Scottish Fairy Tales

[Epub] ❦ Scottish Fairy Tales By Philip Wilson – The traditional stories of the Celtic lands conjure up a world of mystery and imagination Wicked ueens and chivalrous princes ghosts and ghouls and some of the most amazing shape changers in all folkl The traditional stories of the Celtic lands conjure up a world of mystery and imagination Wicked ueens and chivalrous princes ghosts and ghouls Scottish Fairy PDF/EPUB ² and some of the most amazing shape changers in all folklore these are just some of the characters in the stories featured in this book.Scottish Fairy Tales


Scottish Fairy Tales PDF ç Scottish Fairy  PDF/EPUB
  • Hardcover
  • Scottish Fairy Tales
  • Philip Wilson
  • English
  • 05 December 2014
  • 9781842040300

10 thoughts on “Scottish Fairy Tales

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    I was a little bit disappointed in this book because it was so simple I mean fairy tales are not written in a very complicated way but this was obviously for small kids I didn't like the illustrations either I'm sorry to all those who say that they liked them but I find the children me including yes I am a big child to be a lot interested in modern animation and pretty pictures This was not it And I'm sure that old people and artsy people might like them Well good for them Some of the tales reminded me of Andersen's and Grimm's work And they were very much based on the concept of good beautiful bad ugly But those times that it wasn't that was a gem Other than that the ideas under the fairy tales were cool I had a chance to compare the Scottish fairy tales to other tales from other cultures and it was very fun to see the common things and think about why is it so I am definitely interested in reading tales from different cultures to compare the main elements Because it just makes me wonder and keeps me amazed to see such different cultures to have the same story line There were a couple of tales that didn't seem to make sense to me I am not sure if it was a culture language or concentration fault but yeah those were weeeeeird

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    Gorgeously retold traditional Scottish Fairy Tales with eually beautiful illustrations A very enjoyable collection of fairy stories from Scotland’s long history Jealous ueens intent on murdering their pretty daughters shape shifting animals and magic spells galore The book states the stories will delight young and old alike I agree with this statement wholeheartedly

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    I loved these fairy tales

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    Bonitos cuentos escoceses ue te transportan a un lugar mágico ue existe de verdad me encanta la mitología las moralejas los personajeshistorias diferentes ue deberían ser más leídas

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    Overall I enjoyed reading this but began to find myself frustrated with some of the tales The book does not need to be as lengthy as it is and some of the short tales have little substance to them at all The longer stories were greatly enjoyed and I found my imagination taking flight with such tales

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    Not much to say about this book really Ideal for younger children For me it was to far fetched and I didn't believe the stories were really fairy tales

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    Check out my blog to see a couple pictures of Loch Lomond in the post htppallthebookblognamesaretakenblogspotcomAlso on Facebook SarahBear8301I picked up this little gem in a store when Mom and I were in Scotland in 2009 We were on a day trip that included a visit to Loch Lomond but opted not to go on the little cruise around the loch Instead we meandered down the paths and took beautiful picture of Ben Lomond and these lovely ducks who wanted to follow us aroundThis is one of several books I purchased when we wandered into the welcome center and it is definitely a treat There is lots of trickery and shape shifting in these stories they all seem very strange until you then think about modern versions of fairy tales as told in the US and their earlier versions from around the world Often these stories had wicked ueenstep mothersboth This is a strange little collection that was entertaining though I did not read all in one sitting despite it being such a short text Many of the stories are so similar in theme and characters that I would read one or two and then come back to it later Most are no longer than 5 6 pages The illustrations are very colorful and whimsical perfectly matched to the subject matterMy only complaint is that there was no historical context something I would have appreciated I would have found it interesting to learn where the stories may have originated any basis in reality from where the myths evolved etc There was zilch in that department and as someone who enjoys history I was disappointed That is the reason I could only give this one three stars and not fourThis one will be especially enjoyable for anyone who enjoys legends and folk lore and that beautiful country that I always feel is my native land

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    I've had this book for years and have finally picked it up I read a few stories between longer booksAnnnnd several months later I'm now finished It was a good collection lots of stories that reflected well known fairy tales there are several with the Rumpelstiltskin theme and plenty I'd never heard of The one big drawback for me is the lack of any historical notes or context I'd like to know where in Scotland these tales were popular and why and how they were influenced and what they themselves influenced in the Scottish literary tradition Also fairies are bad But brownies are good; just don't feed them

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    Beautiful illustrations and an interesting collection of stories let down by the text

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