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➭ [Ebook] ➨ Zero Day By Mark Russinovich ➹ – An airliner's controls abruptly fail mid flight over the Atlantic An oil tanker runs aground in Japan when its navigational system suddenly stops dead Hospitals everywhere have to abandon their comput An airliner's controls abruptly fail mid flight over the Atlantic An oil tanker runs aground in Japan when its navigational system suddenly stops dead Hospitals everywhere have to abandon their computer databases when patients die after being administered incorrect dosages of their medicine In the Midwest a nuclear power plant nearly becomes the next Chernobyl when its cooling systems malfunctionAt first these random computer failures seem like unrelated events But Jeff Aiken a former government analyst who uit in disgust after witnessing the gross errors that led to thinks otherwise Jeff fears a serious attack targeting the US computer infrastructure is already under way And as other menacing computer malfunctions pop up around the world some with deadly results he realizes that there isn't much time if he hopes to prevent an international catastropheWritten by a global authority on cyber security Zero Day presents a chilling what if scenario that in a world completely reliant on technology is than possible today it's a cataclysmic disaster just waiting to happen.Zero Day

Mark Russinovich is a Technical Fellow in Windows Azure Microsoft's cloud operating system group Russinovich is a widely recognized expert in Windows operating system internals as well as operating system architecture and design Russinovich joined Microsoft when Microsoft acuired Winternals software the company he cofounded in and where he worked as Chief Software Architect He is also c.

Zero Day Epub ò Hardcover
  • Hardcover
  • 328 pages
  • Zero Day
  • Mark Russinovich
  • English
  • 02 March 2016
  • 9780312612467

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    4 starsWill read it againMaybe do a review down the road This book is that good One part is far fetch which is why I gave it 4 stars However considering what happen anything is possible The author knows his technical stuff He writes so a non techie can follow I am still learning the world of IT It is a lifelong learning journey Read the author bio Do Google search with respectable resources and see for yourself 🇺🇸💀

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    A little disappointed I've heard a lot of hype about this book but it had some issues I found the flow awkward and some of the characters seemed silted Is the premise believable? Yeah Did the solution make sense? Not really sure returnreturnThe technology descriptions also seemed out of place and didn't flow well I'm not sure they would have done much for someone who didn't know the lingo and those who did would find some of the descriptions strange and over simplisticreturnreturnAnd the ircim talks gave me a headache I'm a regular on several irc channels and how people communicate on there is uite varied However I've never seen anything approaching what this book has The dialog in the book is all in abbreviated painful style regardless of what character is typing I've never seen anyone chat like that outside of cruddy movies and tv shows returnreturnIn a related note I wouldn't recommend using the word cum for come in a chat channeljust don't The fact so many different characters used that abbreviationjust weirdreturnreturnNot a bad read but not a great one either Maybe the second book by this author will be better

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    This is the second of the technology themed first novels that I listened to this month Russinovich is a fairly well known programmer at Microsoft which is to say that he is very well known in the tech community but not so much in the real world This book has been raved about among techies and was reputed to be timely I feel bad for the guy Really However you really should read an actual novel before you decide to write one I don't mean a graphic novel or something by El Leonard although I like both I mean something by say Faulkner Steinbeck Melville You know a real bookThe novel is not so much written as assembled like pieces of computer code It has all of the narrative cohesion and literary uality as compiled basic He doesn't understand concepts like climax epilogue verbOK so first you have your handsome studly you don't look like a geek former CIA security specialist still pining over his dead girlfriend killed on 911 at the World Trade Center despite his urgent warning because he saw the whole thing coming but his stupid boss wouldn't listenThen you have your beautiful Asian OK half Asian IT director at major law firm sleeping with the managing partner there only to get murdered on account of theOne true love after the dead girlfriend of course beautiful of course blond of course brilliant of course government agency directorformer colleague who teams up with our hero and finds the time to make him forget his dead girlfriend while they dash around the world trying to save us from the mother of all malware attacks scheduled to strike on YOU GUESSED IT 911Then there are the She is no danger After all she is only a woman Arab terrorist bad guys No seriously and love scenes that made me want to cover my eyes while I was drivingDon't get me started on the RussiansThis isn't a novel It is a train wreck like Windows ME I'm peeping through my fingers

