[Read] ➱ Exile Author Denise Mina – E17streets4all.co.uk Trying to escape her own troubled past and the memories of her lover's murder Maureen O'Donnell finds refuge working as a counselor at a shelter for battered women When the body of shelter resident An Trying to escape her own troubled past and the memories of her lover's murder Maureen O'Donnell finds refuge working as a counselor at a shelter for battered women When the body of shelter resident Ann Harris washes up on the banks of the Thames River two weeks later Maureen vows to discover what happened and to prove that Ann's husband is not to blame Taking her search to London Maureen soon encounters disturbing truths about Ann's hidden past including a secret that has Maureen fighting for her life .Exile

Denise Mina was born in Glasgow in Because of her father's job as an Engineer the family followed the north sea oil boom of the seventies around EuropeShe left school at sixteen and did a number of poorly paid jobs including working in a meat factory as a bar maid kitchen porter and cookEventually she settled in auxiliary nursing for geriatric and terminal care patientsAt twenty one sh.

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  • 07 November 2016
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    Part 2 in the Garnethill series doesn't disappointBroken and bruised from the murder of her boyfriend Maureen needs her best friend than ever but Leslie is in love for the first time Leslie ignores Maureen and shuts her out and Mauri is hurt and bewildered Liam her brother reassures her that it's only temporary as it's the honeymoon phase of their relationshipNeeding something to fill the gap of friendship Maureen takes interest in the plight of Leslie's cousin a poor downtrodden bloke who is raising four little boys on his own He has been accused of the murder and torture of his wife Ann found stuffed in a mattress Maureen goes to meet the wretched man and while revolted by his physical ugliness she is filled with pity for the horrible life he leads He's trying to raise his weens on his own with no money in a nasty apartment and in a crap neighborhoodAfter meeting the passive father Mauri realizes he could never have tortured and killed anyone let alone his wife She decides to find out what really happened This is brutal and seedy than the first installment so hang on its a bumpy ride but what a ride

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    I really like these books and the fact that they're so dialogue heavy makes them uick reads The one problem I have with them is going to sound petty and to be honest it might just be something I have to get over if I'm going to like mystery novels Here's the thing I'm smart; I'm reading about the case from 3 or 4 different points of view; I'm trying to think several steps ahead and examining each character as a likely suspect Maureen O'Donnell is drinking herself sick morning noon and night making every possible wrong move almost getting herself killed walking into danger and ignoring good advice and generally being a lovable fuckup And in a flash of insight she solves the mystery and I'm left scratching my head What? With the amount of liuor she's belting back she should barely be able to comprehend a bus map let alone crack the case while my sober and crafty self is sitting in the darkWow after reading that back I can see that I really am petty

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    I love Denise Mina She writes mysteries wrapped in sualor and drama and tied up with a little crazy bow They're usually set in Scotland which furthers my delight I'm SUCH an Anglophile And if you like that sort of thing Exile is even bleak and psychological than the first book in this particular seriesMaureen our heroine is recovering from the death of her psychologistlover the return of her child rapist father to Glasgow her family's unwillingness to accept her hatred and fear of her father and also her last encounter with a psychopath now safeishly locked away in jail She's at a very low point crying all the time with no prompting and contemplating suicide so when her friend Leslie asks for her help in investigating the disappearance of a woman from the battered women's shelter Leslie manages Maureen is actually kind of grateful for the distraction Her investigation leads her all over Glasgow and London as she puts herself in ever dangerous situations purportedly to try and find the truth but clearly also engaging in self destructive behavior In the end she's rewarded with a little bit of peace and a renewed friendship with Leslie There's one book in this series and while I may need some time to recover from the utter bleakness and depression in this book I won't be able to stay away in the end Because Mina just writes so well and so trueand because I'm a sucker for a damaged soul

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    Twenty something Maureen O'Donnell continues to be plagued mentally and emotionally by two major life events The sexual molestation as a young girl at the hand of her father and the vicious murder of her boyfriend six months earlier The molestation in itself was devastating enough but Maureen's ability to deal with the aftermath is seriously affected by her mother and sisters' disbelief that Maureen is telling the truthFortunately though Maureen's brother and her friend Leslie are solidly behind her Well Leslie has been until recently ever since she's been involved with a man in her lifeMaureen deals with her depression and anxiety by seeking solace in her apartment enjoying being on her own When her thoughts encroach too heavily Maureen turns to alcohol often to excessIt is into this backdrop that a woman goes missing from the domestic abuse shelter where Leslie works It's not unusual for women to leave such places but for reasons Leslie isn't sharing with Maureen this woman's disappearance is different and personal Leslie asks Maureen's help to find Ann Harris the missing woman who is mother to four young children and wife to Jimmy HarrisWhat ensues is a vigilante investigation by the two women with Maureen going alone to London to follow the clues wherever they lead herIt's a well written story with interesting and believable characters and suspense that builds and builds until it seems there will be no end

