➼ [Reading] ➾ Garnethill By Denise Mina ➱ – Maureen O'Donnell wakes up one morning to find her therapist boyfriend murdered in the middle of her living room and herself a prime suspect in a murder case Determined to clear her name Maureen under Maureen O'Donnell wakes up one morning to find her therapist boyfriend murdered in the middle of her living room and herself a prime suspect in a murder case Determined to clear her name Maureen undertakes her own investigation and learns of a similar murder at a local psychiatric hospitalShe soon uncovers a trail of deception and repressed scandal that could clear her name or make her the next victim.Garnethill

Denise Mina was born in Glasgow in Because of her father's job as an Engineer the family followed the north sea oil boom of the seventies around EuropeShe left school at sixteen and did a number of poorly paid jobs including working in a meat factory as a bar maid kitchen porter and cookEventually she settled in auxiliary nursing for geriatric and terminal care patientsAt twenty one sh.

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  • 10 August 2014
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    This mystery starts with a bang and never lets up Maureen finds her boyfriend Douglas murdered in her apartment when she wakes up from a night of pass out drinking Hungover and nauseated and sickened from his brutal slaying she must navigate the police her family friends and work Douglas and Mauri were on the outs lately since Mauri discovered that he was married Douglas was a decent man though and Mauri needs to know what happened Her own mother Winnie thinks Maureen did it but forgot because she's mental Winnie is a nasty piece as the reader soon discoversWhip smart and tenacious and not backing down from the police or Winnie Maureen decided to solve this on her own

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    Wow Just wow This is enough to make you use some silly acronym like WTF when you’re rather someone who would just like to use the explicit phrase It was all going so well I was thinking Wow just wow in an awesome way then I got to the literal last page of this book my head kind of explodedIf you're not into spoilers for this book I am going to tell you what the last page says so you know consider yourself warned if you continue reading my fist shaking fury“’Far be it from me to say this’ said Leslie ‘but Siobhain’s a prick’ Maureen scratched her head miserably ‘Leslie’ she said ‘You’re right’‘To be honest’ said Leslie ‘I liked her better when she was scared shitless couldn’t talk’‘She thinks we’re big mates now She said she knew she’d be safe because she’s got us to look after her’ ‘Oh fuck’ said Leslie bit her lip Maureen sighed ‘I wanted to make a single heroic gesture I didn’t want to be her mum’”Wow The setup here is that Maureen is an incest survivor who’s got a history of psychiatric hospitalization Her boyfriend has been murdered in her house so intrepid little egg that she is she’s trying to investigate these crimes herself Leslie is her friend who works in a battered women’s shelter is all for women taking it back for themselves saying lovely explicit things like “‘Just that when we act so powerless like there’s nothing we can do they smack us and we say please stop they smack us and we say please stop We should smack them fucking back’” Siobhain is a victim of sexual abuse perpetrated by her psychiatrist in the same mental hospital that Maureen was in a woman who was already mentally damaged then betrayed in the absolute worst way by a person she was supposed to be able to trust implicitly Now I ask you is it actually possible for a woman who works in a battered women’s shelter to actually say about another woman “I liked her better when she was scared shitless couldn’t talk”? What the hell happened here? In the course of the story Maureen goes to visit Siobhain several times in her day care center watches tv with her while she brushes her hair When Siobhain is actually so traumatized by having to discuss her rape with the police that she can’t speak Leslie muses how she wishes she could hear Siobhain’s voice Maureen say it’s “lovely” The two friends stay with Siobhain in her house then in Leslie’s for several days so they can keep her safe when her rapist doctor starts coming after her again Then Maureen does something absolutely excellent to the killer her single heroic gesture Siobhain is safe and all of sudden it’s “’ an effective techniue for dealing with needy people like that tell them to fuck off’” I had the second book on this series on hold I was really looking forward to reading it because up until this the book was uite good Maureen was a wonderful protagonist I was calling everyone “hen” and thinking in a Scottish accent after I set it down but now? No fucking way

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    This is the book that made me fall in love with Denise Mina She's a terrific social commentator and does all the things good crime fiction should always do talk about characters and how their lives are changed for the better or worse by acts of violence

