Rush of Pleasure (Primal Instinct, #8)

Dangerous Passion And Primal InstinctsWith His Sinister Good Looks, Noah Winston Is The One Man A Human With Casus Ties Who Willow Broussard Has Never Been Able To Resist Once Enemies, Then Lovers, Noah Broke Her Heart Yet The Powerful Witch And Paranormal Private Investigator Can T Turn Him Away When He Needs Her Help In Protecting His Family, Him And The World Against Their Enemy.As Noah And Willow Work Together, The Secrets Of Their Turbulent Past Are Slowly Exposed, Each Startling Revelation Drawing Them Closer But When The Enemy Finally Makes A Move, Noah Will Need Than Witchcraft And Magic To Survive He Ll Need His Friends, One Hell Of A Plan And The Undying Devotion Of A Tenacious Witch Whose Love Is Eternal.Rush of Pleasure (Primal Instinct, #8) or find her on Facebook at

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  • Rush of Pleasure (Primal Instinct, #8)
  • Rhyannon Byrd
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  • 02 July 2018
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    Lovveed it So sad that this is the end Pouts Oh well So Willow in the first half of this book got on my nerves Usually I am all for feeling sorry when the someone gets their feelings hurt and they wait years to hash it out In this case it was 12 years and it was with Noah But damn it , I felt like get over it already Stop being a bitch to Noah when I love him I wanted to smack her every time she upset him Dammit he has enough going on and issues of his own so get over it already Then by the second half she was acting better and not so confrontational By the end I liked her and wasn t pissed off at her any See I loved Noah s character from when he was introduced a few books back So yeah I wanted to defend him Lots of action and hot lovin too.Damon the demon was introduced and seriously I hope that he gets a book from the spin off series.I loved him in here He was such a great new character By the end there were two sad things that had happened It sucked I loved all the weddings and HEA and the exciting news that was shared by one of the watchmen The name of the new crew lol That was great I just loved that this was it , the end and all my watchmen and their ladies were happy and finally they seemed to have some peace They have all had a rough road and it was so great the way that it came to and happy end.

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    My Review..Rush of Pleasure is the 8th and final installment of the PRIMAL INSTINCT series I have been on this amazing ride since the first book in series Edge of Hunger released in 2009 and it has been well worth it The PRIMAL INSTINCT series is one of my all time favorite series and I will definitely be going back and reading the series again and then again.Noah Winston is a strong and determined man Having Casus blood in his family, due to a Casus raping one if family members, Noah will stop at nothing to prevent the Casus from taking over his body or his two brothers Noah goes back to his hometown Sacred, Louisiana to get some answers from people he had hoped never to see again Jesse, Mitch and Willow Broussard, the woman he once loved an ran away from.Jesse and Willow Broussard are very powerful Chastain Witches Willow never forgave Noah for leaving the way he did but he when he returns he comes baring bad news, Willow s sister Sienna is helping the Casus leader Willow sets out to help Noah and to find her sister This book is full of action, twists and turns I loved watching Noah and Willow fall in love all over again I don t want to say anything because I don t want to spoil anything So many thing happened in this books to bring together the conclusion of the series This book definitely did not disappoint I laughed, I cried and I screamed with frustration The PRIMAL INSTINCT series will always be on my top favorite series list and I will definitely be reading it again and again I also fell in love with Willow s best friend Damon, the sex demon He is one of the most funniest characters I have read and totally loveable I am dying for Damon to get his own book.I am looking forward to Ashe s book Deadly is the Kiss in 2012 and keeping my fingers crossed that there will be to come.