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    A singularly bad novel The writing is unbearable The plot is predictable and unoriginal The entire book is technically inaccurate Russinovich is a respected expert in the field of windows operating system internals but he clearly has no real idea about real malware exploitation and the underground It seems that his perspective is completely skewed and he attempts to write with technical confidence about areas which are clearly outside his field of expertise I honestly believe that any halfway decent thriller writer with an ounce of research ability would have written this story far better than Russinovich did It would probably have been an excellent Clancy or Ludlum novel But then those guys can write The writing itself is terrible It is so inept that it seems clear that the author is either a non native speaker or an American Cliches are everywhere and the whole thing has the feel of a high school creative essay gone awry Bringing Muslim fundamentalism and 911 into the novel was a uninspired choice It felt like a cheap tactic especially when the protagonist 'discovers' information which could have prevented the attacks but was unable to do anything due to bureucratic issue It felt somewhat disrespectful Worse than all the above is that because of Russinovich's supposedly excellent technical credentials the average reader will think that this is an accurate depiction of the state of affairs which may well leave him unable to face or accept the real dangers out there

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    I used to dream of writing a thriller I bought and read dozens of how to books and from years of practiced study have an eye and ear for the genres of adventure and mystery Eyes and ears which have been royally abused by Zero Day by Mark RussinovichYou see if you took the shallowest plot ever signs of trouble show up in specialist's field; he and beautiful women investigate; bad guys are scheming; the hero and his harem are not believed; bad guys threaten the hero and importantly harem; hero and harem vanuish the bad guys set it in the field of computer security Russinovich apparently was a big schmeckel at Microsoft and do nothing else tada you've written Zero Day Now garnish with cover uotes from Bill Gates White House cybersecurity coordinators and other thriller authors and you've got yourself this smelly festering unflushable turd in Literature's toilet bowlSurely you say it can't be that badHa I snort and stop calling me Shirley It is that bad Take for example the female characters Women are exclusively universally and apparently unthinkingly described in terms of their attractivenessSue was slender of partial Asian heritage late twenties with jet black hair stylishly cut in a bob Her slender lips were a crimson slash and she wore makeup than he was used to seeing in offices Beneath her shirt he detected modest breasts but her figure struck him as all angles Her grip was firm but there was no denying a certain shine in her eye as she met his gazeA certain shine in her eye? Is this asshole meeting a potential client or is he judging a dog show?Dr Daryl Haugen dressed casually in jeans and a snug blouse paused before responding Slender and just over average height with a fair complexion and blond shoulder length hair she was stunningly attractiveRussinovich's prose is also stunning but sadly not attractiveOk I could go on but I won't The highly sexualized writing is just unpleasant as though one were reading a computer manual on manipulating text where every example sentence was about big tits and anal sexMore offensive to my tastes than the crotch shot prose is the shallowness I have come to realize that I like three things in my books I like the plot to drive the story forward energetically I like the writing to work on multiple levels and I want realistic characters who change over the course of the story Of those I get 05 the story does move forward and sometimes the author achieves an I wonder what happens next? feeling But for the other two we're short a meaty mind meal and instead left with literary bones to gnaw onLet's take writing on multiple levels Well other than the groin level and the computer security nerd level yes he DOES show an assembly language section and I can only assume his long suffering coauthor or editor removed the line by line explanation of what the assembly language does that I expected there's little here for you No insightful commentary on modern society the villains are Arabs the Asian chick is fuckable and computers are all hackable and certainly no parallels I like Knife of Never Letting Go because you see one thing and hear echoes of another men can't read women's minds and the teenage boy protagonist makes you realize it's exactly the same for us men struggle to figure out women But there's no parallels here no analogies nothing to make you think anything other than how many pages to go again?And do characters change? Well some of them die And the protagonist does change he gets over his pining and guilt for his fiancee who died in the World Trade Center How do we know? He sleeps with a beautiful computer security researcher Back to the crotchThis book left me glad Glad specifically of two things 1 that I am not Russinovich's wife because the insight into his mind is not pleasant; and 2 that I will never again read a Russinovich novel Even if such a beast were to make it past the editors of a major publishing house it won't make it past my filters You know how you think I could write better? I've written no novels and I've already done better than Zero Day

