The Dead Hour

[PDF / Epub] ★ The Dead Hour Author Denise Mina – Paddy Meehan thought she'd be farther along in her career as an investigative journalist by now But three years after breaking a big story she's still on perpetual night shift chasing police calls for Paddy Meehan thought she'd be farther along in her career as an investigative journalist by now But three years after breaking a big story she's still on perpetual night shift chasing police calls for a story that will promote her out of a twilight existence that makes candy bars and coffee a medical necessity With her father and brothers unemployed and her family perilously short of money she needs the work The domestic dispute at a house in a wealthy suburb seems like nothing unusual at first The elegant blonde in the shadows bleeding from a The Dead MOBI :ò head injury doesn't want any help; and the well dressed ingratiating man at the front door tells Paddy everything's fine and that she should leave And then he asks her to make sure nothing appears in the paper slipping cash into her hand before he closes the door The next morning Paddy sees the lead TV news story the blonde woman had been tortured beaten and left to die The untraceable man was neither her boyfriend nor her husband and Paddy can't understand why the victim passed up the chance to walk through the door and live Far from the spoiled trophy wife Paddy assumed her to be the victim was a prosecution lawyer with a social conscience that clashed with her privileged background Soon Paddy begins to make connections no one else has seen and after she witnesses the body of a suicide being pulled from the river she finds surprising links between the two deaths It's the story Paddy's dreamed of but she'll lose all credibility if word gets out about the bribe The police who attended the call are twisting the evidence for reasons of their own and her boss at the newspaper is impatient with Paddy's unproven hunches Only Paddy cares enough to pursue a dark and brutal truth that could make her career or kill her.The Dead Hour

Denise Mina was born in Glasgow in Because of her father's job as an Engineer the family followed the north sea oil boom of the seventies around EuropeShe left school at sixteen and did a number of poorly paid jobs including working in a meat factory as a bar maid kitchen porter and cookEventually she settled in auxiliary nursing for geriatric and terminal care patientsAt twenty one sh.

The Dead Hour PDF/EPUB ï The Dead  MOBI :ò
  • Hardcover
  • 341 pages
  • The Dead Hour
  • Denise Mina
  • English
  • 16 March 2016
  • 9780316735940

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    Damn I love these books I adore Paddy Meehan She is one of the best series protagonists I’ve come across in years In her era late 80s and her particularly conservative religious community women don’t work – they marry So here’s Paddy charging full speed ahead into the “unnatural” life of a professional unmarried woman She’s tough but insecure Hot headed yet kind And she’s totally badass No plot summary for this book but suffice it to say that she gives as good as she gets She screws up and falls down and she gets right back up again ”The smiled at each other these two working women both keeping jobs from needy men betraying nature by escaping the kitchen sink these two women who were out in the world active not passive subjects not objects” Boom

