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❰EPUB❯ ✼ An Inconvenient Wife Author Megan Chance – In this wholly absorbing historical novel Mrs Lucy Carelton who comes from one of the wealthiest and most prominent families in 1880s New York City has been completely undone by her nerves Her ambitio In this wholly absorbing historical novel Mrs Lucy Carelton who comes from one of the wealthiest and most prominent families in s New York City has been completely undone by her nerves Her ambitious husband a nouveau riche stockbroker drags her from one doctor to another in search of a An Inconvenient Epub / cure that will allow her to fulfill her many social obligations without giving in to hysteria They think they have found the solution in charismatic neurologist Victor Seth a champion of a relatively new procedure called hypnotism Seth sets about freeing Lucy from the social constraints that have made her so unhappy encouraging her to pursue her artistic talents and explore her sexuality Seth convinces himself that his techniues including his handy way with an electrotherapy wand are all in the name of science but even he is unprepared for the new Lucy who emerges a passionate calculating amoral creature of large appetites Chance's straightforward prose and over the top plotting effectively combine in this diabolically clever thoroughly entertaining take on women's liberation.An Inconvenient Wife

See this thread for information Megan Chance is the bestselling critically acclaimed author of several novels Booklist calls her writing “Provocative and haunting” Her books have been chosen by 's Book of the Month Borders Original Voices and IndieNext A former television news photographer with a BA from Western Washington An Inconvenient Epub / University Megan Chance lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband Visit her at.

An Inconvenient Wife eBook à An Inconvenient  Epub /
  • Paperback
  • 422 pages
  • An Inconvenient Wife
  • Megan Chance
  • English
  • 08 August 2016
  • 9780446694865

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    Oh my goodness This 19th century tale of a new American society girl and her stockbroker husband had me on the edge of my seat and kept my heart racing I cannot believe that I've left this on my TBR so long Maybe it's a good thing that so many of my Goodreads friends cannot hang with me on the weekend because I'm not able to stop talking about this book The storyline illustrates through main protagonist Lucy the confining nature of women of her status Oppressed by her father and husband her lack of childbearing has left Lucy to the scrutiny of many doctors Hysteria has left a final doctor to predict that Lucy's husband must commit her to an insane asylum Lucy's husband makes the decision to seek a new type of treatment from neurologist Victor Seth The way in which Megan Chance unravels the relationship between Lucy and Dr Seth sent my heart racing I was so afraid of what this doctor was doing based on the amount of vulnerability that Lucy displayed and how her social circle treated her This novel reminded me of The Yellow Wallpaper and The Awakening and the ending certainly had a take notice ending Oh how I loved the ending

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    Whoawavered between a four and a five star rating for this book but alas had to admit that this novel was compulsively readable and interestingI found myself reaching for this book every spare moment I had and I love that feeling because honestly I wasnt that sure this book would be all that it turned out to beThis is the story of Lucy a woman born into high society spoiled and married for the last four years and living a life that would be perfect except she suffers bouts of nervousness hysteria and has become uite an embarrassment to her husband and family Lucy's illness becomes the topic of everyone's conversation and her husband takes her to try several uestionable treatments as he longs for her to be a proper society wife and have children but the uestion that begs to answered is what does Lucy want? As the attempts at treatment get and desperate there is talk of even sending Lucy to an asylum to cure her and then almost as if summoned they are introduced to the curious new doctor in town Victor Seth who practices a controversial brand of treatment through hypnosis and electotherapy Lucy's husband William is intrigued and begins to send his wife there for treatment and it is here that the story takes offWhile under hypnosis Dr Seth is able to release Lucy and make her uestion all she is and all she wants I found myself deeply entranced by the issues raised about women's freedom and sexuality as even though this book takes place in New York circa 1880's it is oh so prevalent in today's society as wellthe only difference is now women can make their own money and define their own destinies in theory Dr Seth uncovers the unreuited and suprressed passions within Lucy that she was forced to deny her entire lifepassions that found no other outlet but hysteria As Lucy is treated and begins to show real signs of improvement she also shows her rebelliousness and her passions for sex art and to be a free woman able to do as she pleases Her husband hates it William begins to fear and resent her and her relationship with Dr Seth and as the book draws to its climax I find the story suffers and loses some of its depth but overall I thorougly enjoyed this book it makes you think feel and empathize with yourself and women everywhere