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    I had mixed feelings about Garnethill Mina is clearly a skilled writer and the story is well plotted with some nice twists and tension points and is particularly strong on characterization It also has a nice sense of place and contextualisation with respect to incest abuse family feuds friendship and mental health issues The full complexity of Maureen as a character shines through My problem was with Maureen however If there is a difficult path she seems to take it The story is set up so that you’re meant to feel sympathy and empathy for her in opposition to the characters that oppose her in particular her mother and Joe McEwan the policeman in charge of the investigation into Douglas’ death My problem was that I often identified with McEwan than Maureen especially as the book progressed In her obsession to exact a retributive justice she actively misleads the police and brings people into real danger and harm including herself And the end is uite callous in many ways as she rejects someone she’s being trying to protect It might be realistic in many ways but I found it a little frustrating and tiring Overall then a book that has a lot of pluses but which didn’t resonate with me personally as much as I hoped it might

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    Maureen O'Donnell the daughter of a severely dysfunctional family has recently left the psychiatric hospital where she has been treated as a victim of sexual abuse She lives in Garnethill a suburb of Glasgow and begins an affair with one of the therapists at the hospital Douglas Brady One night after working at her dead end job Maureen goes out with a girlfriend and gets seriously drunk She stumbles home and falls into bed failing to notice that her boyfriend Douglas has been brutally murdered in her living room She discovers the horrible scene the next morning Even worse Maureen discovers that the killer has taken a number of steps to point the finger of guilt directly at herThe police do not have enough evidence to charge her at least not at the moment and Maureen launches her own investigation to discover the truth and clear her own name In the meantime she also has to contend with the seriously flawed characters that constitute her family some of whom doubt that she really was the victim of sexual abuse and some of whom suspect that she may be guilty of the murderThis is the first book in Denise Mina's Garnethill trilogy and it's an excellent debut novel with interesting sharply drawn characters It also provides a chilling window into the world of sexual abuse

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    A Solid First Effort 3 Stars Having read some of Denise Mina's later works I know her a good writer with vibrant characters Knowing this was her first novel I lowered my expectation While I thought it was a good novel it was by no means great The story had sturdy bones but it was not always well fleshed out Plot Summary After a drunken night with a friend Maureen O'Donnell stumbles home and passes out on her bed In the morning she awakes to find her boyfriend dead and tied up in her living room While she is immediately seen as the prime suspects Maureen follows a trail of evidence and murders to exposes a web of secrets shame and abuse My Take For me the biggest impediment in the novel was the pace of the story From beginning to end it felt as if the story was stuttering and I was continually reorienting myself In small part this was due to Scottish slang and cadence of the dialogue I generally find that it takes longer for me to become comfortable with dialogue in Scottish novels Unfortunately once I acclimated to the dialogue the novel was still jarring It was not always clear who was speaking and the author did not do enough to orient you to the speaker In addition to that scenes often ended abruptly Many times throughout the story a character would be moving here or there completing some project and suddenly that was over and they were else where doing something else It felt as if the book was missing some words and continually failed to complete sentencesI am sucker for a feisty female protagonist Maureen was at times feisty and at times timid Initially she would suddenly switch from timid to feisty leaving me confused as to why Eventually as the character developed I came to understand her occasionally odd behavior Her character was well developed and she was surrounded by a series of vivid and interesting characters I am still on the fence as to how I feel about the character of Maureen but look forward to seeing how the author develops herI think the area around Garnethill is supposed to be seedy but I am not sure Although the title of the book is a place name the setting did not stand out nor did it add to the story Fortunately the story was able to stand on its own Despite some bumps and bruises the overall plot was entertaining and engaging I especially enjoyed that the plot was exposed by Maureen obtaining information from some unreliable witness that she could relate and witnesses to which the police would be hard pressed to obtain useful information Final Thoughts I enjoyed the book enough to read the second one If I can find an audio copy for the next installment I may do that It may be just me but I find the acclimation time is much shorter when listening to Scottish to dialogue as opposed to reading Regardless full marks for writing in what I assume is a realistic dialogue from the area I much prefer taking the time to understand the speech than reading a dumbed down North American version

