Azumanga Daioh Omnibus Volume 1

➵ Azumanga Daioh Omnibus Volume 1 Download ➾ Author Kiyohiko Azuma – High school a time of friends memories and biting cats Leering teachers And is that penguin carrying a tray Welcome to Azumanga Daioh the acclaimed story from writerillustrator Kiyohiko Azuma about th Omnibus Volume eBook ↠ High school a time of friends memories and biting cats Leering teachers And is that penguin carrying a tray Welcome to Azumanga Daioh the acclaimed story from writerillustrator Kiyohiko Azuma about the humor and wonder of high school life Join the ten year old genius Chiyo chan spaced out Osaka over the top Tomo soft spoken Sakaki hair trigger Yomi and brash Kagura as they fumble their way Azumanga Daioh PDF/EPUB or toward graduation and the future collected here for the first time in a single volume.Azumanga Daioh Omnibus Volume 1

Omnibus Volume eBook ↠ あずま きよひこ Azuma Kiyohiko is a Japanese manga author and artist His most well known work is Azumanga Daioh His current series is Yotsuba which is serialized monthly in Dengeki Daioh magazine.

Azumanga Daioh Omnibus Volume 1 PDF/EPUB ¾ Daioh
  • Paperback
  • 686 pages
  • Azumanga Daioh Omnibus Volume 1
  • Kiyohiko Azuma
  • English
  • 22 June 2016
  • 9781413903645

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    Remember the first time you ever ate an unfamiliar food that's since become a dietary staple? for instance in my case sushi pad Thai or good authentic hummus or guacamole? Well that's kind of how I feel having discovered manga that how can this have been in existence all that time without my having known it feeling That why this is unlike anything else feeling This Azumanga Daioh 4 in 1 omnibus is a 750 page volume that's thicker than a brick sort of an Infinite Jest of manga Thus it's perhaps not the best for sickbed reading as I did hoisting it aloft with my trembling ailing wrists but its sheer substance would make for a wonderful gift presentation The omnibus format is also recommended because this manga series like a couple good chipotle peppers packed in adobo is characterized by a pleasantly cumulative warming up effect AD tells the story of a group of girlfriends and their not much older but occasionally far immature and messed up teachers traveling through their four years of high school in Tokyo That is to say the overall effect of accompanying the group on their scholastic journey revisiting up to four times the significant annual happenings of their school year various festivals exam periods sports events school competitions vacations and field trips is greater than the sum of its parts However this educative value runs very secondary to AD's primary goal of often uite random humor as many reviewers have described Make no mistake that this is far far goofy Saved By the Bell type stuff than the pseudo gravity of 90210 Another reviewer compared it to Charles Schulz's classic comic Peanuts and though this wouldn't have occurred to me I agree AD sorta resembles Peanuts in both style and tone Stylistically AD uses very short four panel comics that sometimes stand completely alone as anecdotes and sometimes link into longer stories or revisit and riff on recurring themes For instance think about how Peanuts comics periodically return to stories like Charlie Brown attempting to kick the football or Lucy endeavoring to distractwoo Schroeder at his piano Likewise both Peanuts and AD use very stripped down line drawings to great emotionally expressive effect In this regard manga are amazing like emojis on steroidsTonally AD has a little bit of the philosophical and occasionally slightly dark undercurrent of Peanuts while remaining superficially light and entertaining the sort of humor that flies under the radar of kids but that would be detected by adults a type of intergenerational virtuosity that we take for granted today and that I think Schulz kind of pioneered I DO want to be clear that although uite wholesome especially for manga AD is still maturesophisticated in content than Peanuts; preview first if you're thinking of giving it to any preteen readersAlso similarly to Peanuts AD features a core cast of characters with specific defining personality traits among whom you'll likely choose a favorite or two For me one favorite is Chiyo a grade skipping child genius who is aged just ten at the start of the series and who becomes eual parts menteepet mentor and peer of the group Chiyo is ambitious curious smart and kind a peacekeeping and group uniting Linus type character and also like a Charles Schulz character avoids the sentimentality or annoying precociousness that would have been such an easy misstepMy other favorite is the stoic Sakaki described in the comic as the strong silent type a kind of with whom all the students are a bit infatuated Tall athletic determined and intelligent Sakaki is refreshing because she's not portrayed as the popular girl or mean girl stereotype to which she could be reduced she's aloof but not cold just uiet serious and shunning of the spotlight One of my favorite recurring gags is that the ostensibly unemotional Sakaki has a seemingly unlikely secret soft spot for animals whether cuddly plush toys or actual pets and pursues furry cuteness clandestinely and with warriorlike determination only to be thwarted repeatedly and in creative ways She's particularly obsessed with felines from the snuggly fictional toy Neco Coneco cat kitten to the many feral kitties of her neighborhood streets but unfortunately seems to have a built in cat antagonizerrepeller think of the bunny scene in Monty Python She does eventually achieve several notable victories in bonding with some fluffy friends and these make for great storylinesLike all the manga I'm reading I found this on a list of feminist manga maybe in The Mary Sue a great web source for comic info And boy does AD ever pass the Bechdel test It's a group of high school girls who care about one another their personal passions and interests and their recreational and school endeavors with really no major attention given to romance and dating Lumberjanes is perhaps the closest contemporary American comic counterpart I can think of One final caveat Do not skip the notes at the end of each volume which explain cultural references as well as translation choices From the notes it seemed very clear to me that translating this manga involved deft science and artistry figuring out a way to convey meanings not only of freuent popular andor cultural references but also of puns malapropisms homonyms untranslatable words and differences between regional dialects Think of translating the deep wells of linguistic and cultural material tapped in cutaway humor references that appear in shows like Family Guy or The Simpsons or the puns on Springfield's storefront signs Azumanga Daioh is one of my favorite manga so far and one I'd most likely recommend to curious readers but even if you're not keen on reading it consider this my attempt to capture some of the general uniueness that generally makes manga so interesting