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    The eighth and final book in the Primal Instincts series was a definite hit with me Combining the fantastic paranormal world that is so easy to get to know with mind numbing and page scorching passion to light up the entire country for eons to come, Noah and Willow definitely earned their rightful place as one of my favorite couples from the series.Noah David Winston is part Casus, thanks to his mother s line of family Noah remains vulnerable to the fact that a stray Casus shade who has made its way into this world can make use of his body to roam the Earth With the added threat of the Casus leader actively seeking Noah as the most probable candidate for his inhabitation and because Noah had nearly managed to kill off Anthony Calder during the last bloody battle that was waged between the Watchmen and the Casus, Noah knows that the fate of all species of the world rests in the decoding the spell that is bound to kill anything with pure unadulterated evil lurking within its very soul.Decoding the spell means revisiting his hometown Sacred in Louisiana, where he hasn t set foot since that fateful night twelve years back His desire for Willow Broussard even at the tender age of nineteen had surpassed anything Noah has ever felt since then When Noah seeks out Jessie, Willow s aunt whose powerful spells is the stuff legends are made of, Noah doesn t expect a run in with the woman who makes all his senses go on red alert just with her mere presence.Willow would rather gnaw off her arm than admit that seeing the gorgeous Noah Winston in her own backyard once again sets all her senses afire with the need to possess and be possessed by the man who haunts her dreams even twelve years on Now a private investigator for the ancient clans who still walk the Earth, Willow is strong, sexy and capable in her own right, a fact that drives Noah completely out of his mind when the desire he feels for Willow threatens to obliterate the very seriousness of the mission he has embarked upon.Forced to work together by circumstance, the barriers that each had built in the other s absence starts to crumble with each searing glance and mind numbing kiss exchanged As the truth about what is actually required to perform the spell comes to light, Noah knows that he is about to embark upon a battle that could mean the end of life as he knows it, a life he would gladly give up if it means keeping Willow safe As the dead body count continues to grow, Willow joins hands with the man to whom her heart will belong to now and forever, to fight the battle that might cost her the love of her life even before she can confess the little fact to him.Rush of Pleasure is a fitting end to a series that has saw me through highly enjoyable paranormal reads with the tinge of red hot passion to make things that much interesting Noah Weston is a dangerous man to let into your heart because he demands no less than complete and utter surrender of every emotion that you ve got to give His strength and vulnerability coupled with his blatant need for the woman he loves is a lethal combination that had me hyperventilating one minute and swooning into a puddle of goo the next.Willow is the perfect heroine for Noah with her strong persona that makes her the ultimate candidate to love and cherish Noah and even stand firm in what she believes in when its for the good of their relationship Noah might not overly much like the fact that his Willow is kick ass heroine material that puts her on the path of danger every now and then, but that s what at the end of the day makes these two such a well matched couple in bed and out of it.The scenes of combustive passion definitely delivered on the sexual tension that practically leaps out of the pages and I loved every single second of it Explosive in all the ways that counts, Rush of Pleasure is a novel not to be missed for fans of the series as well as fans of paranormal romances.The one thing that I can say is, you don t need to have read the previous books to enjoy this one as Rhyannon makes it so darn easy for you to find your rhythm in her world of ancient clans But, I would still urge you to read the other books just to enjoy the wild and wicked ride that only Rhyannon can take you on in her Primal Instinct series.I feel a bit sad knowing that this is the end of a series that I have enjoyed immensely throughout the last 2 years or so But knowing that the sexy and deadly Ashe Granger from the series gets his story in a standalone novel this coming April has got me pacified somewhat, and I await eagerly for its release And I would so love to read Damon MacCaven the demon s story Just saying.Memorable Quotes She didn t fight him, but her mouth had been shocked into stillness beneath his passive, simply taking, accepting and he wanted her hunger Wanted the bite of her nails and her mind blowing passion.He wanted her wild for him Goddamn it, kiss me back, he snarled, holding the side of her face in his hand She moaned, tilting her head, fitting her mouth closely to his Please, he gasped against her silky lips, his voice cracking as he begged her pleading Kiss me back, Will And then he felt the soft, sweet stroke of her tongue, and his body shuddered violently in response to that delicate, seeking touch Within seconds, the kiss became something explicitly carnal, devastating in its power. 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    Wow what a great story to end the series I ve rarely read a story that so well wraps up the HEAs for all the lovers in the series, remained action packed and killed almost all the bad guys, in such a wonderfully well written way I know this is the end but i am gonna hold out hope for a spin off series would love to know what happens to Harris and The Granger guys Would reread this now if i didn t have so many stories to read still.

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    Hot and steamy Definitely a wild read Almost good enough to add to my collection.

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    I really enjoyed this last installment in the Primal Instincts series Had some great moments, especially when all the watchmen were working together and i was so thankful for the epilogueit gave us one final glimpse into their lives with all their women Although Noah and Willow weren t probably my favorite couple their romance was very sweet and hotliked the whole knew each other as kids storyline I also really LOVED Damon, the sex eating demon I m hoping we ll be seeing a book for him sometime in the futurehe was just too good of a character to never hear about again Rhyannon Byrd did a good job of wrapping things up for this series Anyone looking for a really great shifter series with good action, suspense and romance should give these a tryit s definitely one i m sad to see end.

