[Download] ✤ Querry By Ally Kennen – E17streets4all.co.uk The explosive new novel from Ally Kennen master of teen thillers Who is texting Scrappy freaky dares The anonymous sender is untraceable At first they're weird but fun They they become dangerous Then The explosive new novel from Ally Kennen master of teen thillers Who is texting Scrappy freaky dares The anonymous sender is untraceable At first they're weird but fun They they become dangerous Then deadly But by then it's too late for Scrappy to stop copied from the back of the uncorrect proof.Querry


  Á Querry eBook ò
  • 240 pages
  • Querry
  • Ally Kennen
  • English
  • 20 December 2014
  • 9781407111070

10 thoughts on “Querry

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    Ally Kennen explains why speaking to strangers is wrong

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    یک نوجوان واقعی با تمام مشکلاتی که داره نه توی فرهنگ ما البته که یکی از اون مشکلات داشتن یک پدر دیوونه ست

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    I liked it at the beginning but then it became boring and lost its exitment

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    I haven't ever read anything by Ally Kennen before and I was pleasantly surprised by how good her book wasuarry is a story about a 15 year old boy who lives in a scrap yard called Scrappy Scrappy is generally a bit fed up with his day to day existence His mother has got fed up with his dad and packed up and left His Grandfather is going senile and he has been left to look after him and generally life is a bit dull One day Scrappy starts to receive strange dares via text To start with he goes along with them for fun and the monetary reward that comes with their completion but as things progress the dares become frightening and nasty and Scrappy is left wishing he never got involved in the first placeI loved Scrappy as a character He is surprisingly upbeat despite all the things in his life he has to deal with You can;t help but feel bad for him and the situation he is in I loved the relatinship he had with his grandfather and seeing their interactions especially the scenes on the old plane wreckThe whole stor was really creepy There were some scenes where I was generally freaked out with several bits where I wasn;t sure if I'd be able to continue reading but couldn't put the book down all the same because I needed to know what was happening The dares get pretty gruesome and it seems like the person daring Scrappy is everywhere and no where at the same timeI enjoyed the final resolution of the book and didn't see where it was going at all A gripping read throughoutThe only thing I thought was a little off with this book was the age at which it was aimed at The ideas and language used flipped between being uite young at some points and aimed at younger teens while at others it was really uite uncomfortable and maybe a bit too frightening for younger teensAll in all a fantastically creepy book which I really enjoyed

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    Scrappy lives in a flat on a scrap yard with his older sister senile grandpa and grumpy uncaring dad His mum left for another man a few months earlier Scrappy starts getting text messages daring him to do strange things for money At first it's fun then it gets seriously weird then dangerous and scary I started this book with very high expectations because I've heard good things about Ally Kennen's books I didn't like it to start with I felt like I was going to hate it even possibly because of those high expectations But it grew on me Halfway through I couldn't put it down I wanted to know who was setting the dares and why and how it would end So often with books like this you get to the end and it's a total anticlimax you're left with uestions than answers and disappointed I think all bases were pretty much covered here though I had an inkling who the darer was but it wasn't too predictable I said 'oooooh' instead of 'EH' when all was disclosed Kennen seems to have a good idea what teenage boys are like which helped; Scrappy's a very believable character

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    A great book however there are some parts which make little sense like one scene where Scrappy finds himself being chased by a large insect which he later finds out is a foreign insect that is impossible for him to have seen; you never hear of this insect again Was Scrappy hallucinating Or was it all to add up to the psychological effect We'll never knowFunnily enough the front cover has the same neon yellow style as a certain edition of the GONE Michael Grant series I imagine this was a nudge of the publishers in getting the book readAnyhow This was a very interesting book with a twist you would NEVER have expected

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    Its probs a 2 and a halfYounger readers especially boys will love it but I don't recommend for anyone abouve 14full review will be on yabookreadscom 3rd feb 2011 with a giveaway and interview with author

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    I was already struggling with this but after the dare with the chicken I can't bring myself to read any further I don't think it's a bad book but it's definitely not one for me

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