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    This novel is molasses slow and suffers from strange style choices like the atrociously spelled chat logs The characters are somewhat appealing in their generic nature but are still Mary Sues and Gary Stus The novel truly suffers from the insertion of Russinovich's racist and sexist views into the story Perhaps the worst uote is one page 255 which readsIn this time of exhibitionist tattoos and body piercing with the supposed euality of the sexes it seemed to Jeff that many women were just mimicking drunken sailors on shore leave in their expressions of independence One of the conseuences he believed was that men of his generation and those of the one coming up seemed no longer to respect women or hold them in the esteem they once hadIt's news to me that only women and only drunken sailors get tattoos and body piercings Either Russinovich thinks that tattoos are rare than they are or he is applying an unpleasant double standard to women's and men's bodies The opinion of Jeff really Mark that women are to blame for men's poor and disrespectful behavior is as ridiculous as it is revolting Especially ironic is that the oh so respectful Russinovich mixes up the names of the women in the novel at several pointsThe Islamophobia is a continuous unpleasant hum throughout the novelI would not recommend this novel to anyone but the most patient and tolerant reader Neil Stephenson's Snow Crash does the same idea better

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    This has to have been the most painful book I have ever finished listening to Filled with pointless detail racial stereotyping and gratuitous smut the book is bad enough but the audio book makes it all worse by not accounting for the change in media The phrase spelled 'Superphreak' instead of 'Superfreak' makes perfect sense when seen When read aloud not so much When reading an e mail represented in the book must the reader really spell out every bit of the line From Xhugo1101 xhugo1101msncom as from ex hugo one one oh one ex hugo one one oh one at em ess en dot com and do so every time for every address in every e mail and there's plenty of e mails in the book Perhaps the worst considering the subject matter was when the reader actually spelled out a bit of hex based machine code for a minute and a half straight Or was it one of the times that the reader spelled out l33t speak phrases making them completely impossible to understand? Ess aitch three double you exclamation point ell ell en three vee three are ell three tee you are ess pee exclamation point are exclamation point tee zee dee zero double you en Really? And finally after saying eye see cue IC a half dozen times the reader says it eye cue see Does anyone actually listen to these things before they're published? Seriously Sh3 wll n3v3r l3t ur sprtz d0wn

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    This debut technothriller by one of Microsoft's technical gurus features al aeda cyber terrorism on a global scale a network security hero who lost his lady in 911 which he happened to predict while working for the CIA only to be ignored and not one but two other exceedingly attractive female IT people What else does one need to know? While the author posits some fairly evocative set pieces illustrating how the world's economy can be brought to a standstill by a few relatively clever and dedicated hackers an oil tanker guidance system crashing an jetliner's computerized controls failing computerized dam controls failing etc the characters are cut from the shoddiest cardboard stock imaginable and no thriller cliche goes unused along the way There's a corrupt US government official a ruthless hitman who somehow can't uite manage to finish off the hero the friend turned love interest and on and on The villain's plan for using a distributed anonymous network of hackers to do their dirty work is actually pretty compelling and instructive but that's pretty much the best idea in the book Otherwise far too much time is spent with characters hunched over computers examining code or implausibly racing around the world to track down the hackers responsible It's not a very good mix but I suppose it works as a crude cautionary tale and the writing is probably no worse than any number of thrillers people will be reading on the beach this summer

