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[PDF / Epub] ☆ Add Toner ✩ Aaron Cometbus – Add Toner brings together classic out of print issues of Cometbus magazine including 'Lanky' a novella 'Back to the Land' an oral history of the children of hippie homesteaders plus sixty other interv Add Toner brings together classic out of print issues of Cometbus magazine including 'Lanky' a novella 'Back to the Land' an oral history of the children of hippie homesteaders plus sixty other interviews and short stories The text is lovingly handwritten interspersed with bold graphics and illustrations Includes never before published material Add Toner is the follow up to Despite Everything the best of collection from the first two decades of Cometbus called a classic in the subterranean world by Time and the best loved zine ever by the San Francisco Bay Guardian.Add Toner

Aaron Elliott better known as Aaron Cometbus is a drummer lyricist self described punk anthropologist and author of Cometbus a seminal punk rock zine.

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  • Paperback
  • 368 pages
  • Add Toner
  • Aaron Cometbus
  • English
  • 09 July 2016
  • 9780867197532

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    A blinders off and somehow irreverent love letter to the parts of the recent past berkeley that I miss so much and to parts that I never knew but feel like I did Insightful and hilarious; probably less punk than the early zines Borrow this from me

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    A great culturehistorical perspective of groups doing it on their own It pertains to owning a business together Being an individual to the extreme fringe endsincluding drugs drinking and random encounters with the world To living with nature and the experiences that come with them The entire book is set up interview style; the author interviewing people from each of these walks of life

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    Peak Cometbus Both Lanky and Back to the Land are among the greatest things Aaron has ever written

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    Insightful and enjoyable

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    I've only read excerpts from the previous Cometbus anthology Despite Everything there's a generous preview on Google Books but from what I can tell Add Toner is rather a different beast The earlier collection includes a bunch of different voices though always collated and overseen by the industrious Aaron Cometbus and employs sort of a shotgun strategy experimenting with tons of different formats graphic styles and so on This volume is dominated by a few longer pieces and is completely the work of Cometbus The result is staid reflective in a word adult It's a focused but at times less energetic read The longer page counts allow Cometbus to dive deeply into the undersung subjects of his engaging interview issuesOn the other hand when the writing turns to a narrative mode in the novella length memoir Lanky which takes up the middle stretch of the book things start to sag That's not for lack of interesting subject matter Cometbus has truly led a colorful life one which has provided him with tons of good material On the other hand this longer piece exposes some weaknesses of that familiar zine prose style that nibbles an elliptical path through the story from the edge to the center then starting at the edge again The crisp hand lettered pages and the neatly headed micro chapters belie how much meandering the story does In short bursts this rambling eye gives the writing a poignancy like listening to a shared secret a uality that the best personal 'zine work shares with all great punk songs But like punk it's better at a sprint than a walkThe double handful of short pieces that bookend Add Toner are to me proof of this principle The sense summoned in these vignettes of a writer in the stream of life trying to make sense of things even as they pass him by reminded me of Cindy Crabbe's great Doris But as with that collection Cometbus's work suffers the you read at once because that searing impression begins to drown in the details and the writing loses its diary like immediacy There seems to be a resistance in these ad hoc zine forms to lay down a superstructure to try and build a sustained history out of collected incident and impression The less satisfying parts of Add Toner might point to the wisdom of that comittment

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    I judge books by the cover by the feel the initial sense of whether I might be interested or not Add Toner certainly let its cover attract me let alone that it sat on the bookshop shelf along side the author's DIY productions that is the Cometbus zines Zines in a bookshop? On a regular shelf? Not regulated to an impenetrable mass of neglected media somewhere in the back of the store? Sure there was something there let alone that one of the cover blurbs stated a legend in self publishing Clearly Yet I had never heard of him The design itself distinguished Add Toner from every other book and immediately indicated the author's independence and self sufficiencyThe loud and clear ethos of Add Toner originates in the nebulous category of Punk which as a upstart musical form was accompanied by a burgeoning zine contingent Cometbus in the course of his writings tries to elucidate what this is or what it means as a way of life which is pretty much solely of his and his friends making that is DIY rather than a well articulated and followable credo So one can take or leave it but while Punk is the underpinning it is exactly the testimony and documentation of Cometbus' outer and inner circle that playfully connects him to other dissident and alternative inclinations And it is his uniue style his voice that lends the whole production the veneer of a literary adventureThe action is situated in America and Cometbus moves here and there in that specific landscape but the narrative is self reflective the material from his life as he spells out his friendships romantic relationships his jobs workplace interactions his obsessive zine making the short comings and outstanding ualities of various mentors the personality's of his friend's parents and all those people he encounters on the street on public transportation in 24 hour coffee shops Of particular interest was the included novella Lanky many of the other selection are a kind of non fiction supposedly some kind of memoir of a former girlfriend but often than not short interspersed slices of his life that include all of what is listed above The action of that novella is also situated in Berkeley California which it catches us up on that city's alternative histories down there on Telegraph Avenue

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    Really enjoyed this uite a bit and not uite for the reasons I expected There's not a lot about punk music but tons about punk as an ethos and related uestions about community including the tentative balance between rejection and inclusivity that defined punk for me growing up Sad I missed this at age 16

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    I can't help it I love Cometbus

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    Better than Despite Everything to me There was of his beautiful funny thought provoking writing 3

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