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    Wowmy first experience with Ms Chance and I just couldn't put it down literally I ended up downloading it to my phone so I could read it while waiting in line at the market while running on the treadmill waiting at the ATMyou get the idea End result A library book that I chose because of its interesting sepia cover which languished on my book pile until it was almost due back was devoured in just 3 sleep deprived daysWhat a riveting story from the illness to the affair or was it unconscious suggestion to the revenges to the trial and then a terrific ending Ms Chance has a fabulous engaging prose style She leaves you wondering shocks you horrifies you and then leaves you wondering a bit again Of course my own horror at the impotence of women even heiresses in the relatively recent past coupled with the brutality of medicine at that time give me a profound sense of relief that I live in the 21st century I will be looking for other titles by Ms Chance this one is certainly worth the read

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    An Inconvenient Wife although complicated is reminiscent of Kate Chopin's The Awakening Megan Chance's heroine Lucy Carleton dares to have lusty desires and creative passions in 1895 New York much to the dismay of her husband father and society friends They all think she's lost her mind and as was in vogue for that repressed era a woman's psychological problems were assumed to be caused by her reproductive system Despite consulting doctor after doctor for help Lucy's husband could not find anyone to fix his wife In addition to daring to have emotions Lucy had not conceived a child in four years of marriage and naturally this was considered to be her fault The Carleton's find their way to Dr Victor Seth a modern thinking physician who treats Lucy through hypnosis and electrical stimulation which brings her to a pleasurable relief she didn't know existed Although Lucy begins to feel better her husband isn't sold on Dr Seth and still can't fathom why his wife is not the compliant frigid cookie cutter society girl he thought he had married Afterall men could go elsewhere for lust they certainly didn't want that in a wifeFrom the get go it's easy to dislike and distrust Lucy's husband It's difficult to know whether or not we should trust Dr Seth's motives And ultimately we may find ourselves wondering about Lucy's own integrity Is she strictly under Dr Seth's control or is she simply behaving in the way of a strong independent spirit?As a 21st century woman who makes her own choices and whose marriage is a partnership I feel sorry for Lucy and shudder that hers would be any woman's plight An Inconvenient Wife serves as a reminder that women in our culture have come a long way baby in a relatively short period of time It occurs to me though that there are plenty of women around the world who are still constrained by their own cultural s figuratively and perhaps even literally bound by husbands fathers and extreme religions that would rather sentence them to death or otherwise persecute them for daring to desire personal or creative fulfillment In that context perhaps Megan Chance's novel is a modern tale than it first appears

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    I should have reviewed this book ages ago but I recently re read it and realized that a I hadn't written anything about it on goodreads and b I absolutely need to because this book is majorly under appreciatedAn Inconvenient Wife is set mostly in New York City during the mid 1880s Lucy Carleton a member of New York's most elite social circle is having some problems She finds most of the social events she's reuired to attend taxing freuently having fits and her husband William is concerned not just about her but the amount of cordial laudanum she's taking and the fact that he's taken her to see several specialists and they all agree that Lucy has hysteria but their treatments aren't helpingEnter Victor Seth the newest trend among society a neroulogist and a hypnotist William decides Lucy needs to see him and Lucy doesn't want to go But of course like every other woman she knows she doesn't have a choice but to submit After all that's all she's done her entire lifeVictor Seth's treatment is part hypnosis and part vibrator I know but seriously this was an emerging treatment' for hysteria at the time and Chance does a great job of showing how utterly baffled some women like Lucy can be about their bodies and their mindsThen the complications start Victor realizes that Lucy is unhappy because all of the things she longs to do travel draw paint are forbidden to her Her father felt that made her too high spirited and William agrees Victor encourages Lucy to start to reclaim her passions first on a professional level and then as thing shift between them on a personal level The twists and turns are not unexpected except for the last two paragraphs And the final sentence of the noveloh it sent chills up my spine It was one of those sentences that makes you say Holy crap and then think about what you've read and see that everything can be seen in an entirely different lightAnd that I think is something that is majorly kick ass and makes this novel worth checking out

