[PDF / Epub] ✅ Wintercraft By Jenna Burtenshaw – The Night of Souls—when the veil between the living and the dead is thinnest—is only days away Albion is at war and losing The wardens have descended kidnapping innocent citizens for their army bu The Night of Souls—when the veil between the living and the dead is thinnest—is only days away Albion is at war and losing The wardens have descended kidnapping innocent citizens for their army but looking for one in particular And fifteen year old Kate Winters has just raised a blackbird from the dead As her home is torn apart by the wardens Kate's discovery that she is one of the Skilled—the rare people who can cross the veil between life and death—makes her the most hunted person in all of Albion Only she can unlock the secrets of Wintercraft the ancient book of dangerous knowledge Captured and taken to the graveyard city of Fume—with its secret tunnels and underground villages and where her own parents met their deaths ten years ago—Kate must harness her extraordinary powers to save herself her country and the two men she cares for most And she'll make a pact with a murderer to do it Those who wish to see the dark be ready to pay your price.Wintercraft


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  • Hardcover
  • 311 pages
  • Wintercraft
  • Jenna Burtenshaw
  • English
  • 03 May 2015
  • 9780062026422

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    45 Stars What an incredibly fascinating and uniue world Burtenshaw has created I honestly can't believe that this is her first book I was completely enthralled after reading just the first chapter and the story grabs onto you and doesn't let go until the last page Kate Winters lives in Morvane on the island of Albion where she works in her Uncle's bookstore When she was five her town was harvested by the wardens; people were collected and rounded up to be sold as slaves or to become soldiers in the never ending war against the Continent Kate was spared but her parents were not She hid in a secret spot while her parents were dragged away never to be seen by Kate again The wardens descend on the towns to look for the Skilled as well people that can enter the Veil; the land of the dead Kate is fifteen now and she doesn't know it yet but she is destined to be one of the most powerful of the Skilled in ages and than one person is looking for herA lot of times in fantasy novels the author gets hung up on creating some crazy fantastical world and the story gets lost while you try to make sense of things Burtenshaw takes something that is unbelievable and makes it easy to understand There's a sense of tense excitement throughout the whole novel and you can't help but want to turn the pages faster and faster to find out what will happen to the characters Kate doesn't believe in her abilities and the Veil at first but the rate at which she accepts things is both imaginable and feels real Kate wants to help what is left of her family and friends and tries to do what she thinks is right She isn't so stubborn that she kicks and fights against her fate; she takes hold of it with both hands At first Silas Dane is the supposed villain of the novel but his role exists in a decidedly grey area He's a tortured man whose soul has been blackened against his will but his and Kate's lives become forever enmeshed togetherThe imagery that Burtenshaw uses to describe the world she has created is magical I could imagine everything clearly which can be a difficult feat when different realms and rituals are involvedI loved the characters was fascinated by the world and drawn into the story completely I've read that at least two books are planned in this series and I wholeheartedly look forward to reading them This was simply a great first book by a new author and one I'll watch for years to come

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    Wintercraft is a debut novel which has had uite a lot of buzz leading up to it's publication date The cover is awesome and I was very much looking forward to reading this book which is being marketed as an alternative to vampires and angels and I was definitely up for something refreshing and newAlthough Wintercraft is a solid debut with good writing and a flowing plot it didn't blow me away The landscape in Wintercraft is vibrant and descriptions of places and scenes are well thought out unfortunately I didn't feel the same about the charactersKate is a young girl with a gift She can see into the 'veil' the boundary between worlds and see through spirits of others I found Kate's character to be rather flat I didn't really get a sense of who she was until around a hundred pages from the end which is when the book kicked into gear for me with regards to excitement and energy Much of the book we see Kate running hiding and getting caught or escaping running hiding and getting caught again which was rather repetitive Edgar Kate's best friends' role was that of rescuer and not much elseThe character which stood out by far was that of Silas the evil element to the story However he wasn't evil enough instead I found myself feeling sympathetic towards him and his plight as a man brought back from death but living with no soul He wishes for death and thinks that Kate and her gift are the key to getting what he wants He is the most colourful character of all and his cold harsh exterior and violent nature which we really don't see that much of hides a small part that is still good For me the true evil in Wintercraft is found in Da'ru a member of the High CouncilI also feel that this book would be suitable for younger teens because although the main protagonist Kate is around fifteen she is uite a young fifteen and didn't have the same maturity I have found when reading other young adults books with the same aged protagonistsVerdictSadly Wintercraft didn't engage me as much as I hoped it would I wish the characters were developed as I prefer my books to be uite character driven and didn't really think that the plot alone was substantial enough to carry the book However Wintercraft is a fun fantasy and I'm sure many fantasy fans will enjoy it

