[EPUB] ✸ Loot ✻ Joe Orton – E17streets4all.co.uk A black farce masterpiece Loot follows the fortunes of two young thieves Hal and Dennis Dennis is a hearse driver for an undertaker They have robbed the bank next door to the funeral parlour and have A black farce masterpiece Loot follows the fortunes of two young thieves Hal and Dennis Dennis is a hearse driver for an undertaker They have robbed the bank next door to the funeral parlour and have returned to Hal's home to hide out with the Loot Hal's mother has just died and the pair put the money in her coffin hiding the body elsewhere in the house With the arrival of Inspector Truscott the thickened plot turns topsy turvy Playing with all the conventions of popular farce Orton creates a world gone mad and examines in detail English attitudes at mid century The play has been called a Freudian nightmare which sports with superstitions about death and life It is regularly produced in professional and amateur productions First produced in London in Loot was hailed as the most genuinely uick witted pungent and sprightly entertainment by a new young British playwright for a decade Sunday TelegraphThe Student Edition offers a plot summary full commentary character notes and uestions for study besides a chronology and bibliography.Loot

John Kingsley Joe Orton was an English playwright In a short but prolific career lasting from until his death he shocked outraged and amused audiences with his scandalous black comedies The adjective Ortonesue is now used to refer to something characterised by a dark but farcical cynicismOrton began to write plays in the early s He wrote his only novel posthumously published a.

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    35 starsLoot is a satyric play that means there are a lot of exaggerations The story is a bit crazy and all the characters are behaving in a way that doesn't seem normal It's funny yet at the same time the behavor of the characters annoys you of course that is what the author tried to achieve he didn't want to create likeable characters They only care about themselves and nothing The book satirizes religion and authority in this case the police so some people might find it offending

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    This play is amazing It's a farce and it makes fun at all the things that you're not supposed to make fun of Go read it have fun

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    Orton's play is both wonderfully silly and wonderfully serious He pulls off a nearly impossible balancing act

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    Twenty four hours ago Michael O’Connor was alive Albeit he wasn’t doing very well Eyes barely open if open at all The death rattle and all that I hadn’t been to see him Don’t remember the last time I saw him The last goodbye My mum and dad had He was lying on a hospital bed in the living room uite Orton in a way A few faces surrounding him They knew it was the end Either today or tomorrow I was at home I knew it was only a matter of time I was on page forty of Loot I had been for the past week My first insight into the work of Joe Orton A writer I had heard so much about but never delved into Many others spring to mindIt is now 1929 The day after At 1929 yesterday Mike was drifting into his final hour of life Now he knows He knows so much than all of us The answer to all of life’s biggest unanswerable uestions He knows if there is something Or if there is nothing He has experienced heaven or hell or the beautiful nothing And I’m still here Doing the same old thing As I will do until I enter my final hourI had to get out of the house There wasn’t a bad atmosphere so to speak But I couldn’t stay in I couldn’t stay in but I didn’t want to drink myself to oblivion at such an early hour So I went to the pub and nursed a vinegary pint of Landlord opened Loot and decided to finish it What a play A masterpiece it really is So dark and funny and fresh Pinter and Ionesco spring to mind than any others I loved it All of it And I recommend it to all of youAs I turned the final page You To Me Are Everything came on in the pub I finished what I was reading and text my dad I wrote You To Me Are Everything just came on in here Best song that's been on in the past hour Strange Mike must've heard this a thousand times or so And now never again I wonder when he last heard it? That's what fascinates me with death There was a final time And he never knew it Just like the last time we went the park for a kickabout with you or a game of intensity At the time it was the norm to go the park We probably did it every night of it the week But bizarrely there was a last time It just happened And then it's over Like a death in itself Just finished Loot Absolutely brilliant Hilarious shocking and so fresh So Mike has gone He’s left this mortal coil And now the madness surrounds us The bedlam and the chaos The funeral? Or wont there be one? The phone calls Phone ringing every five minutes Ireland and America and Widnes on the phone I dreamt of him last night In between the nightmares Having nightmares the past two or three weeks Every night I dreamt me and my dad drove past him on the road and pulled over And he was there Smiling and smoking a cigarette That’s all I remember And then I dreamt of ghosts playing the piano His two paintings on my wall And when I woke at around five am I expected to see him stood there looking at me But like Godot he never came Ruari woke and thought he saw him but it was just an old coat My father went downstairs and sat in the dark A billion memories bursting through his mind He sat there and prayed to see him staring at the Francis Bacon chair Not out of grief or mourning I don’t think but just to see if he would appear He heard footsteps in the kitchen footsteps that lasted a small forever and he thought No More Cold Lazarus But he never came All go unto one place; all are of the dust and all shall turn to dust again

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    I have just directed a production of this play and it is hilarious It knocks religion the police and all the other sacred cows It was written in the sixties and is as relevant today as it was when written'Reading isn't an occupation we encourage among police officers We try to keep the paperwork down to a minimum''You know nothing of the law I know nothing of the law that makes us eual in the sight of the law''The theft of a pharoah is something I hadn't reckoned on Whose mummy is this?' 'Mine I was an only child'

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    A lot of the satire seems to come from culture specific read British stereotypes but that doesn't diminish the fact that this is a funny play with some very fun scenes in it A lot of it is actually uite relevant to today also Though the part of the policeman Truscott seems to be written as two different people the rest of the characters are all written from very believable viewpoints and mannerisms A play I would love to see at some point

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    Brillant farce and play on stereotypes love you Joe

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    Found this less dated and sharper than Look Back In Anger which I bought at the same time and read first An attempt to generate some basis for an opinion on this moment of so called revolution in British theater It was still of a document than a screeching punkish provocation but the spirit was clear and I could fairly easily put myself into the audience There were several brilliant lines and even a line of stage direction that made me laugh out loud Glad I read it Joe Orton earned his legend

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    An outlandishly funny play I studied this play as part of my AS Coursework and my teacher was also absolutely brilliant Before this I had never really thoroughly enjoyed a play and so I started reading it without much expectation Although it was a short play it says something that I finished it in one sitting I found the absurdity and the satire fantastic and the stichomythia was brilliant It's hard to choose a favourite part but I think the limbless girl killer exchange was excellent Orton's nihilistic outlook is perfectly brought to the action by Truscott among the best detective characters created and he attacks popular social view points in a way that you're too busy laughing to feel guilty Best piece of coursework I've done and definitely my favourite play

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