Vaccines: Are They Really Safe and Effective

❰Reading❯ ➾ Vaccines: Are They Really Safe and Effective Author Neil Z. Miller – This bestselling immunization handbook new updated 2015 edition evaluates each vaccine for safety efficacy and long term effects It contains important uncensored information that many doctors don't e This bestselling immunization handbook new updated They Really eBook ↠ edition evaluates each vaccine for safety efficacy and long term effects It contains important uncensored information that many doctors don't Vaccines: Are PDF or even know It includes significant studies several case histories detailing vaccine induced damage to children and pinpoints for parents exact conditions that may put their own child Are They Really PDF ↠ at high risk In addition health alternatives are offered along with legal options to mandatory shots It contains graphs and diagrams plus than footnotes and Are They Really Safe and Epub / scientific references so that all of the information may be confirmed Parents educators health professionals and other concerned individuals have very few sources of information permitting them to make informed choices But concerned parents are pleading for answers to their many uestions Doctors only tell them one side of the story; there is another side This book helps concerned people make wise and responsible decisions Includes information on ALL childhood shots plus current data on HPV cervical cancer shingles smallpox and influenza vaccines This book has been translated into many foreign languages Over copies sold.Vaccines: Are They Really Safe and Effective


Vaccines: Are They Really Safe and Effective PDF ´
  • Paperback
  • 106 pages
  • Vaccines: Are They Really Safe and Effective
  • Neil Z. Miller
  • English
  • 01 January 2016
  • 9781881217305

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    The author wasn't trying to hide that he is deeply opposed to vaccines and so you truly are getting just one side of the story with this book However I did like that it was very very short and just full of research No nice little stories or anything just research findings that may support his case However it's a little dated and the lack of context for a lot of the research weakens their credibility in regards to the topics It does make you think and wonder though

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    In trying to live a healthier lifestyle I've been highly encouraged by many people to take a second look at vaccination For a few years I disregarded their claims But in trying to find a solution my youngest son's intestinal issues I've come across interesting data in uite a few reputable sources regarding vaccines their 'stabilizers' and the increase of bowel diseases in the US And he doesn't need any troubles right now with his bowels What made this book an interesting read was the amount of source data that came from reputable sources regarding vaccines Hi information was not just the ranting and ravings of a fanatic but highly factual What made me the most upsetmad was the followingIn 1948 during the height of the polio epidemics Dr Benjamin Sandler a nutritional expert at the Oteen Veterans Hospital detailed a relationship between polio and an excessive consumption of sugars and starches He compiled records showing that countries with the highest per capita consumption of sugar had the greatest incidence of polio He claimed that such 'foods' dehydrate the cells and leech calcium from the nerves muscles bones and teeth A serious deficency precedes polio Researches have always known that polio strikes with its greatest intensity during the hot summer months Dr Sandler observed that children consume greater amounts of ice cream soda pop and artificially sweetened products in hot weather In 1949 before the polio season began he warned the residents of North Carolina through the newspapers and radio to decrease their consumption of these products During that summer North Carolinans reduced their intake of sugar by 90 percent and polio decreased in that state in 1949 by the same amount The North Carolina Health Department reported 2498 cases of polio in 1948 and 229 in 1949Note On manufacturer shipped one million less gallons of ice cream during the first week alone following the publication of Dr Sandler's anti polio diet Coca Cola sales were down as well But the powerful Rockefeller Milk Trust which sold frozen products to North Carolinans combined forces with the Coca Cola merchants and convinced the people that Sandler's findings were a myth and the polio figures a fluke By the summer of 1950 sales were back to ordinary levels and polio cases returned to 'normal' during that year What makes me mad are a few things Did no other doctors pick up on this? Even if it was a 'fluke' were there other researches that at least tried to duplicate this? Why is it that people ignore the simplest solutions? Also that the all mighty dollar won out over common sense That's what makes me mad

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    Honestly this is one of the biased books I have ever read I believe that vaccines are pushed upon us but I don't think that they are all evil like this book is trying to claim The author likes scary statistics but not sharing the whole story I haven't read a single positive attribute to vaccines in this book and it's just too one sided to be believableI'll stick with Dr Sears' vaccine book I thinkI can't shelve this book as health so it will just hang out unshelved

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    I read this book as part of a class I am taking This book was very informative It had a lot of research and information about vaccines and the diseases they are meant to prevent It also talks a little about the corruption involved between the vaccine makers and the government officials who make policy decisions It's all about money not the safety of society