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    A collection of all four Azumanga books it's a perfect accessory on a day of relaxation and fun Besides the fact that I'm terrified that I'll rip the binding because the book is so thick there is nothing I regret about this purchase I've fallen in love with every character and of course I cried at the end when they all graduated That joke about turning water into ice will stick with me forever Thank you Azumanga Daioh for making my days so full of joy

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    “Azumanga Daioh” is not deep thought provoking or complex However it challenges the reader in the best way possible It challenges them not to laugh till they cry “Azumanga Daioh” is about friendship growing up and living with a “all cats bite me” disability The jokes come fast loud and often in this 4 panel compendium work It is not subtle but it is all the merrier for it The format helps this rush of gut busters Most of the gags are a few panels in a small story that leads up to a punch line This keeps the pace brisk and even though some of the jokes don’t land another one is always only moments awayThe characters are the heart amid the insanity Though none of them are too layered and most of the backstory we get are asides and inferences they are a blast to follow The enjoyment is in their personalities and the wonderful hi jinks they get each other into Whether its surviving a teacher’s spectacularly bad driving or the warfare of “field day” how the characters interact in the ever change landscape of high school is endearing and nostalgic Some of the characters can be annoying but they are balanced out by the other characters who either act as foils to them or show just how ridiculous they are This manga is a prime example of using a cast of personalities to its fullestThe art is also well done The jokes land because of Kiyohiko Azuma's excellent use of physical comedy and framing The characters fly off the panels their kinetic energy and personalities apparent in every line The reactions are the right amount on the over the top scale and the art changes from complex to simple erratically but is expressive in all the right places Azuma is a master of knowing how far to go and how best to display a jokeThis manga is not without its inconsistencies Like those old Garfield cartoons the main draw is following the characters over time The author creates the illusion that the characters are real no matter how absurd they act That means that occasionally for the sake of a gag we don't get to follow them on After some punchlines you might be left wondering what happens next There are no distracting subplots and the action is contained to a limited area but like stage plays the props and repeated scenery are used wellIt is always about surviving high school and the craziness of certain friendships This is obviously aimed at fans of lighthearted comedy of the teenage variety But I hope readers will keep an open mind and remember that doom and gloom are not the only intellectually stimulating literary ingredients I enjoy artists and writers who know how to take simple situations and find the heart and beauty in them Grounding this over the top comedy is a sense of reality we can all relate to“Azumanag Diaoh” is not an existential work of genius but it doesn’t have to be Its only concern is entertainment and at this it succeeds It is a safe avenue for those unfamiliar with manga tropes While it has many of the usual Japanese comic uirks the esoteric references one might find in other titles are largely absent Anyone interested in physical comedy comic strips like Calvin and Hobbs and those wishing to refresh their brain after something difficult will find joy between these pages Then they will split their seams like a teddy bear being hugged too tightlyInterestingly Azuma is still writing a subtle hauntingly beautiful work in the same vein called Yotsuba 14 volumes The level of sophistication is still low but the characters are masterful A must read if you enjoyed this

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    Wonderful to reread this book and have a good laugh

