The Joy of Sex A Gourmet Guide to Lovemaking

❮Read❯ ➹ The Joy of Sex A Gourmet Guide to Lovemaking ➼ Author Alex Comfort – An international bestseller since it was first published in 1972 this updated edition brings this imaginative uninhibited guide to lovemaking and sex to a whole new generation It has been revised in s An of Sex A Gourmet ePUB Æ international bestseller since it was of Sex PDF É first published in this updated edition brings this imaginative uninhibited guide to lovemaking and sex to a whole new generation It has been revised in such a way to retain Dr Comfort's original revelatory advice while making it appropriate for the st century.The Joy of Sex A Gourmet Guide to Lovemaking

Alexander of Sex A Gourmet ePUB Æ Comfort MD PhD February of Sex PDF É – March was a medical professional gerontologist anarchist pacifist conscientious objector and writer best known for The Joy of Sex which played a part in what is often called the sexual revolution He was also the author of many other books on a variety of topics.

The Joy of Sex A Gourmet Guide to Lovemaking PDF/EPUB
  • Unknown Binding
  • 224 pages
  • The Joy of Sex A Gourmet Guide to Lovemaking
  • Alex Comfort
  • English
  • 24 June 2014
  • 9781840007855

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    I read this too young and I particularly remember a part that talked about not wearing spiked boots during sex because while it may be a visual turn on it can cause some unintended physical pain in the long run I felt it was a good point and made a note to my prepubescent self to not have sex while wearing spiky boots

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    I received this book THREE times as gifts Do I look like complete sex idiot?

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    When I was 15 and found this book hidden in the basement I read it and it gave me uite a thrill The 70's version is awesome and disgusting and awesome awesome awesome The hairy man beast who was prominently featured in the original version of this book may be entirely to blame for my disgust of facial hair thank goodness my husband shaves daily I’ve never seen the new version with the modern couple and don't care to It would totally ruin the magic

