Epicurus: The Sage

Reading Epicurus The Sage By William Messner Loebs Ebats.us DESCUBRE LOS MITOS, DIOSES Y FIL SOFOS DE LA MANO DE EPICURO DE SAMOS.El Famos Simo Fil Sofo Epicuro El Sabio Se Traslada De Samos, Su Ciudad Natal, A Atenas, El Centro Mundial De La Filosof A, El Arte Y La Democracia All Conocer A Plat N , Arist Teles , Al Respetado S Crates Y Al Peque O Alejandro El Magno Juntos Vivir N Aventuras Muy Divertidas, Revivir N Mitos Cl Sicos Y Se Encontrar N Con Los T Picos Problemas De Los Dioses Nunca Antes Aprender Historia Cl Sica Fue Tan DivertidoEpicurus: The Sage

William Messner Loebs born William Francis Loebs, Jr., February 19, 1949 is an American comic book writer and artist from Michigan, also known as Bill Loebs and Bill Messner Loebs His hyphenated surname is a combination of his and his wife s unmarried surnames.Since the 1980s he has written substantial runs of series published by DC, Image, Comico, and other smaller comics publishers, including

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  • Hardcover
  • 160 pages
  • Epicurus: The Sage
  • William Messner-Loebs
  • Spanish
  • 18 April 2018
  • 9788498474909

10 thoughts on “Epicurus: The Sage

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    A different way of presenting philosophy Either life is meaningless or philosophy is There is always a debate over the terms to be used.

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    Not amazing, but I liked the idea of basically all the important thinkers and writers of Ancient Greece getting anachronistically put into Periclean Athens to discuss philosophy and interrogate myths like b...

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    A fun series of stories that blend historical periods inaccurately but seems to do a decent job of summarizing the various philosophies that emerged from Periclean Athens Though it is perhaps a bit unfair to Aristotle.

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    Fun passion project from a very talented comic artist His take on the Gods of Ancient Greece is idiosyncratic, and his playful revisits to the myths they populate are amusing My favorite part was the early ribbing of major philosophers and schools.

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    Old school Sam Kieth and William Messner Loebs, repackaged and reprinted in 03 with an extra story and three pages of sketchbook material I never really noticed how deeply the 1970s underground comix influences ran in Kieth s work before, which is odd because I ve followed him somewhat religiously forever and it s plain as day here Overall, he s had much better showings both in the earlier stories, which were printed between 89 and 91, and the later tale which was created specifically for this TPB He churns out a few gorgeous spreads but indulges his lazier side far too often, which gives the whole book a secondhand, unfocused flavor The story is kind of rambling and really gets caught up in itself from time to time, but I guess that s to be expected when both lead characters and half of the supporting cast are Greek philosophers When it gets away fr...

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    Writer William Messner Loebs and artist Sam Kieth tinker a lot with history, including Greek gods and myths into the titular character s travels across Greece in search of students for his school of Moderation, but it is some darn funny tinkering The writing is somewhat subtle for your typical comic book or comics reader , but students of classic civilization, classical history, folklore, and mythology will likely get some laughs out of the representations of philosophers and the gods who poke fun at them.Particularly amusing characters include the lisping Hades and his feminist wife Persephone pompous Socrates and sycophantic Plato and the surprisingly laid back Aristotle Other philosophers and philosophies make guest appearances, too, as does a very young and wild Alexander the Great, but they re all balanced by Epicurus himself, who tries to teach all of them the beauty of being a Moderate.Not for everyone, perhaps, but if you enjoy some tongue ...

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    Tengo que decir que no se muy bien cuantas estrellas ponerle, porque al principio me gusto mucho, y luego seg n se iba desarrollando perd un poco el interes, pero no s lo se lo achaco al comic, creo que mi estado de nimo tambi n pudo influir.En primer lugar, me gusta que nos acerca a fil sofos, que a veces vemos tan inalcanzables, y vuelvo a decir lo de siempre con este tipo de c mics, creo que es una opci n m s que reco...

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    For a old graphic novel, this was actually a pretty entertaining read It s a retelling of the Greek myths but with naughty humor along with modern day references The artwork and colors are pretty good for their time, and the stories within are entertaining three of them altogether along with some exploration of philosophy and mythology for a decent price make for a solid buy I especially liked the Hades and Persephone tale it was funny...

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    If you have read or endured the Greek philosophers at some point in your education, you will really enjoy the fun in this graphic novel The author pokes fun at the august Plato and Socrates, using Epicurus as the foil These poor guys stumble though life finding...

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    For those who are fans of the old MAD magazine, this is in that genre Irreverent and sometimes over the top A satirical look at Alexander the Great and some of the philosophers such as Epicurus who are very loosely...

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