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    You would think that being able to bring a bird back to life would be a good thing For Kate that life could be the death of her Kate Winters has been living a uiet life in her small town with her uncle Artemis content as the village booksellers But their sleepy little town is overdue for a visit from the harvesters wardens from the city of Fume who abduct people and sell them as servants and soldiers for the war front The most hunted and prized prisoners are the Skilled humans with the ability to see into the veil the world between worlds The Skilled also possess powers to heal and see the future Unfortunately for Kate she comes from a long and distinguished line of Skilled and some very dangerous people know it They will stop at nothing to capture and harness her power for their own agendas I found Shadowcry a bit of a drag It literally had no life to carry you through the plot development and world building I forced myself to finish it For me there was nothing really to latch onto The characters seemed to bumble through the story Kate was too naive too stubborn not at all clever or interesting to be likeable Well she might be interesting but the author didn't really elaborate on her character or much of any other Edgar her not so romantic lead seemed sweet with his bungled attempts to save Kate but there were so many gaps in his description I'm not even sure what he looks like or if he's a brave or a fool he comes off less as a hero and of a contradiction I like Artemis for a moment but then the author makes a point of casting him as a coward and close minded and not worth saving which makes Kate look dumb for doing the right thing I get that she wanted to create flawed characters but those flaws only work if the people are endearing The bad guys Silas and Da'ru were fleshed out Silas most of all since his situation was interesting than most being not uite alive yet unable to die But these are the villains and I don't want to get to know them better than the heroine The pet crow should not be my favorite character which sadly it is Overall I found the cast annoying Shadowcry made me want to cry The concept was promising I thought it was going to be a twist on necromancy but with an overly imagined world and underly developed characters the book falls flat It was written well but becoming immersed in such a dark and dreary world with no romance or interesting personalities to add color and life to the story it turned out bland especially when a majority of the action happens in the last two chapters Those Who Still Wish to See the Dark Be Ready to Pay Your Price In Boredom

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    I read only 186 pages but I can say that just LOVED Silas He is tall dark mysterious dead yeah dead as a doornail nobody is perfect the men of your dreamsBut only this character wasn't enough to captivated meMaybe was the public to which the books was written it's a YA book or the fact that the walk on the land of the dead thing was written to much similar to the wonderful book of Garth Nix I don't known exactly what make me abandon this book but certainly if reading this book you like her power try to read Lirael of Garth Nix and tell me after if don't seem that Jenna Burtenshaw was too much similar to his story3 stars all to Silas

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    Reading for the second time to finally finish this series I've owned since the dawn of time

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    35 stars This was an enjoyable YA fantasy; I enjoyed the world building and found most of the cast of characters intriguing though the villains were fleshed out It's moves along at uite a pace and has what I came to think of as some steampunk esue elements mainly with the train Nice easy escapist read which is very good for my tired brain at the moment

