Within the Shadows

[PDF / Epub] ✑ Within the Shadows ☄ Brandon Massey – E17streets4all.co.uk Be Careful What You Wish For At just thirty one Andrew Wilson has it all close friends a great house in an Atlanta suburb and a successful career as a mystery writer Only one thing is missing—a speci Be Careful What You Wish For At just thirty one Andrew Wilson has it all close friends a great house in an Atlanta suburb and a successful career as a mystery writer Only one Within the Kindle - thing is missing—a special person to share it with Then one day he meets someone new a woman who seems almost too good to be true Beautiful smart and sophisticated Mika Woods is everything that Andrew has ever wanted and —at first After one night of passion Andrew soon discovers that Mika isn't uite who she appears to be Or even what she appears to be But it's too late to turn back Mika has been waiting a lifetime for a man like Andrew And what she wants what she desires she will have—no matter who has to die….Within the Shadows

Here’s a little about me Brandon Massey “Massey” is not pronounced “macy” by the way Think of “mass” insteadI was born June in Waukegan Illinois I grew up in Zion a suburb Within the Kindle - north of ChicagoI originally self published Thunderland my first novel in After managing to sell a few thousand copies on my own Kensington Publishing Corp in New York offered me a two book contract.

Within the Shadows Epub Ñ Within the  Kindle -
  • Paperback
  • 444 pages
  • Within the Shadows
  • Brandon Massey
  • English
  • 14 January 2014
  • 9780758210708

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    This was a very good book I didn't uite know what to expect as I have never read this author before but what a great surprise as I was hooked after a few pagesThe book started out a little slow but once I really got into it then it just took off into a fascinating creepy ride Andrew Wilson is a mystery writer and writes under the name of Mark Justice for a series of books He has about anything he could possibly want with a house in Atlanta and great career He doesn't have a woman in his life except for his good friend Carmen but he doesn't see her as anything but just a friend All that changes when he meets a woman named Mika and she wants him to be her soul mate He plays along with her thinking that she will be no than a one night stand but she ends up wanting of him and she pursues him to no end Nothing will stand in her way of Andrew and her as she goes to extreme lengths to have Andrew all to herselfWhat he doesn't know is that Mika is not a normal person and things start happening that somehow ties into a haunting in his house In the meantime Andrew's father is having nightmares of a haunted mansion that involves Andrew but his father will not mention it to Andrew as they are trying to mend a fatherson relationship that has been strained for a few years As time goes on though his father decides that he needs to let Andrew know about his nightmares which ties up the loose ends of everything going on with Andrew This book was a mysteryhorror grabber as the I became involved in the storyline the I couldn't put the book down There were a lot of twists and turns that I didn't see comingThe author did a great job of catching that horror atmospheric feel throughout the whole book and the characters just fell right into place I will be reading by this author in the future and I am giving this book four stars I do have a warning there is a small amount of graphic sex in the beginning of the book and there is some gory parts later in the book but none of that deterred me from reading it

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    This was decent Kind of a supernatural thriller than a horror I'll definitely be reading by this author

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    One of the best horror novels I read for a long time Andrew gets involved with a mysterious beautiful woman who names herself Mika They have a great time together excellent sex scene by the way and everything seems to turn out fine But Andrew has bad feelings about this new relatonsship and Mika seems to be extremely posessive What about her background and is there a link to the strange accident he had with his father? Things get eerier and eerier Andrew feels under surveillance and comes to grasp that Mika has some superhuman abilities Can his father help him? Is there a way to get rid of this obsessive woman who sees in him an incarnation of her dead lover? The novel is a first class page turner if I ever came across one You have to think about She by Rider Haggard and the author I didn't read anything from him before openly alludes to Stephen King in his book I really like how he integrated the pen name Mark Justice into the story had to think about Stark the Dark Half by Stephen King and the denouement at the end The nightmarish ats made me think about Pet Semetary and Mika bringing down a stone rain on the village made me think about Carrie I absolutely recommend reading this brilliant horror novel It really keeps you on the edge of your seat At the end you cry out for and wish for a follow up The ancient sacred place of power the Mouning Hill Mansion is built upon is a very strong motif Must read

