Long Live The New Flesh

✯ [PDF] ❤ Long Live The New Flesh By William Pauley III ✼ – E17streets4all.co.uk On August 11th 2009 a new and exciting blog was born THE NEW FLESH This blog uickly became the home of hundreds of misfit stories that to put it simply were 'too weird' for other markets 212 stories w The New ePUB ✓ On August th a new and exciting blog was born THE NEW FLESH This blog uickly became the home of hundreds of misfit stories that to put it simply were 'too weird' for other markets stories were published during YEAR ONE These are our favorites.Long Live The New Flesh

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Long Live The New Flesh eBook · Live The New  ePUB
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  • Long Live The New Flesh
  • William Pauley III
  • English
  • 08 August 2016

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    Ask any writer you know if they have any stories that get rejected time and time again not because they are poorly written but because the editor thinks that the story is 'too weird' or 'not a good fit' for their magazine Every writer has at least one The fun ones have much THE NEW FLESH was started to give these stories a place to call home When I first started the blog I wasn't sure if it would be a success or not I mean was there anyone who actually liked to read these kinds of stories? I know I did but in order for the project to be a success it'd have to have than just me as a reader Surprisingly TNF was an instant success The very first day I opened up for submissions I had already accepted enough stories to last the entire first monthNot too long after that about six months or so I asked Mrs Suzie Bradshaw if she would like to assist me as co editor and to my relief she accepted in her time with TNF Suzie brought in some great talent and was always a lot of fun to work with Just short of our YEAR ONE mark Suzie accepted a job elsewhere and decided to leave TNF That's when I asked Brian Barnett if he would be interested in the co editor position Brian and I have worked together in the past with our TOE TAGS anthologies Knowing his taste in fiction his professionalism and great work ethic I didn't even consider another before asking him to come on as co editor Brian has only been with TNF for a week now but has already made his presence known Truth be told this anthology wouldn't exist if it weren't for Brian He helped me go through the entire years worth of stories 212 altogether and pick output 50 favorites Brian got all of the stories together and formatted them nicely into this free ebookI couldn't be proud of THE NEW FLESH my co editors and with the wonderfully talented authors whose stories keep our readers coming back again and again every day I am in awe looking at this incredible collection of stories Wow We did good everyone Let's make YEAR TWO even better Keep it weirdIII

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    The New Flesh has been a great place for those kind of stories for a solid year now You know the stories the weird ones the ones that you wouldn't expect to find in your average mainstream speculative fiction magazine Well over the past year William Pauley III and Suzie Bradshaw have published over two hundred odd and misfit stories Recently I was lucky enough to join in the fun as co editor so as you can imagine I have a slight biasHowever that bias does not account for the full year that I was not an editor and I have to say that over the past year they have collected some doozies This is an anthology comprising of the 50 best as chosen by the editors Here's hoping you'll enjoy them as much as we did

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    A free ebook filled with 50 of the best weird stories published at THE NEW FLESH Lot's of weird horror sci fi and bizarro I really enjoyed reading them all and can't wait to read by these authors

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    Come one come all and feast upon some bizarre fiction served up by the editors of THE NEW FLESH William Pauley III Suzie Bradshaw and Brian Barnett have selected 50 of their favorite weird ass stories written by some weird ass writers In 'LONG LIVE THE NEW FLESH YEAR ONE' you will find zombies with foul mouths a girl that finds than expected when she looks closely at her nipple and a man with a dick the size of horse Yes I know you're intrigued now and there is much much like this throughout the e book In addition and this is awesome it’s FREE

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    There are too many stories to rate them individually so I'll just leave this reviewIt took me all day to read it but I finished it What does that say about the anthology? That's right It was impossible to put down

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    I gave this five stars because two of my stories are included Also because I usually like the stuff posted at The New Flesh

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    WooHoo That's just pure entertainment Great short stories 1000 words or under highly diverse bizarro horror literary sci fi Long Live The New Flesh

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    I don't generally enjoy dark stories much unless there is a point to them and few of those in this book seemed to have much of a point A few of the stories certainly made me laugh and some were uite entertaining just because they were so original but I found myself being glad to be done with it by the time I finished this bookIf you enjoy dark fiction and short stories then this book is definitely for you It's definitely original

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    some of these stories were pretty funny LOL crack upz

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    Deserves 1 star but due to the two good stories in the entire book I shall be generous

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