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[PDF / Epub] ✅ City of Ash By Megan Chance – Chicago socialite Geneva Langley is a woman used to pushing boundaries When she inadvertently pushes too far she finds herself banished along with her husband to Seattle Washington Territory In 1888 S Chicago socialite Geneva Langley is a woman used to pushing boundaries When she inadvertently pushes too far she finds herself banished along with her husband to Seattle Washington Territory In Seattle is a city on the cusp of greatness but there Ginny feels stifled and alone suffocated by her husband’s forgiveness always cognizant of her need to atone Beatrice Wilkes is an actress who has lived by her wits since she first set out on her own at the age of fifteen She has learned not to trust that in the theater friends City of PDF \ rarely stay friends for long She longs for a career as a leading lady on the stage although that dream seems to grow less possible with every passing hour When she meets Geneva Langley Bea pegs her correctly as the kind of woman who has had everything handed to her who understands nothing of real life Fate—and the great Seattle fire of —will bind these two different women together in a dark and perilous alliance Neither suspects that their relationship will challenge everything they know about themselves or that it will set them on a path that must lead to either redemption or damnation.City of Ash

See this thread for information Megan Chance is the critically acclaimed award winning author of several novels Girlpossecom calls her a writer of extraordinary talent Her books have been chosen by 's Book of the Month Borders Original Voices and IndieBound's Booksense A former television news photographer with a BA from Western Washington University Megan Chance lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and two daughters Visit her at.

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  • Paperback
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  • City of Ash
  • Megan Chance
  • English
  • 26 December 2014
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    I loved this but it should have been gay Thanks

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    The heroine 29 is in a dysfunctional marriage She comes from wealth and her husband Nathan married her for it He comes up with a plan to get his hands on even of it I think her father not knowing of Nathan’s plan helps him Geneva learns of the plan and devises a plan of her own She asks Nathan’s mistress Beatrice to help her and help her she does Plans change when she can’t get access to money The new plan is silly and really farfetched totally unbelievable and I was real disappointed in it Despite that I was interested in watching it all unfold My favorite character is the actress Beatrice She’s twenty eight and has been an actress for thirteen years Sadly we didn’t learn anything of her background She’s a jealous self centered person and it was very surprising that she’d help Geneva out Geneva didn’t seem that interesting to me I didn’t like that out of nowhere she wanted to become an actress I also thought it strange that she didn’t seem too bothered by the fact her husband was cheating Overall I was happy with this book but was disappointed by the plan and how it all played out during the last third of the story I grade this a B

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    My Kirkus ReviewThe fates of an ambitious young actress and an exiled society lady intertwine in 1889 Seattle when the Great Fire nearly burns the fledgling city to the groundGeneva Langley daughter of a wealthy railroad tycoon has it all inviting the greatest artists of the day to her Chicago salons All that is but a happy marriage She poses nude for a sculptor calculating that the ensuing scandal will force her husband Nathan to divorce her Instead she’s sent to Seattle where her husband smells political opportunity in the soon to be state Seattle’s cultural life pales beside Chicago’s but it does host theatres where Geneva shunned by society seeks solace and meets talented young playwright Sebastian DeWitt Mrs Langley an art patron is thrilled when her husband begins underwriting the production of a play DeWitt has written to showcase the acting of Beatrice Wilkes whom he admires Frustrated to have been thrown over for many a leading role and lacking ualms about using sex to gain advantage Ms Wilkes becomes Nathan Langley’s mistress The love triangle grows a fourth corner when lonely Mrs Langley gravitates toward the playwright and her husband encourages their relationship going so far as to suggest she take the stage and in the very part meant for Ms Wilkes a complete reversal of mind given that he had previously forbidden such scandalous behavior since it caused their exile Does Mr Langley’s interest in the theatre have to it than lust for an actress resembling his wife? Mistress and wife ally against Nathan Langley’s nefarious schemes intricately developed against a scorched backdrop Strangest of all real life mimics DeWitt’s play as they find themselves living parts to rival Hamlet’s drama and deceptionWith an Art Nouveau and absinthe sensibility tight plotting and stagecraft complete with traps and twists Chance Prima Donna 2009 etc breathes a vitality into her frontier characters á la David Milch’s Deadwood