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    I finally got around to reading this book which has been a strange oversight on my part due to my interest and love for the subject I really enjoyed this book and I must caution that my rating is based on my enjoyment of it rather than the value of the content I think some modern readers may find the book a bit too fuddy duddy too heteronormative too monogamous too vanilla too romantic too uaint and sentimental and perhaps even a bit too love oriented all things that I love because I am a 68 year old heteronormative monogamous vanilla romantic old fuddy duddy who is too uaint and too sentimental and very much in love with the woman that I make love to my wife of 40 years This is not a beginner’s guide it is billed as “gourmet love making” As such the book assumes the reader or preferably readers are experienced with sex and are in a committed loving relationship“ we take some things for granted – having intercourse naked and spending time over it; being able and willing to make it last up to a whole afternoon on occasion; having privacy; not being scared of things like genital kisses; not being obsessed with one sexual trick to the exclusion of all others; and of course loving each other As the title implies this book is about love as well as sex you don’t get high uality sex on any other basis – either you love each other before you come to want it or if you happen to get it you love each other because of it or both”Comfort Alex The Joy of Sex The Ultimate Revised Edition Kindle Locations 244 249 PotterTenSpeedHarmony Kindle Edition For those who may be concerned with love or “the feelings” as they seem to be called these days the book does not dwell excessively on love but it is mentioned in first and last chapters and a three page chapter titled Love One thing I was pleased with was that the parallels to a cook book were rather minimal It didn’t get overly cute with cook book analogies The other thing that should be noted is that this edition was revised in 2008 by Susan uilliam As such it has been updated so the book recognizes that the Internet exists and has had some of the recent research applied to the techniues but the book is not going to give you tips on how to use Tindr or other dating sites nor is it going to explain the latest trends in the statistics on sexual demographics One is not overwhelmed in modernity Other than a few technological and cultural mentions this book would still fly back in 1972 There are no plumbing diagrams or descriptions on how the plumbing works You are supposed to know all that and basically have experience with sex The original drawings of the hirsute 70’s couple based on a real couple have been replaced some but not I would say to its detriment with tasteful color and sepia photos of an average attractive young couple in various states of undress and embrace The explicit illustrations are water color paintings of what appears to be the same couple All the illustrations are in good taste and get across the point without wallowing in it The couple seems to demonstrate intimacy tenderness and indeed joy instead of lust The ideas presented in this book are for the most part just that idea suggestions giving a framework for an activity rather than a detailed set of instructions“put this here for three counts and stroke that for seven seconds” type of thing The reader uses their own imagination to build an activity on the framework Entries are relatively short some only a page long Cautions are provided where appropriate but for the most part the book relies on the couple having experience and common sense The book is not hierarchical You don’t have to read chapter one before you read chapter two Actually the chapters are not numbered and they are really not chapters but rather I suppose the sexual euivalent to recipes To me they were like articles or encyclopedia entriesalthough not to imply they are boring Again the book relies on the reader’s experience For the most part you can read any section you wish in any order and have no difficulty understanding the concept There are some articles that some readers may find kinky or well beyond things that they want to try No big deal just don't read those sections It won't affect the rest of the book Where appropriate the book Kindle edition has hot links contained in the text that will take one to other articles of similar interest The book has a hot linked index and a section listing resources The book had a section on tenderness I have never seen that in a sexual book before I found the section intriguing Tenderness is shown fully in the way you touch each other What it implies at root is a constant awareness of what your partner is feeling plus the knowledge of how to heighten that feeling gently toughly slowly or fast and this can only come from an inner state of mind between the two of you No really tender person can simply turn over and go to sleep afterwardsComfort Alex The Joy of Sex The Ultimate Revised Edition Kindle Locations 335 338 PotterTenSpeedHarmony Kindle Edition Of course I have seen this concept before perhaps not stated as succinctly but I have never seen it labeled tenderness But I also found the section in want It sort of teased me with the concept of tenderness but didn’t satisfy me There is this feeling I get for my wife often during or after love making but other times too where I feel this tingling in the center of my chest It is a craving for union a desire to engulf her and be engulfed by her extreme affection for her It is an overwhelming lust of my heart to become one with her Tenderness seems like a good word this feeling Another concept I liked in this book was that sex is a form of play It is only recently as ethology has replaced psychoanalytic theory that counselors have come to realize that sex besides being a serious interpersonal matter is a deeply rewarding form of play One of the most important uses of play is in expressing a healthy awareness of sexual euality This involves letting both sexes take turns in controlling the game; sex is no longer what men do to women and women are supposed to enjoy Sexual interaction is sometimes a loving fusion sometimes a situation where each is a “sex object” – maturity in sexual relationships involves balancing rather than denying the personal and impersonal aspects of arousal Both are essential and built in to humans For anyone who is short on either of these elements play is the way to learn men learn to stop domineering and trying to perform; women discover that they can take control in the give and take of the game rather than by nay saying If they achieve this Man and Woman are one another’s best friends in the very sparks they strike from one anotherComfort Alex The Joy of Sex The Ultimate Revised Edition Kindle Locations 136 145 PotterTenSpeedHarmony Kindle Edition More than anything else though what I liked about this book and especially having it in a Kindle version is that it inspired a lot of fond memories for things that my wife and I have tried and sometimes failed at during our love life of the past 42 years I highlighted many passages and wrote many steamy and loving recollections and of some of the awkward foibles in the form of Kindle notes that are now embedded in my copy of the book I could have never done that with a paper copy All in all I had a wonderful time reading and writing notes in this book In some ways I have personalized the book in such a way that it is now almost a private journal I really regret that I had never read it sooner

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    Here is a joke based on this bookYou have some visible injury cast eye patch bandage etcPerson A What happened?You You know the book the Joy of Sex? There is a typo on page 137

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    Your sex life will explode after reading this book

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    Read sometime in high school? Mostly at other people's houses while babysitting? That's the best I remember

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    Heterosexist all Caucasian illustrations and a bonus dose of fat phobia Good times

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    Ok ok I know Everybody's heard about it I figured I'd read it to see if this book by Alex Comfort was in reality what I expected it to be If all you expect upon opening this book is a racy book full of exotic photos you'll be surprised The Joy of Sex is actually very down to earth and not really at all titillating pardon the pun It's almost like a Chilton's guide to heterosexual sex That being said this book is most likely to be of help to relatively inexperienced couples but even those of us who have been around the block a time or two will probably find out something previously unknownComfort's direct writing style and factual information will likely irritate those readers who picked up the book thinking it'd be a uick thrill However for those readers interested in improving their lives in the bedroom it's worth at least a skim throughHighly recommended for the relatively inexperienced couple Recommended for all others

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    This is the second book about sex that I have read; the first being She Comes First Overall it wasn't a bad book and it was a uick read but the format was sort of confusing and odd to me There were four sections Ingredients Appetizers Main Courses and Sauce Pickles and each section had multiple excerpts about different topics Basically there'd be a paragraph or two on an idea or topic and then it would move on to another one It didn't flow very well and didn't seem very comprehensive or fluid I would have liked it to be less segmentedIn summary this book might serve better as a reference book then a self help book It reads like an indexed encyclopedia than a novel or book 3 stars

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