"Could Be Worse!"

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Librarian Note There is than one author with this name in the Goodreads databse.

"Could Be Worse!" ePUB Ô "Could Be
  • Paperback
  • 32 pages
  • "Could Be Worse!"
  • James Stevenson
  • English
  • 13 January 2015
  • 9780688070359

10 thoughts on “"Could Be Worse!"

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    Summary This book is about a grandpa and a grandson The grandson says that everything was always the same at his grandpa’s house The grandpa always had the same breakfast read the same paper and he would always say the same thing “could be worse” However one day his grandpa said something different he said “Guess what?” He then proceeded to tell his grandkids a dream that he had when he went to bed After the dream he asked them what they thought of the dream they replied “could be worse”Evaluation I thought this was a really cute book This book gave a lesson how things could always be worse I think the book would also be a good seuencing book when he is telling about his dream Teaching Idea I would read this book to the students Then at their desk they would have pictures of each event that had happen in the grandpas dream They would then have to put the dream in seuential order

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    Nothing new ever happens at Grandfather's house and his favorite response to everything is Could be worse One day he overhears his grandchildren wondering if anything interesting ever happens to him and the next morning he greets them with a tremendously tall tale involving a kidnapping by a large bird an encounter with an abominable snowman a journey to the bottom of the sea and a ride on a paper airplane It becomes evident at the end of his story that his is gently pulling the children's legs and they respond with appropriate teasing Could be worseThe story is well paced nicely crafted and easy to read but what really makes it fun is Stevenson's whimsical funny artwork The gentle relationship between Grandfather and his grandchildren is positive and warm and children will enjoy this flight of fancy grounded in the context of a secure relationship It's not a classic but certainly worth reading a few times

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    Everyday; it was the same old routine at Grandpa's house Mary Ann and Louie didn't think anything interesting ever happened to Grandpa because his response to everything was could be worse Until one morning Grandpa shared the most outlandish tall tale ever told and Mary Ann and Louie could only respond with three words

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    This came in a box of city library discards I picked up for the Little Free Libraries in town The title cover art made me start reading The illustrations have a simple beauty The prose is captivating I loved it A septuagenarians 2¢

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    Could be worse is about a predictable grandpa who always uses the phrase Could be worse when something happens to the grandchildren They wonder if grandpa is bored and if anything fun happens to him The next day he tells them about a dream where he is attacked by an abominable snowman walks across a desert and is stomped by a giant then kicked into the ocean and almost gets struck by lightning He asks the grandkids what do you think and they response with could be worse This story would be a fun one for seuence of events

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    Simple and entertaining

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    A grumpy old grandpa with stories about how much worse he had it when he was a kid the I had to walk five miles in the snow uphill both ways story taken to new heights

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    Great kids book and my husband chuckled also

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    This was my go to bedtime story growing up To this day I still keep to whatever comes my way it still could be worse

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