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    Great idea poorly executed The author's background as a romance novelist really shows think something with Fabio on the cover Shallow characters stale dialogue and narration that directs your conclusions rather than eliciting them I would LOVE to see this fascinating topic Victorian era women diagnosed with hysteria tackled by someone competent That said it's reasonbly entertaining and a fast read largely due to the subject matter I would take this over chick lit or Lifetime movie type bullshit for sure So that's why I gave it three stars despite its flaws

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    Old Style writing but goodthe way folks lived back then was pretty strange but whose to say we don't live oddly today It was about a woman whose husband thought she was bored but then put her in a mental institutionshe fell in love with her psychiatrist before thatShows the oppression of women back then in English SocietyIt was slow at first but keep going

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    35 StarsIt was 1885 New York City and such a formal time for the upper crust who to associate with what to wear what to say Lucy and William Carelton appeared to be 'The Couple' that everyone would envy But behind the facade were very defective characters whose personalities were dictated by the times Welcome to Megan Chance's contorted world of the blue bloodsThey had been married for several years William wanted a child an heir someone to make his life complete But Lucy hadn't conceived Not once And it was all her fault because of her 'fits' and as she was told women in unhappy circumstances choose not to become pregnant Women of this generation were thought to be inferior They didn't have the mindset to perform certain functions They couldn't be expected to know any better It was up to the husbands the men in their lives to see that they behave and carry out their dutiesAN INCONVENIENT WIFE was just what the title implied Lucy Carelton was William's burden Her father's name brought him prestige and opened doors; he loved her but it was off center His uirky feelings suffocated Lucy; she had been using laudenum to endure That was until Dr Victor Seth entered the picture He was a neurologist someone whom specialized in brain disorders and the nervous system His methods included hypnotism and he was a controversial healerWilliam Lucy and Victor had their good and bad sides They all had issues stemming from their individual childhoods Images and feelings that pushed to the surface but were then forced under smiles and polite words This rich historical drama encompassed imperfect social conduct class prejudices and sexism Its strength was found in Ms Chance's depiction of the times; most women had stifling lives no matter how much money they had Love and respect were for the lucky few The last sentence in the book don't peak showcased the survivor

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    This is the exact time period that I'd love to travel back to and live a day I just loved this book and have been searching for others like it since I've read it

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    I did like this book a great deal even as it pissed me off HUGELY Seriously just the word “hysteria” in this context can send me on hour long rants about the Victorian patriarchy and how women of certain social standings were delicate little flowers and that the entire point of a woman's existence was apparently to serve and service men; certainly they weren’t to have sexual feelings at all and if they did then clearly there was something wrong with them they had to be “cured” of Not to mention of course how Dr Seth seems to think orgasms are a cure for hysteria nips rest of tangential rant in the budI found this a very claustrophobic book especially when we start seeing exactly how tied down Lucy is by social conventions how she’s dominated by both father and husband and how she wants so desperately to struggle against the ways she’s being controlled but can’t allow herself to as that would be “improper” and it surely means she’s insane to be raging against the machine And she doesn't want to be insane; she wants to make herself fit in the tiny box her father and husband want to keep her inIt’s also infuriating to watch Lucy think Victor is allowing her to free herself from certain restrictions and Victor seems to think he is as well when in fact he’s only controlling her in a different way I found it painful to watch Lucy “misbehave” according to the rules of her social set – painful because the conseuences are sure to be dire and also because OH MY GOD I would lose my MIND if I had to live like that I don’t know how anyone could stand it or be anything resembling happy in an environment that knocked you down and tried to strangle you any time you wanted to do something that was in the slightest bit unusualHowever the ending just knocked my socks right off and made me giggle in fiendish delight so make of that what you will

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