The Girl Who Disappeared Twice

[Epub] ➛ The Girl Who Disappeared Twice ➜ Andrea Kane – She couldn't stop itNot thenNot nowIf she'd only turned her head she would have seen the car containing her daughter struggling to get out Struggling to escape her kidnapperDespite all her years deter She couldn't Who Disappeared eBook ↠ stop itNot thenNot nowIf she'd only turned her head she would have seen the car containing her daughter struggling to get out Struggling to escape her kidnapperDespite all her years determining the fates of families veteran family court judge Hope Willis couldn't save her own Now she's frantically grasping at any hope for Krissy's rescue Her husband dead–set against it she calls Casey Woods The Girl ePUB Æ and her team of renegade investigators Forensic InstinctsA behavioristA techno–wizardAn intuitiveA former Navy SEAL Unconventional operativesAll with uniue talents and personal reasons for being part of Casey's group they'll do whatever it takesAble to accurately read people after the briefest of encounters Casey leads her crew to Krissy's home There she picks up the signs of a nervous spouse a guilty conscience a nanny that hides on Girl Who Disappeared eBook ↠ her cell She watches as secrets beg to creep into the open Forensic Instincts will dig through each tiny clue and eliminate the clutter But time is running out and even working around the clock the authorities are bound by the legal system Not so Casey's team For they know that the difference between Krissy coming back alive and disappearing forever could be as small as a suspect's rapid breathing or as deep as Hope's dark family history.The Girl Who Disappeared Twice

Coming in Who Disappeared eBook ↠ March from Andrea Kane DEAD IN A WEEKAndrea Kane is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of twenty nine novels including fifteen psychological thrillers and fourteen historical romantic suspense titles With her signature style Kane creates unforgettable characters and confronts them with life threatening danger As a master of suspense she weaves them into excit.

The Girl Who Disappeared Twice eBook ´ The Girl  ePUB
  • Hardcover
  • 400 pages
  • The Girl Who Disappeared Twice
  • Andrea Kane
  • English
  • 09 July 2014
  • 9780778329848

10 thoughts on “The Girl Who Disappeared Twice

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    First off let me saw that I am not a big fan of Kane's writing style The story is meant for adults but the writing is seems like it was meant for high schoolers It was simple but not with the class or grace that someone like Agatha Christie has Christie's stories are simply written yet elegant in their plot and twists; Kane's book is simple in both plot and writing Not that that's bad it just jolted me out of the story than onceThe dialogue was also a little stilted occasionally There were phrases and conversations that were not said like people normally would say them I can't really explain it but it just seemed like some conversations were stagedcontrived and didn't flow wellThe story was also highly predictable The twists weren't twists and the red herrings failed 99% of the time There were so many things that happened that were just major fails Like letting a suspect use the restroom and not follow them when earlier the main characters knew that person was suspicious of police activity So what did this person do? Say it with meThey ditched the cops Just things like that made me think I was reading the script for a Saturday morning cartoonAnd the kidnapper? I guessed who it was within the first two chapters It's obvious and you will most likely guess who it isOverall this book kept me entertained but skip it at the bookstore and get it from the libraryGrades 1011

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    I have very few rules about what I WON'T read I won't read novels about vampire lovers I won't read books with pictures of over endowed and half dressed pouty women or men for that matter on the dust cover I won't read books that glorify sadism or sadists I won't read books about Hitler And I won't read mystery or crime books in which children or animals are the victims Other than that most anything goesWhy then did I wind up reading this book in which a five year old child is the victim? Well that's easy enough It was this month's selection of my local book club In the last couple of years as a member of this club I've been introduced to several writers that I had never read before I've liked a few of them Tom Franklin Harlan Coben eg a lot of them I found to be mediocre and a few I've actively disliked This one I think falls in the meh category I found the writing rather simplistic as if it were written for an intermediate school audience Moreover the characters did not seem realistic All of the members of the various investigating teams were paragons of virtue Egoism and personality clashes never got in the way of their investigation Everyone was very careful not to step on anyone's toes Frankly it just made me long for crusty irascible Inspector John RebusThe story is this A beautiful five year old girl has been kidnapped She is the daughter of a veteran family court judge and a high powered defense lawyer who has been known to defend rather shady characters It seems far too much of a coincidence that thirty years earlier the six year old identical twin sister of the family court judge had also been kidnapped The reader intuits almost immediately that there must be a connection Well I mean it's right there in the title isn't it?The purpose of this book seems to be mainly to introduce the characters of a private forensics team which will be the focus of an ongoing series The team is called Forensic Instincts and it is made up of a group of those paragons of virtue that I talked about who also seem to be endowed with superpowers There is the former Navy SEAL who can penetrate any perimeter the techno wizard who can perform miracles with computers and the head of the team Casey Woods a behaviorist They are a renegade investigative unit with uniue talents sort of X men without the freaky appearances They will go outside the law and do whatever it takes to solve a case and serve the interests of their clientsAlong the way they also pick up an intuitive ie psychic and a retired straight arrow by the rules former FBI agent as new members of the team Oh and also a bloodhound named HeroMy credulity was severely strained I just wasn't buying any of it I couldn't really get seriously involved with any of the characters As for the identity of the kidnapper that seemed fairly obvious early on even though the full extent of the motive took a while to develop Incredibly these supposedly top notch investigative teams spent an inordinate hunk of the book concentrating on something that was so obviously a red herring that I just wanted to grab them by the lapels and scream No no you're getting it all wrong Even so I knew from the outset that Spoiler alert the little girl would get home safely Maybe that's why I was able to keep reading That plus my sense of responsibility to my mystery book club See I'm one of those paragons of virtue too