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    Paddy Keeps Rolling 4 Stars Paddy Meehan is one of the most entertaining characters I have encountered in a long time On one hand she is a little overweight and is self conscious while on the other she is spunky uick witted and uick tempered She is the only unbeliever in a staunchly catholic home and she is convinced her unbelief will drag her whole family to hell with her The entertainment provided by Paddy is worth the read Plot summary Paddy is faced with a moral dilemma She attends at a police call in progress where there is an apparent domestic situation occurring After the police have spoken with the parties and have failed to make any arrests she seeks a comment from the parties Inside she sees a young woman who is clearly hurt and with blood running down her face The man at the door gives her fifty pounds and asks her to keep it out of the papers The next day Paddy learns that the woman in the house was found dead Should she turn in the 50 pound note and risk losing her job or should she keep it to help her down on the luck family It is after another body is pulled out of the river that Paddy believes there is a bigger story going on and the police seem to be obscuring the facts Will she get the story of her career or will the bribe come to obscure her credibility The Good Improvements The story formatting was my biggest complaint with the first book While the various chapters and parts remain it is much easier to follow in this installment As in the first there is a parallel storyline but it is in the present and is coherent Instead of detracting from the book the parallel storyline adds to overall feel Setting Characters and Setting As in the first installment Denise Mina expertly develops characters and places them in a believable near historical setting I did not visit Scotland in the mid 80's but I feel as if I was there The depressed economy and the rise of an urban drug culture play prominently in the story and well developed The Bad A Few Stumbles While the formatting is much improved it suffers with some pacing issues I enjoyed the writing and the character of Paddy Meehan so much that I felt as if it could have been a favorite book but jarring pacing ultimately although mildly reduce my opinion Can this Book Stand Alone If you really want it to While this story is self contained it is part of a trilogy This second book does not borrow heavily from the first and you would not be lost if you picked up this one first Final Thoughts This and first in the trilogy has left me wanting to read by Denise Mina She has a sharp eye for setting and character and I look forward to finish the trilogy That said I am uite disappointed there are only three book as Paddy is such a great and relatable character Audiobook Notes Content Advisories It is difficult to find commentary on the sexviolencelanguage content of book if you are interested I make an effort to give you the information so you can make an informed decision before reading Disclaimer I do not take note or count the occurrences of adult language as I read I am simply giving approximations When reviewing language mild obscenities are words like shit hell or damn Religious exclamations are words such as Christ or Jesus when used as profanityScale 1 Lowest 5 Highest Sex 3 There is a bit sex in this installment than the last There is a moderately graphic sex scene in the book and several less graphic ones As Paddy is aging the content is become a bit adult Language 1 There are about 45 mild obscenities 70 uses of the f word and 3 religious exclamations Violence 3 There is also violence in the background of this novel There are several mildly graphic descriptions of death and several scenes where characters are beaten The author tends to avoid the gory description

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    Paddy Meehan #2 and by the time of this it was joyfully obvious that no one had to long formoan aboutmiss Garnethill Denise does not know how it feels to write a less than great book Paddy has made reporter but are doing her dog introduction time during the Dead Hour of night

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    Terrific Tartan noir with young Paddy Meehan getting in over her head again Great on the sexual politics of a provincial newsroom in the 1980s with a few too many scenes following the physical breakdown of a coke head on the run Satisfying enough to hunt down the third in the series

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    Setting Scotland; 1984 This is the second book in the series featuring Glasgow journalist Paddy Meehan In this latest episode Paddy is assigned to the newspaper's 'night car' chasing police calls to see if any interesting stories are revealed Attending an upmarket home in the Bearsden area after reports of a domestic Paddy and her driver find the police already there interviewing a man on the doorstep Paddy catches a glimpse of a woman in the house bleeding from her face but she indicates that she isn't in trouble so the police and Paddy leave only to find the woman was murdered later that night So begins a fraught investigation for Paddy determined to make up for letting the woman down I'm not usually keen on crime novels with a journalist as the main character but the Paddy Meehan series is head and shoulders above the rest perhaps because unlike other literary journalists she has a conscience I find it easy to identify with Paddy and her personal and career problems especially so through having watched the excellent TV adaptation and am really looking forward to libraries re opening so I can get hold of the next in the series 910

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    Aged 21 and suffering under the gloom of the Thatcher years Patricia Paddy Meehan is the only wage earner in her Glasgow family Her job is as a very junior reporter on a fictional Glasgow newspaper the Daily News; her main task is to cruise the city at night with a driver listening to the police radio and checking the hospitals and cop shops in search of an interesting story One night she witnesses a pair of cops being bribed not to investigate what looks like an extremely nasty domestic incident; the following morning she discovers that the woman in uestion a prominent lawyer and Amnesty activist was tortured to death The next day the dead woman's ex fiance commits suicide and the cops choose to assume this is an admission of guilt for the murder even though Paddy knows they must know this cannot be true This is the second of Mina's books that I've read the other being Deception which I enjoyed while I was reading it only to feel let down by the ending which seemed to me an artifice rather than a resolution I felt let down by the ending of The Dead Hour too which leaves several plot strands unresolved and seems to be setting things up for a seuel I've since learned that my suspicion was probably correct there's another Paddy Meehan book after this but also that it had a Paddy Meehan predecessor In other words in terms of what's gone before the novel works just fine as a standalone; in terms of its ending not so wellI was less captivated by Mina's writing this time round I kept noticing odd little bits of description that didn't seem to make sense Someone made a little figure of eight gesture with their head which sounded reasonable until I tried it Someone else walked along flapping their hands behind them which is far easier to do but would be completely abnormal And so on There was also a sex scene that must surely have been at least nominated for the Bad Sex Award This isn't to say that the novel doesn't function as a pageturner it does just that I felt it lacked the narrative drive of Deception as evidenced by the very fact that I was noticing these thingsAll in all then an interesting book but one that failed to kindle my passions

