The Complete Idiot's Guide to Middle East Conflict (2nd Edition)

Fully Updated Fourth Edition The Middle East Is Perhaps The Most Tumultuous Area On Earth, With Ancient Battles Still Being Fought This Updated Guide Offers An Intense Look Through The Lens Of Present Day Knowledge At Current Events And The Everchanging Political And Social Landscape, As Well As The Region S History And It Addresses The Re Arming Of Hezbollah Iran S Increased Threat Of Acquiring Nuclear Weapons The Odds Of Palestinian Unity In Peace Talks The Evacuation From GazaThe Complete Idiot's Guide to Middle East Conflict (2nd Edition) Bard holds a Ph.D in political science from UCLA He has appeared on local, national, and international media outlets and written and edited 23 books, including After Anatevka Tevye Goes to Palestine, Will Israel Survive 48 Hours of Kristallnacht and The Arab Lobby.

[Ebook] ↠ The Complete Idiot's Guide to Middle East Conflict (2nd Edition) Author Mitchell G. Bard –
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  • 496 pages
  • The Complete Idiot's Guide to Middle East Conflict (2nd Edition)
  • Mitchell G. Bard
  • English
  • 14 April 2018
  • 9781101217207

10 thoughts on “The Complete Idiot's Guide to Middle East Conflict (2nd Edition)

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    A novice s guide to the Middle East and it s conflicts.I naively thought that such a primer as this would be relatively free from bias As I read through it, however, the book seemed to be painting the Israelis as innocent victims in virtually every clash between themselves and the Palestinians and their Arab neighbours Though I myself often side with Israel but am not in favour of many of their violent policies , I found the author s rose coloured glasses a bit too rosie.So I looked the author up He s one of the country s foremost experts on U.S Middle East policy Not an expert on Middle East Israeli politics He was also a senior analyst in the polling division of George H W Bush s 1988 presidential campaign Yeah That would explain the little swipes he continuously makes at President Bill Clinton s Middle East peace negotiations.If you can get past the extremely blatant bias, the litany of treaty after resolution after agreement is informative I ...

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    General history and overview, but not engaging really..

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    This book follows the well established pattern of the rest of the Idiot s Guide series a single volume, comprehensive summary of a particular topic In this case, the topics covered include the history of the Middle East, as well as current and historical conflicts The book s title, however, should include the word conflicts , rather than conflict given it covers not only the Arab Israeli conflict, but also the Iran Iraq War, as well as the First Gulf War and the ongoing U.S Iraq conflict.Overall, this book presents a very complete history of the Middle East and provides an excellent overview of the various players in the region, as well as their motives and goals Bard also does a good job of describing the various attempts that have been made over the years to bring peace to the region and all of the associated problems.As I was reading the book, however, I started noticing various comments appearing in the text that seemed to be highly slanted towards Israel and the Jewish viewpoint They seemed quite out of place, given the general approach of this book of trying to present the viewpoints of all parties involved I was a little confused at these asides until I did a little reading on the author, Bard, to discover that, far from being an impartial student of the region, he is the Executive Director of the American Israeli Cooperative Enterprise and, basically, a proponent of the Jewish point of view in the region.Despite the obvious pol...

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    In preparation for a trip to Israel, this book at 450 pages has confirmed that the situation is complicated It fills in some gaps in history, especially the early 20th century and comes to some interesting conclusions e.g Hitler was as responsible as anybody for the formation of modern Israel Israel has been a violent place for the past century, even before declaring its independence in 1948 I ve always viewed the 1950s as a fairly benign period in history but after reading this book I m not so sure Israel has been on the brink of being wiped out several times in my lifetime Israel comes out looking pretty good in this book The British, Syria and Yasser Arafat are repeatedly criticized The book provides a good history lesson on the origins of the PLO.Still, the book is in need of a good edit There is much overlap and it s all written...

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    So far, it s been a great resource, but I begin to detect quite a lot of bias towards Israeli and Jewish causes about half way through It s still a great readable account of much of the conflict in the area, great for beginners who want an interesting intro to the subject you hear about all the time in the new...

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    The book seemed well researched and fairly objective but the nature of the subject matter was tough to come back to 2 steps forward 3 steps back repeat across the region My goal in reading it was to better u...

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    This book gave me a little bit understanding of the context of the current hostilities between Israel and Palestine, but I was left disappointed with the book overall Its focus was clearly upon Israel, and I think that much about the region s thousands of y...

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    Suggested for those who were like me and wanted to get to the history of the hatred Caution reader to also seek out alternative opinions on some of the events covered.

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    I found this to be a good introduction to the conflict for someone who wasn t very well informed There is a clear pro Israel bias, however.

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    The best book I ve found of its kind useful information even for those already familiar with the ME

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