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[Read] ➭ The Margrave By Catherine Fisher – The fourth installment in the Relic Master uartet Galen and Raffi's uest has brought them to the Pits of Maar There below the surface of the world in the deepest darkness a most evil thing is waiting The fourth installment in the Relic Master uartet Galen and Raffi's uest has brought them to the Pits of Maar There below the surface of the world in the deepest darkness a most evil thing is waiting for them to come.The Margrave

Catherine Fisher was born in Newport Wales She graduated from the University of Wales with a degree in English and a fascination for myth and history She has worked in education and archaeology and as a lecturer in creative writing at the University of Glamorgan She is a Fellow of the Welsh AcademyCatherine is an acclaimed poet and novelist regularly lecturing and giving readings to groups o.

The Margrave Epub ò Hardcover
  • Hardcover
  • 445 pages
  • The Margrave
  • Catherine Fisher
  • English
  • 27 January 2014
  • 9780803736764

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    The Relic MasterBook of the Crow series ends well mainly because the arch bad guy gets uite a bit of on stage time; a rarity in high fantasy It's interesting to get a glimpse of his motivations and character An alternative eye witness version of events in the era of the Makers is presented but how reliable is it? In fact it seems much believable than the legends that have been handed down by the Order for many generations This change of perspective on events reminds me of what happens multiple times in Ursula K Le Guin's Earthsea books where different view points and revelations about the past alter the reader's views on what has been going on making everything much less black white Catherine Fisher does not reach the level of sophistication LeGuin achieves but it adds a lot of depth to a world that is already realised in greater detail than many of her earlier efforts Further revelations about the Sekoi also contribute to thisThe denouement is rather predictable in general terms and the aftermath is glossed over which is a shame because the aftermath is rarely examined in uest style stories even though it often presents challenges to the characters that are different and possibly demanding than those of the uest itself The state of the world at the end of many uests is dire and freuently a power vacuum prevails What happens then? The Scouring of the Shire in The Return of the King is the only example that springs to mind of trying to deal with this in a serious way Since the entire primary plotline of the second book in this series is redundant getting rid of it and having a book that follows on from the situation at the end of this book would have been much interesting with great opportunity for further character development in the two young protagonistsOver all this is one of Fisher's better series but none of the books individually is a match for her best books such as The Oracle and Incarceron

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    This fourth and final book in the tetralogy The Book of the Crow again splits view points between Raffi and Carys in or less parallel events that lead to a conclusion as unsurprising as a stomachache after Trick or Treat This series continues to a conclusion without ever really building a complete world picture or giving us a reason for the existence of the Makers a group of people revered as gods by the humans of the world The author at one point alluded to the fact that the people are lost colonists but nothing is really said although there are points which could have been strongly built on view spoiler I felt that the story except for the annoying and unlikable Master Galen has some strong characters that were oddly intriguing The strongest point of the story is that you are left with impressions that things will get better for allAltogether not a strong finish to this series hide spoiler

