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➺ [Download] ➶ The Lamp By Jim Stovall ➻ – If you loved The Ultimate Gift you will love The Lamp It is a fascinating novel that you won't be able to put down until you get to the end In The Lamp you will explore the relationship between wishin If you loved The Ultimate Gift you will love The Lamp It is a fascinating novel that you won't be able to put down until you get to the end In The Lamp you will explore the relationship between wishing hoping believing and reality Who among us has not thought about or wished for better things Too often these thoughts or wishes simply fade away into nothingness as we focus on the hectic lives that we all lead.The Lamp

Jim Stovall has been a national champion Olympic weightlifter the President of the Emmy Award winning Narrative Television Network and a highly sought after author and platform speaker He is the author of the best selling book The Ultimate Gift which is a major motion picture starring James Garner and Abigail Breslin He is also author of The Ultimate Life and The Ultimate Journey which have.

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  • 14 July 2016

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    Another easy read Like a parable So many take awaysstart with be thankful for where we are

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    Perspectives changed after reading it Loved it Fictional but relateable It's a story of a couple who were desperate to change their life in terms of financial and loveOne fine day Lisa bought one old ceremonic lamp and her live went upside downReviewMr and Mrs Walters had some real life problems like a job in which they were not interested in and cursing each other in frustration No love life and less social life had made their lives like living hell No scope of getting things better and normal wishes also seems to be impossible One fine day when Lisa bought an old lamp from their neighbor's garage made Stanley angry because it seems of no useBut then there was some magic when from that old ceremonic lamp mysteriously one genie appearedBoth were stunned into silence and stared at him Then they had a blast of uestions on him along with his introduction to how magically he approachedHe changed their Life upside down then they truly understood what is the meaning of life and the choice we make in our lives the uest of achieving everythingHow we run for satisfying our uest instead of serving each other without expecting anything How we know everything but still unaware of our neighbors our old friendsThis book is filled with motivational uotes as well as eye opening experience

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    I came across this inspirational little story in a box at the back of my bookshop Initially I picked it up because it was obviously uite a thin book and I thought it would help pass the time between customers I uickly found myself unable to put it down It's a heartwarming tale focused on a lacklustre couple who find themselves in a deep rut in life They lack ambition motivation and everything they do seems to be done with the least amount of enthusiasm possible; their morning routines their relationship careers Until one day something happens that lights a fire under them; has them excited and dreaming of possibilities It's a catalyst that starts them on a different route in lifeI thought this was a brilliant little story packed with such great life lessons I noticed somewhere that this was tagged as Christian fiction and while not particularly religious myself I think anyone would benefit from the lessons this lovely little book teachesNote I think there must be different versions of this book? After reading other reviews it's obvious the copy I read is missing a large part of the storyline that other reviews mention

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    Relationship wishinghoping and believing in a magic lamp is a uick read A couple who are very unhappy in work relationship and life in general find they have a lamp in their possession along with a genie Getting three wishes really changes their lives but truthfully they have to dig deep down and search their lives for the answers to their wishes

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    Believable and upliftingDon't we all wish we could have a magic lamp? And who hasn't thought about what they would wish forAn inspirational book about how the reuirements to really think about what you want improves your life and your relationships

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    I liked this twist on the genie's lamp but found the story a bit simplistic lacking the depth of character and detail that I expected as it moved forward It was still a pleasant easy read with a bit of a moral to the story

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    The author made the characters turn their wishes into reality without having to tell readers how they did it all That part would have been interesting to read than the predictable substance of the whole book

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    The story of a couple who lost their son and how they healed A man shows up one day seemingly because of a mysterious lamp I enjoyed it

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    Each one of us has the abiity to create the life we want We just need to believe we can

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    Totally inspirational Big surprise at the end make me stop and think Very worthwhile reading

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