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    Some of the sources aren't as reliable as others but this book was nonetheless a huge eye opener for me I am still doing research but if even one third the things in this book are anywhere close to true we will never vaccinate our children

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    Too long; didn’t read at the bottom for those who don’t like long rantsThe only upside to this I can consider here is that the author kept it short I stumbled upon Neil’s works while writing an evidence driven report on vaccination efficiency and misinformation I was disappointed with Neil’s poorly crafted very misleading graph regarding polio rates which he did entirely through percentages Percentages that for some reason ended up rising to 110% Like come on man If you’re gonna cherry pick data and base your headache inducing work on a non digital book from 1981 covering events from 1923 1970 at least make it reasonably difficult to write two entire pages on why the graph is inaccurate and terribly executed I was just disheartened by this one sided mess of an “educational” text I remain neutral until one side provides genuine evidence and not just propaganda and coincidence It’s also very important to note Monsieur Miller here isn’t ualified in any medical field involving vaccinations nor is his gathered research fair He is an independent journalist with access to the internet and a great mind wasted on this plague of a “movement” Even the description is a dead giveaway to his ignorance “things not even doctors know about” You know how many times I’ve heard an anti vax supporter claim to know about vaccines than people who spend a large fraction of their lives studying medicine and another fraction living by their knowledge? Too many times If you’re looking for a losing argument this book’s for you If you want the truth don’t go looking for proof you’ll only end up with propaganda from those who claim to have answers But what do I know I’m just your average sheeple looking at both views and picking the one that holds firm not the one perpetuated through misinformation and conspiracies That is to say if your career has nothing to do with a subject maybe consider not writing books on it If you want a thorough explanation of what I mean when I say he cherry picks and outright lies you can hit me up on a few platforms Reddit recommended uthendofthebeginning one “e” shared between “the” and “end”Gmail the least recommended cthulhutotallyrocksgmailcom we all have the cringe inducing email address we made in our youth I guessTl;dr One sided unfair mess by a professional chess pigeon That is to say regardless of your moves the pigeon will just strut around the board messing up your pieces like it accomplished something

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    Ugh just evidence that it is virtually impossible to find good reliable wholly truthful information about this topic This book had some great information reported some studies and statistics I've seen in enough credible places to deem them reliable like the CDC website and the vaccine package inserts but like just about everyone else on either side of this debate the author loses my trust by not fully disclosing all of the information Read He pretty much leaves out any data in support of vaccines at all except to admit that some of the diseases we vaccinate for are indeed dangerous and I know there is than thatWhatever we end up deciding it is going to have to be based on information from sources that are totally honest and open with all the facts admitting the many risks involved on either side and not someone with just a blanket injunction to do it or don't do it ignoring all the valid arguments from the other side This book doesn't fit the bill but I'll give it two stars just because the information that was presented wasn't false or made up just distorted by not including certain key details And it DID have a lot of good information especially about the history of each vaccine and I liked how it went into detail about the effects risks and in some cases ingredients of each vaccine

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    Miller makes a very thought provoking argument with very interesting content Of course it's so hard to know what to trust when stats can be skewed and research can be manipulated to show pretty much any conclusion That being said tonights local news highlighted a Utah family whose son was diagnosed with severe Autisim The coverage included photos and video clips of the little boy just weeks before and weeks after his 2nd year MMR What a staggering change The parents like so many others of childen with Autisim swear that the vaccination is what triggered their sons disorder Of course when I approached my highly trained and educated doc with my concern I was pretty much laughed at and told that the 'hysterics' over vaccinations was esentially hogwash It seems that medical professionals that treat children and parents who raise children have such differing opinions on the issue It just doesn't add up

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    This book was uite an eye opener for me Packed with research uotes and statistics from a variety of sources including the CDC FDA Doctors Geneticists bacteriologists manufacturers of vaccines and parents of children who had an adverse reaction to a vaccine andor were permanently damaged andor died from a vaccine This book will open your eyes to the controversy around vaccines and the reasons for it This author supports non vaccination but the research and evidence against the safety and efficacy of vaccines should be considered by any parent who is deciding whether or not to vaccinate their childrenWhether you read this particular book or another please EDUCATE BEFORE YOU VACCINATE

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    One of the less biased books on this issue very informative and generally good resources

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