The Curse of the Romanovs

✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ The Curse of the Romanovs By Staton Rabin ⚣ – Alexei Romanov heir to the Russian throne is in deadly danger It¹s 1916 the struggling Russian people are tired of war and are blaming their Romanov rulers for it and some are secretly plotting to mu Alexei Romanov of the PDF Î heir to the Russian throne is in deadly danger It¹s the struggling Russian people are tired of war and are blaming their Romanov rulers for it and some are secretly plotting to murder the young heir and his family But nobody outside the palace knows that Alexei suffers from a terrible bleeding disease hemophilia which threatens to finish him off even before the family¹s enemies can The only person able to help The Curse PDF \ Alexei is the evil and powerful religious mystic Rasputin and now Rasputin is trying to kill him too Desperate Alexei flees through time to New York City in using a method taught to him by the mad monk himself In New York Alexei meets smart and sassy Varda Rosenberg and discovers she is a distant cousin Varda is working on a gene therapy cure for hemophilia as the disease still runs in the family When Curse of the PDF/EPUB Á Alexei learns that history shows that his entire family will be assassinated in he and Varda travel back in time to the Russian Revolution with Rasputin hot on their heels Will they be able to rescue Alexei¹s family before it¹s too late Staton Rabin lets Alexei tell his own riveting story in a rousing adventure with stunning surprises a movingly authentic look at royalty and revolution in the days of the tsars.The Curse of the Romanovs

Staton Rabin of the PDF Î has a BFA in film from New York University In addition to writing for children she is a screenwriter; a popular speaker about the art craft and business of writing for film; and a veteran story analyst for Script magazine screenwriters and producers Staton Rabin lives in Irvington New York.

The Curse of the Romanovs PDF È of the  PDF Î
  • Hardcover
  • 288 pages
  • The Curse of the Romanovs
  • Staton Rabin
  • English
  • 25 July 2016
  • 9781416902089

