Twisted Tales

[Epub] ➞ Twisted Tales Author Brandon Massey – From Gold Pen Award winner and master storyteller Brandon Massey come fourteen darker than night tales of sheer terror that will make your blood run coldA man driving home from a Halloween costume par From Gold Pen Award winner and master storyteller Brandon Massey come fourteen darker than night tales of sheer terror that will make your blood run coldA man driving home from a Halloween costume party suddenly comes face to face with an evil that's all too realAn elderly woman obsessed with obituaries finds herself intimately connected with the dead in the most unlikely of waysA lifelong racist is plunged into his ultimate nightmareAn unfaithful husband discovers to his horror that his attractive new neighbor has in mind seduction of the wickedest kindPrepare to be petrified by this chilling collection certain to send you spiraling into a dark realm of imagination where the once familiar becomes menacingly twisted.Twisted Tales

Here’s a little about me Brandon Massey “Massey” is not pronounced “macy” by the way Think of “mass” insteadI was born June in Waukegan Illinois I grew up in Zion a suburb north of ChicagoI originally self published Thunderland my first novel in After managing to sell a few thousand copies on my own Kensington Publishing Corp in New York offered me a two book contract.

Twisted Tales Epub ò Mass Market Paperback
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 300 pages
  • Twisted Tales
  • Brandon Massey
  • English
  • 19 July 2016
  • 9780758213532

10 thoughts on “Twisted Tales

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    Entertaining bookThis book kept me entertained Enjoyed most of the stories and plan to read his other novels very soon

  2. says:

    Abandoned after three stories These are very flat amateur works displaying no real style and highly unoriginal and predictable

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    Twisted Tales by Brandon Massey is a collection of thrillerhorrorparanormal short stories Fourteen stories total Massey provides readers with tales of African American characters in weird unusual andor lethal situations most fighting for survival when the unthinkable becomes reality Twisted Tales was an okay read Some stories were entertaining than others which is to be expected The book is very well written and the stories are well crafted I love the fact that at the end of the book Massey has notes about each of the stories and why he wrote them This definitely added to my reading experience My biggest criticism of the book is that the stories are promoted on the book as terrifying and chilling but only one of the fourteen stories were even somewhat scary I read the book anticipating being afraid but was disappointed Although the stories were interesting they were not scary not even a little This is my first read by Massey and I have heard many good things about his work so I am willing to tryout another book by this author

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    It's always a gamble to try new authors and this book was a disappointment The stories in it lacked originality just as much as they lacked racial diversity The best and best written part of the whole book was the writer's explanation for each story that at least seemed sincere The writing style of the stories came across very flat and juvenile I don't know if the author's work has matured since but I don't think I'll try to find out 15 stars would have been accurate because at least the stories were well paced and uick reads but half stars are not an option

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    Only read half the short stories as had to return to library among other thing Sorry But what I read I liked and it felt uite fresh being horror from an African American perspective Recommended

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    The book kind of redeemed itself with the story at the end but I still think it's at least worth a 35 star rating I might eventually bump it up to a 4

  7. says:

    Excellent book with great stories

  8. says:

    2nd Massey book I've read and I'm hooked Well written Most of the stories had me laughing and one made me cry None where scary

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