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❰Reading❯ ➶ Dark Harbor Author Nathan Ward – E17streets4all.co.uk What if the world of the old New York waterfront was as violent and mob controlled as it appears in Hollywood movies Well it really was and the story of its downfall told here in high style by Nathan What if the world of the old New York waterfront was as violent and mob controlled as it appears in Hollywood movies Well it really was and the story of its downfall told here in high style by Nathan Ward is the original New York mob story New York Sun reporter Malcolm “Mike” Johnson was sent to cover the murder of a West Side boss stevedore and discovered a “waterfront jungle set against a background of New York’s magnificent skyscrapers” and providing “rich pickings for criminal gangs” Racketeers ran their territories while doubling as union officers from the West Side’s “Cockeye” Dunn who’d kill for any amount of dock space to Jersey City’s Charlie Yanowsky who controlled rackets and hiring until he was ice picked to death Johnson’s hard hitting investigative series won a Pulitzer Prize inspired a screenplay by Arthur Miller and prompted Elia Kazan’s Oscar winning film On the Waterfront And yet J Edgar Hoover denied the existence of organized crime even as the government’s dramatic hearings into waterfront misdeeds became mustsee televisionNathan Ward tells this archetypal crime story as if for the first time taking the reader back to a city and an era at once corrupt and innocent than our own.Dark Harbor

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Dark Harbor ePUB ò Hardcover
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  • Dark Harbor
  • Nathan Ward
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  • 19 March 2014
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    While this wasn't the book I was expecting it was an interesting if superficial read Rather than a story of waterfront corruption organized crime and the dirty unions that ruled the docks up until the present day this was really a story of Mike Malcolm the Sun reporter who won the Pulitzer for his series on the above topics and the development of the real world story into the classic film On the Waterfront Given its length around 220 pages I couldn't help but come away feeling as if this had only barely scratched the surface of even those stories but it was still an entertaining glimpse into a New York that's long since faded away

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    For anyone who loves the movie On the Waterfront or just a good story about corruption Dark Harbor tells a tale of the violent Mob controlled New York waterfront of the mid 20th century Waterfront scribe Budd Schulberg turns up regularly in Nathan Ward's narrative as does Arthur Miller then working on Death of a Salesman The true writing star here is actually a reporter Malcolm Mike Johnson of the New York Sun newspaper His explosive reporting on the racketeers who ran the stevedores union in 1948 brought him awards and death threats Reading this book and its loving descriptions of the long gone Sun office and reporters makes for a compelling story now existing only in amber The only complaint I have is the lack of pictures I know what Harry Truman Marlon Brando Thomas Dewey and Arthur Miller look like but I would have appreciated photos of other people involved in this story and shots of the docks or a crime scene for good measure Otherwise Dark Harbor captures a lost moment of crime some punishment and reading about all of it in bold type every day in the paper

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    A history of New York's crime ridden harbor of the 1940s originally brought to light by NY Sun reporter Mike Johnson in a series of front page articles in the summerfall of 1948 Ward tracks how the newspaper work led to government investigation which piued the interest of writers like Budd Schulberg who wrote the script for 'On the Waterfront' The Karl Malden character was based on a real dock side priest Father Calladen who fought the mob fearlessly Brando's character Terry Molloy was originally slated for Frank Sinatra Interesting slice of history Bought at Tenement Museum book store in NYC

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    This was a good solid history of the bad old days on the New York waterfront and the reporter who won a Pulitzer for his stories about it I don't know why it didn't thrill me hence not a 4

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    I read the book twice and enjoyed it but then again I'm a New York harbor tugboat captain so much of it hit home

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    I've had this book on my list to read for a few years now and I kind of wish I had just read it when I first saw it instead of putting it off It wasn't as great as it was made out to be While it can be read in a short amount of time it really isn't written as dark and gritty as it is made out to be Yes there are a lot of details of crimes but much like the Sun's work space it's uiet and still and not very exciting

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    only major complaint is that everyone who appears than 1 time in the story gets an unnecessarily elaborate intro into their lives up to this point in history some of the earlier characters and newsmen just didn't merit the meticulousness

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    Nathan Ward's Dark Harbor The War for the New York Waterfront was a light and interesting read full of stories on the mob's inner workings and feuds for control of New York's 118 piers I enjoyed the book's angle telling the story of the mob through hard work and journalistic integrity of Mike Johnson a Sun Reporter who completed two serial exposes on the matter as well as Father John Corridan known as the priest of the waterfront However such a compelling and fascinating story that involves district attorneys New York State governors federal congressmen and committees they created on the matter as well as the millions of New Yorkers and people in port cities of new Jersey fell flat when Nathan Ward brought it to the page If I can put a book down with less than ten pages to go it's not a must read Considering the book talks about men being ice picked to death and bodies being buried at the bottom of the Hudson with a good helping of limestone to speed up the decaying process it just wasn't scary or gripping Maybe he wasn't looking for scary but in my opinion scary is a reuirement for a book dealing with the mob Overall though it was a good introductory read about the mob on the water front after World War II It is easy to read and the information is well documented in the Notes section at the end of the book Ward does make several mentions to the conditions on the port during the war and even mentions the Navy's collaboration with the mobsters to secure the harbor and New York City from waterfront assaults from the Germans I wondered how much the harbor happenings of the war impacted the story the author told that unfolded after the war I would have liked the book to discuss this a bit

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    Again not my usual type of book But spurred on by family I took a shot at it I thought it was a fair and thorough representation of the politics and mob activities on the New York Waterfront from the early 1900's through the 1950's The research was excellent Mr Ward was able to make a rather complicated story real and interesting The thing that held me back from finding this book an excellent read was the way Mr Ward jumped around from one character to another and with so many names and characters it was a bit difficult to follow Not an easy relaxing read if that's what you are looking for and not a fast paced page turner But a slow methodical history of an era that probably still exists today in some fashionI would recommend this book to American history buffs with an interest in the politics of the time

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    A little unfocused and just all over the place but had some good stuff in it If he had just focused on telling the story of Malcolm Johnson and his legendary series on waterfront corruption in the New York Sun it would have been an amazing book Instead he tries to redo Johnson's work focuses on too many characters that are hard to tell apart and breaks them up into chapters that are at times just 4 pages long However it's a great story one that was already made into On the Waterfront which won multiple Oscars If you want to get a feel for the New York waterfront in the 40s and 50s just rent that movie If you love that movie andor want to know this book is a fine easy read on the subject just don't expect too much from it

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