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    Garnethill is a good example of a first novel in series that works and works well The main character in this story is a young woman Maureen O'Donnell Set in Glasgow Scotland the back story finds Maureen in a mental hospital for a nervous breakdown for reasons explained but which I will not go into here and as this story opens she's home again with a job and in an affair with a married therapist named Douglas Maureen didn't know he was married until just recently and has decided to break it off Off with a friend she goes for a few drinks comes home blotto and passes out in her bed The next morning however she wakes up and finds Douglas dead sitting tied to a chair with his throat slit from one end to the other After a panic attack Maureen calls the police but it becomes painfully obvious to her that they think she's the killer So in order to clear her name she needs to find out why Douglas was murdered why it happened in her apartment and becomes embroiled in a situation where her very life is at stake And as if all of this isn't enough she's got an extremely dysfunctional family to deal with some of whom think she's probably guiltyNormally I'm not a reader of stories involving dysfunctional families but this one really works Although the subject matter is serious the author's characterizations are nearly perfect and at times I found myself actually laughing out loud It's a very well balanced book a very good mystery and I loved Maureen O'Donnell I've already bought Exile the second book because this one was so good It's not really a hard boiled crime novel nor is it a police procedural and it's not a cozy by any stretch of the imagination However it is well worth the reading time and I can highly recommend it

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    Intense taut psychological thriller; many wounded twisted characters with the desire to survive past and present tragedies This book is well written and presents a very believable gritty protagonist named Maureen; a victim of familial abuse that haunt her past and ignite her current lifestyle Engrossing hard to put down but very disturbing in content

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    Garnet Hill is the first book in a trilogy it won the John Creasey Award for Best First Crime Novel The story is set in Glasgow and Millport Scotland A woman named Maureen O'Donnell finds a body in her living room it is Douglas Brady her married boyfriend Maureen is a child abuse survivor and had spent time in a psychiatric hospital The police suspect her and her drug dealing brother; Liam Maureen launches her own investigation to clear her name and begins to uestion who her real friends are and the kind of man Douglas was I really liked this book the writing style drew me and kept me interested The pacing was excellent The author left many threads in the first 25% of the book and then took the story in a different direction In the end was able to bring all the threads together and wrap up nicely I guessed wrong who the perpetrator was it was not until the last 25 pages that I got it right The character of Maureen O'Donnell was smart believable and made you care about the outcome I enjoyed this book the Field of Blood book 1 in the Paddy Meehan series Both books had a strong female character who took on the system The other characters in the book were better drawn as wellThis book was similar in some ways to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson Maureen and Lisbeth were both abuse survivors and were institutionalized They were outsiders who were able to solve a crime before the police force Both had sex violence and profanity This is not a police procedural or cozy mystery My only negative comment is interactions with the police force The whole story is narrated by Maureen and we only witness her interviews with police and her thoughts about the police investigation Some of the interactions with the police seemed unreal The author presents the police as either incompetent or corrupt She used the same techniue with the Paddy Meehan series At times I had to suspend beliefI recommended this book if you like a book were an outsider takes on the system and are not deterred by violence and profanity Read this book if you had read either the Paddy Meehan series or the Alex Morrow series by the same author Many similar themes are explored

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    Denise Mina is an author I’ve been meaning to read for uite some time As a fan of British crime thrillers I’m always looking for new authors to try and Denise Mina is an author to have been mentioned many times in the past Thus I decided to dive in with the Garnethill trilogyI’ll be completely honest and say I wasn’t won over by this one I found this one very difficult to get into and spent the start of the book forcing myself to work my way through it In truth the first half of the book had me convinced I would be handing out a two star rating It was as we worked deeper into the story that I became intrigued willing to turn the pageDon’t get me wrong this one didn’t wow me However it did win me over in the end There were plenty of elements added to this one many things that left me curious I wasn’t crazy about everything but I was interested in seeing how everything came together Due to that I am interested in picking up the other two books to see how Maureen O’Donnell’s story ends My fingers are crossed the next two books will be enjoyable and that they will build solidly upon the foundation set out in GarnethillOverall Garnethill was not what I had been hoping for but I will be picking up Exile and Resolution to get some answers

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