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    I am really liking this authorhe is an African American thrillerhorror author which in itself is respectable and rare but he has this way of telling a story that makes you really want to readThis is a second novel that I have picked up by him and as with the first Thunderland there are elements of the supernatural but an all around tame thrilling novel that takes you on a scary ride you dont want to stop until the last page read in two days and thought about it every minute I wasnt reading itThe story is one we have read beforea successful man Adam meets a too good to be true beautiful woman Mika that he falls hard for reveals too much of himself too and goes home with on the first night to mind blowing sex Just as Andrew begins to think that maybe he could be the one that Mika is looking for and that he could fall in love with Mika shows her true colors as a clingy psycho crazy lady that believes Andrew is her soulmate and that they are meant to be togetherforeverIt is from this basic framework that everything else revolves and you are introduced to his best friend Eric his close friend and secret love Carmen and his estranged fathertogether they must stop Mika and discover why she is so crazy what powers she has and how all this relates to the troubled past Andrew and his father haveI enjoyed the unbelievable aspect of the book and it was nice that it wasnt too serious and just tried to tell a good story and I think it did that there are passages that are kinda cheesy and kinda silly but overall I really had a good timeMika was truly a character you wanted to know about and the ending though predictable was satisfying with a clever twistBrandon Massey is a talented author that tells stories that actually draw you in and I appreciate thatwill definitely look for works by him great fast entertaining stories

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    This was a well put 2gether readthe flow everything just fit I loved this read its one of my fav's by this author

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    Wow First book I've picked up by this author but I am halfway through and thoroughly enjoying the story I started it at around 7 pm and read until 2 am What a great writer his characters and plot are so juicy And uite honestly it's one of the few horror books lately that has hooked me within the first chapter with unsettling situations There are absolutely no dull moments in this book Oftentimes the beginning of a horror story is super slow and gives you maybe one or two scares but this one? Right from the get go things get creepy My new after Stephen King favorite Definitely try this book you will be hooked on Brandon Massey trust me I amJust finished the book VERY IMPRESSED It's horror supernatural romance obsession thriller all rolled into one really interesting story The ending WOW FING WOWI am on a uest to read every book by Brandon Massey He's a great writer who will have you glued to the book from page one

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    This book is a “cover read” for me Meaning i didn’t read the synopsis but only look into the cover to assume that this is a scary oneThe story though is not what i expect looking at the book coverA lot of the things that happened pissed me off But at the same time it seems like this book has it’s charm that make you want to keep on readingAnd to be honest this is the first time i didn’t get scared of a the supernatural And instead i feel sad for a ghostAll in all this book is an action packed and fast paced book you’ll enjoy if you’re into a light horror

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    My favorite story by Brandon Massey

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    This is one of those horror novels that has a difficult time staying in the genre I found myself on at least a few occasions chuckling out loud about something that was happening in the story when it was supposed to be making the hairs on my neck stand on end The characters are fairly fleshed out and the dialogue is very realistic; but the author has the tendency of using this same phrasing to describe the gesture of the protaganist of the story; he drew his hand across his face He says this so freuently that I found myself getting pulled out of the story every time I ran across the phrase I would expect a published author to be able to come up with at the minium variences of the phrase Not a great book but not bad either

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    Andrew Wilson has it all a great house a great job as a mystery writer and all the money he can handle But he's missing one thing someone to share it all with One day while writing at a small Georgia coffee shop he meets Mika Woods a sophisticated woman who seems to be the answer to Andrew's prayers After a hot night Andrew regrets his decision and wants to take things slowly But slow is not her speed and suddenly Andrew's world plunges into a nightmare as he discovers Mika is not all what she seems Excellent horror suspense

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