10 thoughts on “The Curse of the Romanovs

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    This is the most ridiculous book that I have read so far in my 16 years Everything was absolutely ridiculous that I don’t uite know where to start To make things easier let’s begin with the characters The only Romanov character featured here was Alexei Romanov the youngest son of Nicholas and Alexandra and the heir to the Russian throne At the start I uite enjoyed the Romanov family life Everything was in place; from Tatiana being a “governess” to Anastasia’s naughtiness Felix Yussupov and the murder of Rasputin is also featured but that is when the pleasantness of this book ends As soon as the third chapter rolls around the Romanovs probably started rolling in their graves Alexei lands in 2010 America in a river and he starts yelling for help in Russian Although not in the Russian that readers would have understood but in Russian as in the Cyrillic alphabet That’s right Alexei starts shouting in a different alphabet How the fuck that got through the editor I have no idea This is where the historical accuracy of the book also ends Alexandra Nicholas II’s wife was the granddaughter of ueen Victoria of England Knowing that the Romanov children would have grown up in a somewhat English speaking family and apart from that they also had a tutor who taught them how to speak in English So why is it that the minute Alexei arrives in America he starts speaking in broken English? That part made no fucking sense and was the first sign that this book would turn out to be the most ridiculous thing ever printed I should have stopped there but I was being nice and I was hesitant to DNF a book this early on in 2014 but stopping there would have meant that I was saved from such drivel God I should have gone with my guts An American girl by the name of Varda saves Alexei from drowning in the river Varda is 15 and her father was a hemophiliac meaning that she had an obsession with the disease Alexei had hemophilia Coincidence? Of course not As of 2013 the CDC reports that only 1 in 5000 males are infected with hemophilia in the United States It’s completely plausible that Alexei stumbles upon a hot girl with a hemophiliac for a father On a scale from 1 10 the ridiculousness of this book shoots up to 15 following this Varda is searching for a cure for hemophilia Yes you heard that A fucking 15 year old is searching for a fucking cure for fucking hemophilia Now I’m all for teenaged empowerment and portraying teens as intelligent human beings but she has a fucking DNA thing contraption in her room and has the fucking resources to conduct gene therapy or whatever mumbo jumbo Her way of speaking was freuently littered with “likes” and “dudes” and all the other teenager slang so forgive me if I couldn’t believe how a girl like her could have a cure for hemophilia But that’s exactly what she has The minute she meets Alexei she announces that she was going to this hemophilia convention where she would be announcing her findings for hemophilia thus making a cure I’m sorry but what hell did I just drop into? Varda doesn’t believe that Alexei is the heir to the Russian throne because duh didn’t he die like a million years ago? But then she digs out her DNA testing kit She has a fucking DNA testing kit in her room I’m 16 and I don’t even have an Erlenmeyer flask in mine Then surprise surprise Rasputin shows up and announces that he was Alexei’s father Okay for the fucking record Nicholas and Alexandra loved each other They were devoted to each other so much so that Nicholas literally tore up the country he loved because he continued to listen to his wife’s advice even though they were completely wrong So in what fucking part of the world does Alexandra cheat on Nicholas? And on the same note in what fucking part of the world did we progress from a Romanov historical fiction to Star Wars? After learning about the Russian Revolution Alexei and Varda journey back to Imperial Russia to save the rest of the Romanovs They are separated but they still have their phones so are able to text each other For your information cell phones need cell phone towers and based on the history that everyone in this world is taught no cell phone towers existed during the 20th century So how the fuck were Varda and Alexei able to text each other?Oh right the walkie talkie concept of their phones Apparently Varda and Alexei’s cell phones are able to act as a walkie talkie Hold up from Star Wars to Spy Kids? My my my aren’t we so imaginative? Anyway this walkie talkie thing still doesn’t explain how Alexei was able to text Varda during the last moments of his life As far as I know walkie talkies can’t text They don’t even have screens for fuck’s sake And then there was Varda and Alexei’s declaration of love for each other; ILUVU4EVA ILUVU4EVA2 What the fuck? If a guy texted that to me he would get a goddamn smack in the balls and not a declaration of love When was this acceptable in polite society? Hell did people really do this? Did teenagers? I don’t know which “How to understand your teenager better” book Staton Rabin pulled this from but coming from a teenager this has never happened to me Not the declaration of love but the complete disregard and utter butchering of the English language My God ILUVU4EVA??? That defines long lasting love? That’s love that transcends time? If so I weep for humanity Cheesy Stupid Ridiculous These are the words that would best describe The Curse of the Romanovs The only thing that made this deserve a one star rating was the ending wherein the author put in the real history of the Romanovs pointing out what she changed and so on That was interesting than the actual story I do not recommend this book at all I’m sorry if I cursed way too much in this review but this was the only way I could really get out my feelings for this book If you ever see a copy of The Curse of the Romanovs kill it before it breeds

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    Good I liked it a lot Something about the Romanovs just like the Holocaust has always amazed me and I've always wanted to learn I really like this book a gave you a whole different look of it all

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    I loved this young adult novel until page 85 when the narrator Alexei Nikolaevich Romanov son of the last Tsar of Russia finds himself in New York City in the 21st century with a young girl calling him dude To say the transition was abrupt is to call the weather in New Mexico less than damp It is a fatal flaw of the novel something that makes its entire structure inept I would have loved a young adult novel about the Romanov family with speculation about the role of Rasputin but the time travel device is underdeveloped and flawed here It simply does not work Staton Rabin is a great writer but he needed an editor who spoke plainly about the trouble with this story Then he might have ended up with something really good rather than this ridiculous farce

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    Great historical fiction The author also provides a thorough section of historical notes at the end of the book

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    This book would probably be good for kids between 10 and 15 but no adults The story has some historical value but was just to smple and young I will give it 3 for kids but a 2 for adults

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    A time travel historical novel is not my first choice of book but Rabin does such a fantastic job I was really pulled in and couldn't put it down GREAT read

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    This is a great bookI love to hear about Anastasia and her family but this has a twist

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    Very goodmaybe middle school appropriate The Romanovs as seen through the eyes of future tsar Alexei He is able to travel through time to escape certain death and teams up with a relative in the future who is interested in finding a cure for hemophelia When he learns of his family's fate in a high school history class he travels back through time with his cousin to try to find a way to change the course of history The author includes outstanding and thorough notes for the reader on what aspects of the story are genuine and what is imagined in addition to good historical notes medical notes etc A very worthwhile read

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    Brilliantly accurate in its potrayal and yet so enlightening

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    Wow A friend recommended this book and I thought I wouldn't like it that much but I really like it

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