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    I don’t know uite how I feel about this Maureen O’Donnell broke my heart on the very last page of Garnethill The things she Leslie said about Siobhan were so bizarrely out of character nonsensically cruel I don’t think I’m ever going to get over how much I loathed the end of that book but I remember really loving everything else about it up until that point I had a hankering for a Scottish mystery novel where everybody says “wee hen” all the time So here we are with mixed resultsThe mystery here is uite a bit excellent than the last one this gets three stars just for that with special kudos for the beautiful little twist I enjoyed the hell out of Maureen’s incessant whiskey drinking endless smoking on her uest into the seedy horrible underworld of London in order to figure out who killed Ann but there’s something off about the tone which makes this strangely tiring to read I was actually uite surprised to see that Maureen Leslie both purport to hang out with Siobhan all the time since they were both so keen to tell “needy people” – or you know mentally damagedsexually assaulted people like her to “fuck off” I’m never going to get over this Although there’s nothing here that’s on par with that Mina writes some strange inconsistent characterizations like the British police detective who is well liked great to work with specifically because she doesn’t make fun of her Scottish partner then unexpectedly starts talking up all sorts of silly prejudicial stuff when she’s in Glasgow I could have done without the detective angle altogether to be frank Most of the story is told from Maureen’s perspective but there are a lot of abrupt shifts to someone else’s thoughts for one line before going back to Maureen stuff that seems like it should’ve been here’s my favorite word edited differently Most of all I can’t understand why there's so much intense mutual distaste in Maureen’s circle of friends The mystery is solved Siobhan gets called a prick again everyone hates Leslie’s boyfriend including Leslie and I don’t know why any of these people bother hanging out together Maybe in another two years I’ll have another hankering powerful enough to get me to read the last book in the series

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    I did try and read this a year or two previously but gave up after fifty or so pages as I wasn't in the mood Finishing it on this second attempt what struck me was the high uality of the writing as compared to a number of crime novels I have read recently with 'functional but no ' prose Mina really impresses and amuses with her stunningly evocative descriptions and wry humour I have two or three other books by the same author on my shelf waiting to be read I will space them out and ration the pleasureThe only issue was the fact I didn't completely 'enjoy' the novel for all the high level of merit The grim events depressing family dynamics poverty addiction mental illness it was at times a little relentless and made for a conflict between wanting to put the book down and walk away which is unusual for me and wanting to carry on reading as you need to know what happens next Even expecting this from Denise Mina I felt this was a little harder to take than a couple of the other series' by the same author

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    Upon finishing Garnethill I wasn’t overly crazy about continuing this trilogy I was interested in seeing where things went but it wasn’t an intense desire In fact if I had not brought the trilogy as a collection I would not have been continuing However being a glutton for punishment I dove into Exile with the hope of improvement – after all so many people seem to enjoy Denise Mina as an author and I was hoping to find a spark to create such a view within myselfUnfortunately my feelings towards Exile were much the same as my feelings towards Garnethill – I wasn’t won over by this one Like the prior book I found this one very difficult to get into It wasn’t uite as hard as the prior book as there was setup in place for the characters and we had some background information but I still found it difficult More difficult than I would imagine a second book in a trilogy ever needs to beAs with the first book it was a case of needing to continue reading It takes a while but as you get deeper into the book things get better My mind was never blown but the elements of the crime come together and grow intriguing As we work through the story enough happens to keep you interested curious to see how everything comes togetherOverall this was an okay second book I’m hoping the final book will blow me away will give me a great conclusion to Maureen O’Donnell’s story but I’m not going to hold out hope It is curiosity that has me reading the final book rather than a deep love for the story

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    This is her second book and there is no surprise that Denise Mina is a very well liked author Beautifully written riveting story Unrelenting strong and ruthless almost a Seven like feeling at times

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    More Glaswegian grit and gumption from Denise Mina my latest fave in the crimemystery genre Her heroine is a mess her baddies are revolting but she writes lyrically about the city itself

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    Just finished Denise Mina’s Exile book 2 in the Garnethill Trilogy I did enjoy book 1 Garnethill however this book was much better Maureen’s character is in a self destructive post traumatic stress downward spiral fueled mainly by alcohol She is investigating a murder at the reuest of her friend Leslie who is not much less of a mess A woman has been brutally tortured and murdered with her body dumped She was recently a resident at a battered woman’s shelter so all fingers point toward the husband Jimmy who is the only surviving parent for their 4 small boys Only things are not what they seem and Maureen through her alcohol induced haze and her desire to maintain her friendship with Leslie seeks to prove that Jimmy didn’t kill his wifeThe characters are what makes this work stand out Denise Mina has crafted incredibly human characters with all the dirt and despair that one could stand to read Maureen is a walking train wreck yet in this book she comes across as intelligent not just crafty in the way of many street survivors but also analytical Jimmy is a portrait of despair and a born victim Even Winnie in her own alcohol fueled rages is a fully developed characterLiam and Vik are some of the only positive characters in the book Liam has made great strides to pull himself out of his past Vik is strong enough to insist that he deserves to be treated right by Maureen There are still differences between these two Liam wants to save or protect Maureen while Vik wants her to save herself After the ending of this book I will be interested to see what happens hereThe mystery is well done with great twists and turns and an ending that I did not see coming There is a great sense of place in this book even though most of the places are nowhere the reader would want to beGreat read I can’t wait to read the third one

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