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    We now come to the last leg of Raffi and Galen's journey the Pits of Maar where the Margrave the leader of the deadly Watch resides In Maar lies a creature of the most evil and the bane of the Order Will our two keepers be able to defeat the darkness or will their light be snuffed out? PlotTo be honest the plot in the Relic Master series has been done before Members of a resistance infiltrate some government or militia to destroy the leader who is actually a monster or something Still I think Fisher handled a common plot very well She spun it into her own tale and made it great There are things about certain parts of the plot like characters motives that I uestion and don’t feel was written the best but the book isn’t full of tropes and overdone clichés WritingThe writing both in The Margrave and the other three books was very well done Each book had a bit trouble getting to the good part but once it hit it was smooth sailing from there The descriptions that were given were easy to imagine which is good because I often have trouble with this The best part of the writing was with scenes that were high intensity I could feel the tension on each page I’ve got nothing but good things to say about the writing in this series CharactersAnd thus at the end of the series I still can barely tolerate Raffi He was a weak clumsy oaf of a character who didn’t have the same amount of characterization that could have been found in Carys’ pinkie Raffi wasn’t well written at all and I cared about the other characters a lot than him Speaking of the other characters they seem to play second banana to our dull protagonist The previous books focused uite a lot on Carys Galen and the Sekoi in that order In The Margrave they are in the shadow of Raffi Seeing as how I’ve made it known that I enjoy them than Raffi one can imagine my disappointment They were wonderful characters and I loved them to pieces Things I LikedI can’t really think of anything I liked in The Margrave The ending ruined everything that I could have potentially enjoyed about the book I suppose I’m happy my favorite characters didn’t die Things I Didn't LikeThe ending It was terrible The ending just encapsulated on of the most aggravating things about this series as a whole the lack of explanations All through the books the reader has had to figure out on their own what the characters were talking about with regards to information there was no way we could possibly know And then when I finally think things are going to be explained the book ends I literally looked at the ending and asked “That was it?” out loud The last uarter of The Margrave was but a fizzle when it honestly could have been a bang Just the way things are left open in the end was enough to knock and entire star from the book You can’t give the reader multiple threads of information and then leave them untied This just leads to frustrated readers and an author who took the easy way out because they probably didn’t have an explanation DiversityFor diversity both in the series as a whole and this book we have Carys an amazing girl who would have made a much better protagonist than the one we get There are multiple women in strong roles like the new leader of Anara being a girl There is a character with dwarfism and I don’t think he’s too terrible of a character He’s rather funny and I liked him There wasn’t any racial diversity that I could see I’m pretty sure everybody was supposed to be white However I saw each character as races other than white Raffi is a dark skinned black boy with dreads Carys is an East Asian girl Galen is Native American Tallis is black as well It’s sad that the book is nowhere near diverse as my imagination thoughAbsolutely no diversity in sexualities or genders What a shameOverall The Margrave was in all honesty a letdown I was so anxious to see how Fisher would wrap up her series Not very well is the answer to that uestion I literally went online to see if there was a fifth book in the Relic Master series because surely this couldn’t be it? Alas it is If my disappointment in this series shows in this review good Although I’m sad I didn’t like the last book I thank Ms Catherine Fisher for allowing me to explore the wonderful world of Anara Here is a link to my notes

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    I just miss reading this It was a fantastic adventure story when I first read this years ago

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    Galen Raffi Carys and the Seoi are going after the Margrave He is the evil in the world that is causing the unfinished land to grow He is the creator of the Watch and the death of the Order The Margrave must die Although it is Galen’s uest will he be able to accomplish it? It is against his beliefs to killThis was a beautiful and wondrous end to this series but also unfulfilling at the same timeRaffi Galen and even Carys are forced to take a hard look at their belief and decide if they actually still believe them Raffi looks evil right in the face and discovers that even evil things are not all bad Even evil things have ualities that will redeem them and make them worth saving Carys gets to take a good long look at the Watch While the Watch has perpetrated some very bad things they have made her the strong person she is today Also just because the Watch itself is evil the people in the Watch given the chance to change often choose to Finally Galen learns he has never had as much faith as he believed that he did We meet a couple new characters that help to bring about some change We get to learn about the Owls and how they work together with the Seoi Raffi also discovers much about the Makers that was never known before The thing that makes this book so cool is the very large amount of the story time that is spent on the POV of the Margrave We get to hear his story from his mouth It was very eye opening and provides an alternative perspective on the Makers I really enjoyed the depth that this added to the storyUnfortunately it is kind of unsatisfying because a key element of the story the Makers returning never happens I think Fisher leaves the story like this on purpose For one thing this story isn’t about the Makers It is about the civilization that grew out of what the makers left behind If the makers were to have returned it would have changed the entire focus and themes of the books The other thing I was unsatisfied about was the relics Fisher was never able to explain well enough to me how these people were able to manipulate electronics with their mindsOn a side note Dan Bittner the narrator is truly amazing to listen to His character voices seriously sounds like a full cast of actors reading it AmazingPG Violence Death

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    This uartet ended as expected but left me wondering if there is to the story I'd like to think so because otherwise the ending seems a little uick considering there are unanswered uestions regarding the overall plot line Sure the immediate concerns have been addressed but not the long term ones I'd like to see those explored and resolved

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    I was a little disappointed with the ending I thought that the Makers would be involved instead of just referenced like they were It was still a good series though and I don't regret reading it

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    Spoilers bewareInteresting ending for the four book series also a couple plot twists considering that the Margrave the evil being made by evil maker god Kest is actually a tree creature that was stolen from their people and experimented on and turned ugly and evil

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    Throughout the series you can tell the author is in love with the word glare and all its conjugations Its the only way characters look at each other I thought it was really funny

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    This book was action packed It was a great finish to the Relic Master series

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