just an absolute joy to behold Of course there is an element of predictability to the event...

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    I was seven years old when I was shepherded into Mrs Hazard s class, deemed stupid and unwilling to learn by my teachers of the previous years I had spent kindergarten a scared, confused child, who couldn t focus on the words on the board in front of me Year One had been the same why was everyone else reading and writing and I couldn t grasp it But here was a gentle woman, who smiled down on us and said that we were going to read a story I was bored I knew I wouldn t be able to follow the words, but then she picked up a gorgeous picture book, and started reading I was hooked.Around that same time, someone, and I ve never been sure who, recommended my parents take me to get my eyes checked Hallelujah with those ugly frames I could see, and the dreaded words formed Within weeks I was writing my own stories, magical stories about funny lands, and especially about animals By the end of the year, I was no longer thought of as stupid, and school become this marvelous place where you could go and leave with your head full of things you d never known before.Of course this book was a Faraway tree novel Mrs Hazard had been using this book as a tool for years, and used it up until her retirement as far as I know I m sure I wasn t the only person enthralled by the Faraway Tree it took me out of that classroom and ...

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    This was the first of the Faraway Tree books I ever read though it is the last in the series and still remains my favourite Cousin Connie comes to stay with Jo, Bessie, and Fanny and they of course take her to visit the faraway tree folk, among them the friendly Moonface, pretty Silky, and eccentric but loveable Saucepan Man Despite the children s advice, Connie insists on wearing her best clothes which bear the brunt of the Angry Pixie s ink, Dame Washalot s water, and the slippery slip, which she uses without the customary cushion In time, she learns her lesson not before getting into her fair share of trouble and losing her voice in the process and the children have a whole set of adventures visiting some very interesting lands including the land of the stupids where meals are eaten backwards pudding first, and the land of tea parties with pretty iced cakes Connie, if I remember right, gets them out of trouble at Dame Slap s school and they make an interesting trip to the land of treats, where we find Connie isn t entirely cured ordering and getting a sardine icecream complete with tails, while Mr Saucepan with his hearing troubles orders Jo a bear instead of pear tart and cream which comes decorated with teddy bears But before their trip to the land of treats they must rescue the tree from trouble I love how imaginative this series is the whole idea of a magic tree that grows every kind or at least all kinds of fruit, and has houses ...

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    I was lucky enough to read my sisters copy that wasn t americanized I hate it that in the newer versions, Dame Slap was scaled down to pracically nothing They should have left the kids names alone too What is wrong with having a girl named Fanny There ought to be a law against these things.

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    This is the third book in this series and while you can read them out of order and everything will make sense, I highly recommend you read the titles in the order the author intended.This book has always been my least favourite of the original three books in this series, though that said, it is still very much a five star read.I used to read this series over and over again as a child and I can see why I couldn t stop listening to this audiobook and I loved Kate s impression of Connie Connie, is a friend of the family who needs to spend time living with the children as her mother is taken sick At the beginning of the story she is an insufferable little brat who has clearly been spoiled rotten The children, along with all our favourite characters from the Faraway Tree soon manage to bring out Connie s good side though She learns to believe in al...

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    This is one of my most favourite cherished books of all time My dad read this to me when he tucked me into bed Fortunately my Dad is from England so I don t have the lousy American version I couldn t find the cover of it on here How sad Anyway, this book is full of enchantment and wonders It s about this village that exists in a tree and all of the weird creatures that live there Some near by children befriend them and join them on their many adventures I always thought that was the coolest thing ever to have an entire village up in a tree If you ever get the c...

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    Good times I just finished reading this to my boys I can t count how many times we laughed out loud We love the characters, and they have wormed their way into our everyday language like if someone doesn t hear something right, we call them Saucepan Man I can see why the Far...

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    At least now I know what Enid Blyton s writing is like I m still not clear why she s so popular Sure she is imaginative and fun, but there are so many other writers who I think execute imagination and excellent prose at the same time.

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