Mr. Popper's Penguins

Mr Popper, When Not Painting Or Papering His Neighbors Walls, Has A Persistent Penchant For Penguins A Decorator By Day, He S An Intrepid Antarctic Explorer By Night At Least In His Imagination Mr Popper Resigns Himself To Quiet Evenings At Home With His Family And His Travel Books, Until One Day A Mysterious Package Arrives Pretty Soon The Poppers Have A House Full Of Penguins, An Ice Rink In The Basement, And An Ever Increasing Bill For Raw Fish And Canned Shrimp Time To Take This Show On The Road The Atwaters Wrote This Unforgettable Tale In 1938, But Its Timeless Charm Shows No Signs Of Aging Children Are Invited To Imagine, Dream, And Believe That Anything Is Possible Robert Lawson, Illustrator Of The Story Of Ferdinand, Offers Delightfully Humorous Pictures As Integral To This Classic As The Story Itself An Ideal Read Aloud Book For All Ages, Mr Popper S Penguins Will Have Any Audience Rolling In The AislesAges 9 To 12Mr. Popper's Penguins

Richard Tupper Atwater 1892 1948 was a Chicago journalist He wrote for a number of newspapers including the Chicago Evening Post, the Chicago Daily News, the Chicago Tribune, and the Herald Examiner He contributed to the literary and arts magazine The Chicagoan He also taught Greek at the University of Chicago In 1932, after watching a documentary about Richard E Byrd s Antarctic expedition

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  • Mr. Popper's Penguins
  • Richard Atwater
  • English
  • 17 November 2019
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    The single greatest book of my childhood Nerd alert warning This will explain how much I enjoyed this book When I first read it, I had inherited a copy from one of my older siblings They had written their name in the front of it, because our mother has a weird obsession with putting our names on everything that was ours especially books and clothes When I was sent home with one of the scholastic book ...

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    Obviously, I am taking this too seriously, but I found the financial ineptitude of Mr Popper most distressing.

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    Why have I shelved this as Hallowe en read Page 7, paragraph 4, second sentence I have papered all the rooms in the new apartment building on Elm Street So, I had no problem cracking this open except, except, exceptthe copy...

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    I was really looking forward to re reading Mr Popper s Penguins however, as soon as I started reading this delightful book, I realized that I had never read it as a child Good thing that I was able to make up for that omission now, in late middle age House painter Mr Popper has always longed to be a polar explorer after a letter to Antarctic explorer Admiral Drake, the admiral ships Mr Popper a clever Gentoo penguin The new arrival, dubbed Captain Cook after the English explorer, proceeds to change the lives of the Popper family in every way I completely enjoyed Mr Popper s fulfilling his dream and appreciated the long suffering Mrs Popper I believe that, even 70 years later, children would still love this book and its intelligent, gentle penguins Surely, they d envy the Popper children, Janie and Bill, who ge...

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    I made all my pets read this to try and make them understand that they need to support ME for a change It s not a good book for getting the good life, unfortunately It s cute enough, though It was cute in a good way, not the Wild hijinks ensue sitcomy problems way I think birds cause an awful lot of problems It was good that the book took that problem seriously I also liked that Mr Popper was o...

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    Now I never did read Richard and Florence Atwater s Newbery Honour winning novel Mr Popper s Penguins as a child, and while I have in fact mildly enjoyed much if not most of it as a sweet and humour full animal people interaction tale, and can also understand why and how it is considered a classic and much beloved by many, as an older adult reading Mr Popper s Penguins for the first time, the ending, with the penguins being sent to the Arctic just absolutely and totally rubs me the wrong way, to the point that my emerging enjoyment of the rest of the novel even with its datedness and issues of gender stratification has sadly been completely rendered null and void For let s face it, penguins are NOT Arctic but Antarctic animals and the idea of Mr Popper s penguins being sent to the Arctic is basically a case of having an invasive animal species artificially transplanted into the Arctic, into a cold environs, yes, but still into an environment that for all intents and purposes is not the penguins home and native land and where they might very well and even likely negatively interfere with native Arctic bird species like dovekies, puffins, razorbills and the like And whi...

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    I have been aware of this book s existence since I was a kid, but somehow I never got around to reading it The past few months the kids and I have been on an animal stories kick for our bedtime reading, but of course we like funny animal books, not dead dogs and horses, so I turned to this What a little gem I honestly didn t know what this book was about, except for what you can glean from the title there s a guy, named Mr Popper, he has pengui...

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    My Four Year Old is just beginning to be interested in having chapter books read to her But as she gets stressed out by conflict of any sort, it s kind of tough finding good candidates for her This is a winner For those of you who haven t read the book, the basic premise is that a house painter who spends his off hours reading about and writing to explorers in the South Pole receives a penguin in the mail from one of those explorers Since his work is over for the winter, he becomes very involved in the comfort and care of said penguin and the eleven other penguins that quickly follow In the end, he transforms his basement into an ice rink an idea my daughter wholeheartedly supports, by the way , and spends than his wife ever thought possible on fish and canned shrimp.I won t tell you how an out of work house painter manages to pay for all that wouldn t want to spoil the ending , but I will say that the process is highly entertaining for all involved I found myself looking forward to each night s installment of Mr Popper nearly as much as The Four Year Old.Although I personally found the ending to be high...

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    I remember loving this in third grade when the school librarian read it aloud to our class Decided to try it on the seven year old, who likes animal stories, and was curious to see if I d still like it at this late date Yes, but not as much This time around, I thought it got off to a slow start, and it struck me that it would be odd today for the main human character in a children s book to be an adult, although the rumpled, absent minded, polar fanatic house painter Mr Popper is hardly a typical grown up His children, Janie and Bill are rather shadowy undeveloped characters in the background I don t think we re even told how old they are I enjoyed how Mrs Popper, a deeply practical and house proud woman, takes the disruptions the penguins bring into the Poppers lives with calm aplomb it would have been all too easy for the author to make her entirely cross and full of complaints about penguins living in the ice box, playing in snowdrifts in the living roo...

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    Read this to the boys, and it s such a fun, silly story that brings back memories of my childhood I think I love this book so much because I loved it as a kid The ending is a little weird in that he leaves his family to go live with the penguins for awhile.

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