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    The second book in the series is just as good as the first A horrific murder the ties that bind families police corruption coming of age women in the workforce discrimination against Catholics in 80s Glasgow It’s all there Plus her ongoing obsession with Paddy Meehan And her own dysfunctional family Terrific

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    Denise Mina is the sort of writer who puts lesser writers off from writing since they know they can never compete with the casual brilliance of what she does At least that is the case with this writer ie meI wasn't especially drawn to Paddy Meehan in the first book in comparison with Maureen O'Donnell but this is the second and she has grown a lot interesting in the meantime The plot is well worked and lucid characters superb and Paddy herself combines an innate knowledge of how people behave with her own ignorance about how some things are Fabulously wonderful read and I'm only irritated and finished the book exclaiming 'oh bugger' because the next two are on my list as potential christmas presents and I'll have to wait until then to find out what happens nextAnd re read with as usual greater appreciation

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    Paddy Meehan's job as a journalist has turned into late nights and poor stories And when she finds herself at the scene of an 'ordinary' domestic she leaves the crime scene with a crisp £50 note and a plea from the victim's well dressed husband to keep this out of the papers With the police not batting an eyelid and the cold getting to her Paddy leaves the scene and thinks nothing of it printing the story and saving her £50 for a rainier day However it's not long before Paddy is shown that there was nothing ordinary about that domestic The victim is now dead and has been tortured the well dressed man was not her husband and to top it all off the police are seeming to do everything they can to make this case disappear Down and out Paddy finds herself at the root of this crime in danger scared and begging for answers; not only for her safety but for a good story too I have a very love hate relationship with The Dead Hour I had never read anything from Denise Mina before but when I saw this book on my mum's bookshelf I thought it looked just like my type The cover and title were gripping it looked to be a promising thriller However I really struggled to get into The Dead Hour Understandably this is the second in the Paddy Meehan series and I was unaware of this until I had started reading However it still reads pleasantly well as a standalone with Denise Mina introducing characters well for new readers I didn't feel like I was missing a large chunk of Paddy's story from not reading the first book which is great for new readers Despite what appeared to be an enticing plot and fleshed out characters I really struggled to engage with Denise's writing The flow was a bit stale for me and I felt like I couldn't get into The Dead Hour properly It wasn't until my final reading session today which totalled three hours that I found the book un put downable I wasn't engrossed necessarily but I did find myself enjoying the story towards the middle of the book and enjoying Paddy's feisty personaHowever when it came to the ending Denise did what most thriller writers do wrap everything in a nice little bow and say done but also add a small twist to compel you to read the next in the series Though I was let down by how abrupt things seemed to end I was also not 100% sold on Paddy's story her character or any subplots to be that shocked by the end twist either Overall I'd say The Dead Hours was an okay read I'm glad I read it because it offered something new as opposed to previous thrillers I have read but I wouldn't say it was a favourite

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    Leave it to me to begin in the middle I somehow picked up book two of a series though completely able to be read as a standalone after reading some words of praise for Mina's writing Those words were well deserved Mina is an accomplished writer She brings the dark dour bleak streets of Glasgow to life with her artfully descriptive prose and her characters roam the pages like flesh and blood Paddy Meehan had a life before this book and I guess I'll go backward and read book one before I skip forward to book 3 but she's a strong compelling protagonist plagued with the kind of self doubts we all can appreciate While the complex story pulls the reader with steadfast intrigue this is not your typical action detective novel Mina draws a time and place in history and places us there to appreciate it Highly recommended but begin your companionship with Paddy Meehan in the Field of Blood

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