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    What a stunning beautiful story whose characters came ALIVE like no other author's The plot was heartbreaking clever intricate and almost flawless The characters were so modern and contrasted sharply with the old fashioned setting of 1889 Seattle WA Their dialogue was pithy and carefully crafted; every single word had a meaning and provided context to their actions Reading City of Ash was like watching a film in my mind Very uickly the core plot unfolded and all I could do was readwatch in exhilaration and horror as Bea and Ginny carried out their diabolical plan Yes diabolical but oh so understandable especially as Ms Chance describes the horrendously manipulative character of Nathan the resident psychopath and Ginny's husband My only reluctant critiue was the role that Sebastian played in the story Yes the tragic hero that was uite clear you could smell the traditional Greek themes of the tragic hero emanating from every fiber of Sebastian's being from the tattered coat to his long hair to his burning eyes The old fashioned hipster starving artist melancholy genius But who was his love? Was it Ginny? Bea? I couldn't uite figure it out What a thoroughly enjoyable read an amazing story

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    Megan Chance is uickly becoming my favorite author Partially because my other favorite author contenders are writing too slowly or not at all but mostly because she's so damn good Her books have it all beautiful prose vivid and interesting characters and gripping often on the edge of your seat plots She's an excellent writer and storyteller Anyone who's read a lot of books in their life should know how rare that is This book is no exception I absolutely loved it I had some minor uibbles not worth mentioning and a bigger problem namely that elements in this story reminded me too much of all three of her recent historical novels there was a lot that felt familiar here But ultimately it was uniue enough that it didn't diminish my enjoyment overall Highly recommended for fans of historical fiction

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    This would be a really great book except for language The author did her research on the time period and locale but the language is bad I emailed and asked her why she used that in her book She said the characters in that time period would have talked that way I think she could have written it without the crappy language and it would have been a great book Avoid it if you hate F bombs

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    I really enjoy Megan Chance's historical fiction and this book was no exception The interaction between the main female characters was great—they were forced together but absolutely determined not to like each other The relationship that they created was fascinating and felt very real

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    I couldn't finish this book and maybe I will come back to it at a later time but it had a strong start after getting than halfway through I felt like it took a nose dive Maybe I'll come back to it later??

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    I picked this book up on a whim from the library and I'm so glad LOVED it Great characters and writing The end was particularly good A GREAT book club pick

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    I love historical fiction Living near Seattle I loved the background this was set in Nathan was fun to hate and I felt myself sympathizing both main characters Let's face it they were made for each other I was disappointed on 2 fronts 1 The author sets the stage in society and then flips the coin and shows life in poverty When she makes the two classes meet she hints of their respective differences to the point you would hope that one or both learns of the other's struggles Instead they've their own selfishness in mind like I said made for each other It's not until the very last few pages that they truly understand each other and honestly I don't think Ginny ever truly understands what bea is forced to do just to live2 Why'd you have to go and kill Sebastian off? Honestly I'd to admit it but it was a good plot turn I just hate tragedies I always thought Romeo and Juliet was a waste I did love how closely real life followed the plot even when it ran out of control Ok I lied I'm going to make a third point 3 Ginny didn't really lose much to get what she wanted She lost a good conversationalist but that was it She got her husband gone her money and her dads trust back Bea finally learns to trust enough to love and finally find a good fck who knew women in the 1880s knew the pleasures of a tongue? And she has it taken from her because again Ginny is just too selfish She doesn't heed warnings She's SEEN what her husband is willing to do and yet she thinks everything will turn out okay Overall it was a good book my personal bias against tragedies aside

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