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    Have you ever noticed when you read a great book that you've fallen in love with the characters so much that you just know in your heart that they'll return in another book in the future? That's what I thought when I read The Girl Who Disappeared Twice by Andrea Kane Not so much for Judge Hope Willis and her family whose story is told in this book about the disappearance of their young daughter which has a similar impact on the family as when her own sister disappeared several years ago Imagine having this happen twice in the same family; how devastating that would be The torment and uestion that would call to mind No I'm referring to the investigative team who though a bit maverick in their methods work to solve this thrilling mystery and bring the young girl home Casey Woods the young leader of Forensic Instincts and her lover and investigative eual from the FBI Hutch who presents her with a gift of a tracking dog to add to her team A team fully rounded out with a tech wizard a psychic and a couple others adding their own expertise to a successful team that solves crimes It's no wonder that Andrea Kane is a NY Times and USA Today best selling Author Andrea has managed to skillfully blend suspense and romance into a thrilling read that anyone would enjoy I so loved reading The Girl Who Disappeared Twice by Andrea Kane and seriously urge you to pick up a copy for your own great reading timeWin It

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    The ratings for this book are all over the place The book is somewhat unbelievable in the cooperation between various government and private agencies Additionally the main independent agency has a cast of characters that are somewhat over the top Despite this I thoroughly enjoyed the book It is fiction after all There are some twists in the story line but I was able to predict the ending Despite this it was an enjoyable uick read and I will see if the second book in the series develops the main characters further

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    I was very disappointed Predictable lackluster writing no character development Why did I read the whole thing? I kept thinking it must get better it couldn't be that inane It was

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    I enjoyed this book a lot It went into such great detail of the kidnapping of the six year old daughter I wouldn't have been able to come up with all of that The plot kept going and it was flowing with creativity I imaigine it must have taken a large amount of time to make this book possible There must have been lots of planning involved to make it just right This book as I mentioned was about a six year old girl getting kidnapped There are perspectives from the police and you know what's going on with the mother and even sometimes with the kidnapper which I love in books so that made it even better The little girl's mother had went through the same thing when she was a young age The mother her name is Hope when she was a little girl her twin sister Felicity was kidnapped And the mystery of that goes unsolved until they are in their thirties And that ties into the kidnapping over Hope's daughter Which I knew from the start I predicted it had something to do with her twin sister I just thought since they mentioned the part about the twin sister it had to do something with what was happening in the story But I was a little confused about the title it's called The Girl Who Disappeared Twice but it's not the same girl for each I thought the story would actually be about the same girl getting kidnapped And I think this was an adult book but I still read it it was enjoyable There wasn't really anything wrong with it at all but I save 5 stars for books I love the most

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    Let me start off by saying if you like the new show Criminal Mind Suspect Behaviour you will like this book Very early on we find out who the suspect is which was a bit of a let down for me Fortunately the rest of book deals with the why Why would someone kidnap a young girlThe story flows nicely the writing is well done I must say personally I was a bit disillusioned that I was able to figure it out so uickly While the rest of the story was still exciting and fast paced it didn't have 100% of my attention The team of rogue current and ex law enforcement that is hired to find her moves too smoothly It works a bit too well with local law enforcement whom everyone knows don't like their toes stepped on It would have read better had it been a bit realisticIt was a good book just not a keeper for me

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    With the libraries closed due to coronavirus I've only got one library book left to read so I will be hitting my bookshelves hard and reading some of my older books Not a bad thing at all Something I've been needing to do for a long timeThis romantic suspense from 2011 is the first of the Forensic Instincts series I've read several of the seuels and I'm interested in getting back to see how the series originatedCasey Woods founded Forensic Instincts a private investigative firm Casey has a masters degree in forensic psychology and she's an astute observer of human behavior The two other members of the firm are special ops Marc and computer expert RyanFamily Court Judge Hope Willis's daughter Krissy is kidnapped Strangely enough thirty two years ago Hope's twin sister was kidnappedI've always been impressed with Casey and her firm They manage to get to the truth in ways law enforcement cannot I liked seeing how additional team members were added

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    Very VERY pleased to stumble upon this first installment in why I hope will be a psychologically thrilling mystery series

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    I haven't read any Andrea Kane before and I was in a bit of a mystery mood when I saw this book on a library mystery display It was disappointing The opening scenes were well done and uickly got my attention But by the time I'd finished chapter 4 I had figured out who did it or at least generally what was going on I continued reading to see how it was resolved rather than who dun it and that became a mess of former mob ties lots of red herrings and some awkward romance Thirty two years before one of a set of identical twins was kidnapped The twin left behind is now grown up and a family court judge when her 5 year old daughter is kidnapped Knowing first hand the problems with FBI and other law enforcement recovery of missing children she calls in a private detective agency called Forensic Instincts to help If the criminal procedures were believable this might have bumped up to at least 3 stars Instead this was a suspend all belief type of FBI investigation Or do you really think the FBI would let a private securityinvestigation company call the shots and have that much access if the head of the company Casey and the FBI lead Hutch were regularly having sex? I liked the characters even the bloodhound Hero and I wish I could have liked this book better I just like a little believability and research in my mysteries

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