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    Jenna Burtenshaw's Shadowcry has been on my radar for uite some time ever since a friend read it and loved it With a review copy of book three in hand I've embarked on the full series always a risky venture yet one that I can't resist Obviously I have will power issues Shadowcry stands uniue from the bulk of young adult fiction but thus far isn't the ideal read for me personallyAs I say over and over again what really makes me interested in a book are the characters Whether I love them or not I almost always need to connect to them in some way to feel that they're in some measure real to really get involved in the book World building and writing for their own sake get me only so far Shadowcry definitely focuses on those aspects than on character so I had a lot of trouble maintaining interest even though objectively I can appreciate a lot of what Burtenshaw has done hereShadowcry starts dramatically with Kate and her uncle Artemis preparing to flee before the Wardens the men who killed her mother and father arrive in town They do not make it out of the bookshop Artemis owns in time however Blackbirds the precursors to the Wardens have arrived pecking madly and dying on the streets The scene is eerie and horrifyingThe Wardens are looking for the Skilled people with the ability to bridge the veil the space between life and death If one of these dead birds is touched by someone Skilled the bird will return to life In the process of rescuing Ethan who works for Artemis from the barrage of dying birds Kate touches one and it comes back to life in her hands The blackbird flaps up the chimney alerting Silas the head collector of the Skilled to her existenceKate and Ethan are on the run pursued by Silas They don't know who to trust and have no idea what they can do The concept of the Skilled is fascinating and I like the complex nature of Silas' character He is not entirely good or evil and not entirely human either Kate is a great heroine too full of fire and strength She never crumples in the face of adversity and constantly tries to rescue Ethan and Artemis There's a definite sense in the book that the female characters are the strongest ones and that's awesome Also I know some folks are really sick of books dominated by romance so just fyi there's absolutely no romance in ShadowcryDespite all that good stuff my main reaction to Shadowcry was boredom Since there wasn't any focus on character development really I just wasn't all that engaged Before I can care much about the world or the dramatic events I need to care about the charactersSo far the Wintercraft series has not proved the ideal read for me but I have hoped for Blackwatch I do think Shadowcry is a good book but just not what I was hoping for or what works for me personally

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    A spellbinding supernatural story that delicately interweaves ancient magic and spinechilling suspenseThis gothic creation is utterly breathtaking with such a colorful mix of interesting characters that are greatly memorable and likeable Wintercraft is the first installment within a spectacular Young Adult fantasy trilogy with ‘Blackwatch’ book 2 and ‘Legacy’ book 3 continuing Kate’s journey I did feel that this book contained elements within that would appeal to readers who enjoy books such as Sabriel as it includes sympathetic villains and characters who express such independent thought Jenna Burtenshaw’s in depth world building is impressive as I totally believed in Albion and those who inhabit this mystical place which is full of sinister secrets and danger One follows the story of Kate Winters who is not only torn from family members but is hunted by dangerous enemies like Silas Dane who is a merciless killer haunted by memories Kate is skilled with the ability to see through the veil of life and death and as the Night of Souls approaches she may be the key to the fate of her worldwith the clues to her power hidden within the book of Wintercraft This is an inspired magical creation of such epic proportions which many readers both younger and older Young Adults teenagers will love I found it really easy to loose myself within this tale that is highly readable and most enjoyable – to those with a vivid imagination I also have to mention how much I treasure the beauty of the paranormal cover and embellished pages which transport one instantly to the author’s world This is a light fun and totally fantastical read of sheer sublime storytelling in which dreams really do become reality Since reading Wintercraft I am now very keen to delve into book 2 of this spectacular saga and so I praise highly this brilliant book wwwwintercraftcouk – Enter the world of Wintercraftmeet the characters visit the key locations and find out about the important places in Wintercraft Find out about characters such as Da’ru Marr Edgar Rill and Artemis Winters and locations like Morvane Fume and the City Below Visit the high council chambers and the thieves’ way and also extras – computer desktop wallpaper

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    Was expecting another generic oooh MC has special powers no one has and must save the world or something YA novel but I ended up enjoying it far than expected Mostly because of Silas' story arc and the weird relationship between Kate and him

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    Hmmmmm I think the best word to sum up how this book felt to me is 'terse' It's a solid debut and an interesting take on necromancy but the plot moved so uickly that it sort of blurred before my eyes The settings were fascinating and richly described but shifted too swiftly I actually think this would work wonderfully in a visual medium there's a lot of atmosphere in those descriptions that would be lovely to watch on a screenAs far as characters went I didn't really connect to most of them Kate was smart and resourceful and strong which was fun to read but I never got worried for her Silas was interesting and I look forward to learning about him in the seuel I could really care less about Edgar though I did appreciate the fact that there was no romance betwee him and Kate and the 'two men she cares about most' from the jacket appear to have been him and her uncleThe magic system was flashy and cool but confusing I like my magics a little closer to science all full of rules and limitations and cause and effect so it didn't work for me as well as others have Still I hope that seuels will develop it and the world a bit This felt in general like of a prologue than a fully fledged story but it was good enough that I'll keep an eye out for the next one nonetheless and hope it's somewhat engaging

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