Casey Over There

❴Download❵ ➹ Casey Over There Author Staton Rabin – When his older brother Casey goes off to fight in World War I seven year old Aubrey is left behind in Brooklyn to play kick the can ride the Coney Island ferris wheel and send mail to Casey in France When his older brother Casey goes off to fight in Casey Over MOBI :ò World War I seven year old Aubrey is left behind in Brooklyn to play kick the can ride the Coney Island ferris wheel and send mail to Casey in France When time goes by with no word from Casey Aubrey decides to write a letter to Uncle Sam Full color.Casey Over There

Staton Rabin has a BFA in film from New York Casey Over MOBI :ò University In addition to writing for children she is a screenwriter; a popular speaker about the art craft and business of writing for film; and a veteran story analyst for Script magazine screenwriters and producers Staton Rabin lives in Irvington New York.

Casey Over There Epub õ Casey Over  MOBI :ò
  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • Casey Over There
  • Staton Rabin
  • English
  • 05 December 2016
  • 9780152531867

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    I thought this was a true story at first but it's still sweet nonetheless Aubreys older brother Casey goes of to fight in WW1 and Aubrey and his family miss him very much When Casey hasn't written back in awhile Aubrey writes to Uncle Sam and he gets a reply from President Wilson After the war ends Casey returns home

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    This is a picture book for older grades It talks about two brothers who write letters to each other during WWII One brother is a soldier in the war and the other is a young boy With this I would have students compare and contrast the two perspectives of the brothers and their experiences with the war

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    This book made me very emotional and I could not stop crying towards the end of the story just because of how sweet it was It was one of my favorites that I have read If I used this book within my classroom I would use this book to show what life was like during the early 1900’s especially around the time of the Great War I could do Jackdaw assignments by having the students play games like they did during this time or a research project This book would also be a great way to comfort students of military parentssiblings and give insight to students who do not have family members in the military This book also gives a great history lesson for students about the 1900’s

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    This book is best for Kindergarten through 3rd grade It tells the story of a young boy names Aubrey and his brother Casey in New York City during the time of World War I Casey is sent off to fight in the war while Aubrey waits for him When the letters from his brother stop coming in Aubrey writes to Uncle Sam asking if he was done using his brother; President Wilson responds to the young boy In the time that his brother is away Aubrey plays classic games of the time such as kick the can and going on the Coney Island ferris wheel I enjoyed this book because it really achieved its goal of conveying the hardship of war It is filled with sentiments ranging from the innocence of youth to the destruction and misery felt by the families along with those deployed themselves in the war overseas It is extremely well written and very thoughtful; overall I really appreciated and enjoyed reading this book because of its mix of fictional events and non fictional themes This book could be used in a social studies or history lesson to learn about another side of war the toll it takes on families It could also be used as a basis for an activity on letter writing; students could listen to this book and write their own letters conveying their thoughts on what they had learned about this time period thus far from previous lessons

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    This is a wonderful way to show parallels for upper elementary grades in how things might have been for WWI This is a historical fiction book in the fact that WWI did happen but this is a fictional story about a little brother and his big brother Casey fighting in the war This is a WOW book for me based on the illustrations and how the book was written in a way that shows the different emotions that could happen for those who were in the war but also for those who were waiting for their loved ones to come home I would use this book like I previously said to show parallels between what people in the war were going through but also not only the parents of those who were in the war and their emotions but also the brothers and sisters and how they may have felt to have their brother or sister in another country during war I would also use this book to do a writing activity to allow students to write letters to soldiers who might be overseas now and start pencils to allow them to have a connection first hand I remember when I was in elementary school and writing a letter to a soldier and I felt so important like Casey's little brother when I got a letter back directly just to me

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    This book tells the story of Aubrey and his older brother Casey Casey is serving in the “great war” and him and Aubrey exchange letters However when the letters stop coming Aubrey writes a letter to Uncle Sam to see what is going on Casey does return in the end though much thinner and injured The text is sparse at times but the pictures add so much to the story Great book for young readers recommended for ages 6 and up The story of Aubrey and Casey is realistic but not factual and references real events in history making it a historical fiction book This is a great way for young kids to get a glimpse into the past and into the concept of war It could be used in a lesson on how to write letters how to format letters handwriting why we write letters and much

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    This book was really touching to me You could read this to young children and introduce them to the different holidays or talking about different ways that authors use to write text this is a book of letters It is a great book to integrate social studies This book takes place during a different time period It is a book of letters written to a brother who is in the army fighting overseas in France during the Great War

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    little boy's brother goes to war like how the boy parallels little boy life at home and then brother's experience as soldier in trenchesgets trench foot includes Pres Wilson

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    The story is about two brothers one fighting in the Great War in France the other waiting and worrying about him back in New York It reflects the life of families and soldiers in the war time

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