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    One word..AMAZING OMG I love this book I thought Aiden s story was my favorite but Noah is SO MUCH HOTTER And that s saying something I won t tell you what you can read in the blurb fromthe back of the book but I will tell you that if you enjoy a good paranormal romance than this book is for you But take my advice, start with the beggining of the series and read them all I can t wait for Ashe s story and I really really want Damon to get his own story also Yum

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    finale affrettato, dopo tutto quel parlare non viene mostrato nulla del combattimento finale l epilogo a dir poco stucchevole

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    book was kindly provided to from Netgalley.REVIEW 3.5 out of 5 starsRush of Pleasure is the eighth book in the Primal Instinct Series by Rhyannon Byrd This story picks up from the ending of Rush of Darkness and is a wonderful conclusion to this brilliant series.Noah Winston is part of the formerly named Watchmen, a highly skilled organization of shifters whose job it is to keep watch over ancient non human races Noah is human with a Casus bloodline and since being bitten by Calder has noticed an increase in his abilities.When Noah returns to the place of his youth, he never expected to run into Willow Broussard, a Chastain witch and his teen crush although with the ongoing conflicts that were happening between their families they weren t meant to be so he left without fully explaining why, breaking her heart and leaving her holding a grudge.Their initial meeting was tense but their quest to find Willow s sister Sienna who is now thought to be working with the evil Casus leader Anthony Calder as well as find a Demon to read the death spell to put a stop to the carnage being caused by the Death walkers and of course stopping Calder who has his sights set on Noah to inhabit his body, forced them into discussing their past as well as present attractions and feelings.I felt the first half of the book seemed to flow at a slow pace and seemed about their angst and anger over what had happened in the past, I wanted action which I have come to enjoy and love in the other books but it seemed to take a back seat I also wish we knew of Willow s secret and of the prophecy earlier on in the story.The conflict between the Watchmen Death walkers was anti climatic and over way too quickly and the smex scene I felt was inappropriate at this time, Willow played her part by supplying her blood but both were absent from the main fight and we are only told what had happened I would have preferred to be there and have what was happening explained not just what they were advised to do then knowing it was done It seemed to lack emotion I felt the same with the final showdown against Calder I wanted to feel .I liked Noah and Willow as characters, they were strong willed, determined and extremely stubborn Byrd did a great job portraying their passion with the growing sense of caring and love which I enjoyed I loved the reappearance of the other watchmen and their partners as well as the Grainger Brothers Damon the Demon was wonderful He bought humor to the story and I would love to read a story based on his character.All in all, an enjoyable read but felt it was about Noah and Willow s relationship and the romance rather than the conflict surrounding them I loved the name they came up with for their organization It suits them perfectly.I feel it is best for this series to be read in order Byrd explains enough in order to get by but to fully understand the back story it should be read from book 1, Edge of Hunger.I love Byrd s writing style and the Primal Instincts series is one of my favorites I look forward to reading from this wonderful author.Books in order 1 Edge of Hunger2 Edge of Danger3 Edge of Desire4 Touch of Seduction5 Touch of Surrender6 Touch of Temptation7 Rush of Darkness8 Rush of Pleasure

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    Originally posted at Long and Short of It BEST BOOK This is the eighth, and final, book in Rhyannon Byrd s Primal Instincts series, and it was worth the journey The final battle to stop the Casus is over, but in the confusion of the fight, the Casus leader, Anthony Calder, was able to escape, with the help of his pet witch Noah Winston won t rest until he has stopped Calder once and for all He also knows it is time to go back to his home town and bring the bad news to people who used to be his friends Jessie, her niece Willow and Willow s brother, Harris What he has to tell them has to be said in person, and even if he wanted to avoid it, they deserve to know that the witch helping Calder is Willow s sister, Sienna He also wants to ask Jessie if there is a way to stop the death walkers that were released when the Casus were defeated And he dreads facing Willow the only woman he has ever cared anything for, even though he left her all those years ago As for Willow, she never got over Noah, either But Calder wants to take over Noah s body, and he is determined to get what he wants When the sparks rekindle, Noah is determined to protect Willow at all costs, but she isn t having any of that But when Willow s friend, and demon, Damon explains what they need to stop the death walkers, Willow becomes important than ever It seems she is part of the solution, and Noah is shocked at what he learns Can Noah stop Calder and keep his own soul Will the plan to stop the death walkers work Is Willow strong enough in her magic to save what she and Noah could have together I really enjoyed this world Ms Byrd created, and I will miss visiting with all the characters that live there I met some very memorable characters and some very nasty bad guys as well I did find that most of the villains were not completely evil, but s few were beyond redemption Noah Winston is a strong and determined man As the oldest of three brothers, he understands responsibility, and is determined to prevent Calder from taking him over I loved Noah s sensitive side, when he admitted to Willow how he felt about her, how he had always felt Noah s real strength is his ability to care and protect those he cares about Willow is sassy and independent, and a very powerful witch She is surprised when Noah shows up after so many years, and is determined not to let him back into her heart at least until she realizes he never left it I enjoyed watching as she and Noah became closer, and loved the way she was able to accept that she had to fight for her role in the destruction of the death walkers Ms Byrd does an admirable job of bringing all the varied threads together for this book, and I enjoyed the surprises that arise as Willow and Noah begin to reconnect There are a couple of tear jerker moments, but they serve to make the happy ever after all the sweeter in the end I recommend the complete series to those who like love and adventure and lots of action.

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