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    uite fun but not always funny this slice of life series was entertaining and at times even educational thats to the Translation Notes to a foreigner like myself I adored Chiyo and Sakaki the most I loved their kind spirits positive attitudes and caring hearts On the opposite end of the spectrum are Tomo and the girls' teacher Yukari Tanizaki I really could not stand these ladies Rude obnoxious selfish and at times just down right mean they became the two I loved to hate especially TomoI pitied Osaka but I liked her as well She is the perfect example for the southern saying Bless her heart although she probably wouldn't understand why I was annoyed however that they chose to give her a stereotypical Southern Accent to distinguish her Osakan dialect from the others Kagura and Kaori were fun and interesting additions to the group while Yomi seemed to be a great foil for them all possessing an ideal mix of sweet sour

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    Last summer my husband started watching the Azumanga Daioh anime about a group of girls going through high school The anime was an instant hit with both children In fact it was our daughter who spotted the Azumanga Daioh Omnibus by Kiyohiko Azuma and insisted that Ian buy itThis manga is a panel comic similar to the traditional North American comic strips As it has a plot that changes over time it's most like For Better or Worse The Omnibus covers all four books one book for each year of high schoolThe youngest girl the extremely gifted Chiyo Chan is elementary school aged but has been bumped to high school She is by far our favorite character in the series Along with the developing friendships there is an on going rivalry between the English teacher and PE coach There is tall Sakaki who wants nothing than to befriend a neighborhood cat Then there is a transfer student who is almost immediately nicknamed for her place of origin Osaka To show her distinct accent she's given sort of a southern drawl in the translation both the omnibus and animeAlthough the book is huge it's a uick read The four panel format plays for gags and sometimes physical humor It took me two days to read the book but I probably could have done it in one setting

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    Magic simply magic Azumanga Daioh seeks to tap into an experience almost everyone has had high school Although many have tried to do the same across the entertainment spectrum often than not they fail in a glorious fashion Azumanga Daioh not only succeeds but it does so in a near flawless manner Following the exploits of a group of high school girls each character brings a uniue sometimes bizarre prespective to high school life Set up in the style of newspaper comic strips most comics are only 4 panels long making it uick and easy to pick up for a fast smile Considering the size over 600 pages this book it will last you a long time From the spaced out Osaka to the hyperactive Tomo Azumanga Daioh's jokes unlike many mangas are never crude and are usually the result of playful observations about the world around Think Seinfeld in high school The teachers and mentors of the school are just as interesting as the students and provide mature jokes to break up the light hearted pacing If you want to live a miserable life and never smile again stay away from this book Otherwise I can't recommend this book enough

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    If you love zany madcap sometimes nonsensical humor then this is the manga for you If not then you're better off looking elsewhere The manga's delivery is in a day to day format similar to a daily comic strip you'd find in the newspapers In fact that's pretty much how the manga was delivered in it's parent magazine in one to two strip doses per magazine The manga surrounds a group of high school girls as they go through their day to day activities social interactions Most of the manga cliches are here minus the romance There's also the zany strange which also freuently pokes it's head into the series Again reading this all in one gulp isn't recommended It's so strange wierd at times that trying to read it all at once can get to be a bit of a chore I know I tried Overall this big compilation is perfect for those who want to collect manga but are on a budget The price is right the manga is excellent but the layout of the book is somewhat wonky This big brick of a book is a bit unwieldy to hold sometimes makes me afraid for any future deterioration of the spine over time future readings because of it's size Every time you open the book the spine weakens Over time the spine glue will eventually break apart pages will fall out This is why so many large books have sewn in binding or remain in hardback Even so it's still a deal at the price

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    This was done unlike any manga I have previously read I felt like I just picked up the Sunday paper and grabbed the comics section It was even done in comic panels There is no real story flow Just the same characters in different situations And it thrusts you in with no real intro to the characters Very American comic strip feel and style Not what I want in a manga The art was decent but nothing special Several of the characters acted and looked similar so it wasn't easy to figured whom was who for some of them Simple story You can read and volume at any page and never read a page prior to that and get whatever panel story it has for you

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    There are a lot of reasons to love this omnibus release of Azumanga Daioh I originally watched the anime series and had always meant to read the original manga Now that I have I'm very glad I finally sat down and read through the whole thing Plenty of reviews out there will talk about how great the book is so I figured I'd focus on a few other things1 This is probably the most well produced release of a manga title I've ever seen There are translation notes and even an index These are thoughtful details and while some of the translation notes are a bit basic that's ok because the goal is to make this wonderful series available to anyone I can't praise this enough2 There are really great full color plates dividing the sections of the work It's a nice touch and I'm glad they were able to do that There's no cost cutting here3 My one negative I find it very very annoying that Osaka's accent is translated into an American idiom specifically a Southern accent It didn't work for me at all and was disconcerting I think there should've been some other way to do this so that her accent might have been different from other characters but was still Japanese That Southern accent always jolted me out of the context in which the manga takes place

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