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    I was really looking forward to this book and so was very disappointed when I finally got to itI'm going to put most of this in a spoiler tag just for those who haven't read it but if you haven't then you'll soon see the problems the book has on your own stilted text wooden characters improbable and downright ridiculous plot points rushed ending and some of the worst dialog between characters I have ever seen in a bookview spoilerThe premise is simple computer viruses are everywhere and set to be triggered causing the world to collapse because all the computers will be gone The fact that they'll be triggered on 911 lets us go ooooooooh the virus goes off early because computer clocks are wrong so why not just tell people to change their clocks until a patch comes out?The main character a haunted ex CIA op who had the targets and names of the attackers for 911 is ignored and his dipshit girlfriend gets killed in the WTC despite him warning her to get out of the city Striking out on his own as a consultant he's called in to fix a computer system for a company Here's where it all goes to hell The computer jargon thrown in is mostly nonsense They can't get to ANY of their records because of a virus that has struck they can't get to any of their backups because the virus crashes So I dunno format a server and install from CD's then copy only those backup files needed like your database backups Hell even work with the vendor to strip the raw data out of the backups if you're that concerned and those who cry but the virus will spread well worst case get the backups off a linux based distro linux won't run windows code at all then restore it back to the windows based server a fact that our computer expert hero ignores But that aside he can't fix it probably because hes spending time doing non paid work for the incredibly wooden beautiful shy super smart computer expert who works for the gov't but who just can't seem to make people listenHere though is my major problem with the bookevry ln of txt commd btwn chrs is txt spk no mtr whoI've worked in IT for over 10 yrs and I've never met ANYONE in the field who types like that And its not just the 'hackers' but the government agents the main character everyone Its like the author bought the big book of crappy 'txt spk' and tried to shoe horn it in every chance he got to prove some kind of nonsense point that he's hip and with it on the whole computer sceneThen there's the fact that the main character uses IC to chat who's been using IC in the past 10 years? Then they go online into IRC chat rooms where the 'hackers' are randomly and openly chatting about their plans without any thought to security Maybe they thought typing in crappy 'txt spk' would be encryption enoughThe book races forward kinda taking characters into subplots which add nothing like Sue Tabor sleeping with her boss but not until we get a lengthy description of why she thinks its ok to sleep to the top dun dun dunnnnn or laborious inner dialog with a cop who then gets shot 3 to the heart but is up and moving around within minutes because of his vest but not until we get to hear about his uncle telling him this and his partner telling him that or the ford plant which has robots doing the work which suddenly whip a guys head off and at the end of the book try and do the same A virus might destroy the data but it wouldn't make them self aware nor would a virus written months before include code which would guide these robots on a little dance to try and behead people Then despite being on the clock for the company that's paying him our hero races off to Russia to force a hacker to give them his code then off to Italy then Paris while at no point is he arrested for the multiple crimes hes part of while there nobody is concerned about the obvious injury he's got which is happily ignored when our hero needs to smash doors in with his shoulder Then the entire book ends in the space of about 20 pages in Paris almost as though the author was close to his deadline and had to rush it outOver the top panic mongering lost this book some points so did random techno babble and ridiculous premise about computers being turned into paperweights because the backup has a virus on it so NO data can be restoredBut the book loses most points for the forced and painful 'txt spk' used throughout the book by every character in every electronic communication hide spoiler

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    Being in the IT field I was excited to read this book both for the subject matter and considering the Russinovich’s accomplished experience in the field Plus I’m a sucker for a good thriller Unfortunately maybe my IT background was also what made it somewhat disappointing to me with certain plot details and even writing styles being a bit annoying to me One incredibly irritating example so divorced from reality that cropped up again and again was how everyone—EVERYONE—seems to be so sorely inconvenienced by their keyboards that they can’t type a single word to completion when in IRC forums or IMs Granted many abbreviations are used and abused today in text messages and IMs but I have never seen it as ridiculous and ludicrous as Russinovich makes it especially among professionals who make up the main characters One would think that Russinovich’s knowledge of the field was limited to Hollywood’s version of it and not realityAnother example is the various effects of the viruses some of which are just inconceivable On the one hand most of the targeted computers just shut down and “die” But then you have the bizarre ones for plot effect I suppose such as the assembly line machines attacking a person Twice And why most computers would “die” while an airplane’s computer can somehow be rebooted successfully is another inconsistency And that’s to say nothing of the “blue screens” followed by the “black screens” with the Hollywood style simplistic messages Why the simplicity with those messages but the ridiculously technical text dumps of the assembly code in other parts of the book?While I’m highlighting the negative aspects of this book let me add one THE ENDING Absolutely terrible It was almost as though Russinovich just ran out of time or steam and just “hmmm I’ll just write a whole load of neat plot wrap ups into a detailed memo from one character to another deus ex machina style” And that’s to say nothing of the unsatisfying ending just prior to those wrap ups I was sorely disappointed and would have given the book 4 stars if it weren’t for this severe disappointing ending plus lazy copout wrap upNow the positives it was fast paced and exciting and the characters—while not exactly exciting or really fleshed out—were adeuate enough to support the exciting plot The book won’t win any literary awards but that’s the point no flowery prose no rambling tangents; just a page turning rapidly moving plot that makes you want to read the whole thing in one sitting And that was good enough to keep me entertained for almost all of it and to get a solid 3 stars

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