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✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ The Warsaw Anagrams By Richard Zimler ⚣ – Warsaw 1941 an exhausted and elderly psychiatrist named Erik Cohen makes his way home to the Jewish ghetto after being interned in a Nazi labor camp Yet only one visionary man Heniek Corben can see hi Warsaw an exhausted and elderly psychiatrist named Erik Cohen makes his way home to the Jewish ghetto after being interned in a Nazi labor camp Yet only one visionary man Heniek Corben can see him and hear him Heniek soon realizes that Cohen has become an ibbur a spirit But how and why has he taken this form As Cohen recounts his disturbing and moving story small The Warsaw eBook ´ but telling inconsistencies appear in his narrative Heniek begins to believe that Cohen is not the secular Jew he claims to be but may in fact be a student of practical Kabbalah of magic Why is he lying And what is the importance of the anagrams he creates for the names of his friends and relatives Heniek traces his suspicions and comes to an astonishing conclusion one that has conseuences for his own identity and life and perhaps for the reader's as well.The Warsaw Anagrams

Richard Zimler was born in Roslyn Heights a suburb of New York in After earning a bachelor's degree in comparative religion from Duke University and a master's degree in journalism from Stanford University he worked for eight years as a journalist mainly in the San Francisco Bay area In he moved to Porto Portugal where he taught journalism for sixteen years first.

The Warsaw Anagrams MOBI ↠ The Warsaw  eBook ´
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  • The Warsaw Anagrams
  • Richard Zimler
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  • 15 September 2014
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    I reproduce the note I sent to the authorA few years ago I read The Last Kabbalist without knowing anything about you only because I liked the subject matter kabbalists and Portugal I really enjoyed it but nothing prepared me for the Warsaw Anagrams We may sometimes exaggerate in the flush of enthusiasm upon finishing a novel but I am pretty confident I will not change mind about this this is one of the greatest novels I have ever read an absolute masterpiece It is moving funny deep beautiful and exciting An unbelievable read I really need something than five stars for this one

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    The WWII seen by the eyes of a jewish psichyatrist exiled in the Warsaw guetto And a sad sight it is to be seenDr Erik Cohen goes to stay at the cramped appartment of his niece at the guetto when the Germans closed the wall to the people there He is not pleased let alone has to share his bedroom with his grandnephew Adam who is 9 years old and savy as can be and as all the children of the guetto wereDr Cohen´s existence goes from trying to live in the poor conditions of the gueto where the lack of food heating and humanity in generall knaws at him but all this is relieved with his care of his grandson that he takes care of when his mother is at workOne day Adam goes missing and ends up beying discovered dead in the wrong side of the guetto and with a leg missing From this point on Erik will try by all means to discover what is going on and who is killing the children who is killing their future as he so rightly saysAs always Richard Zimler gives a vivid portrait of the hard and inhumane life during WWII under the rulling of the nazis What made me shiver and weep at times is that this is a very real plot that might have even happened without the rest of the world getting to know of it And that is what is scary I´ve had so many feelings reading this book but i will say that it is heart whrenching at times hopefull at times funny even It gave me all kinds of emotions and that is precisely what i look for in a book of this genreIf you are interested in WWII this is a book that you have to pick up

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    Although the narrative of this book is driven by the murder of one small boy it is primarily a book about the Holocaust and the mass murder of millions Despite this it is however an essentially optimistic book as it is about the survival of the human spirit and the will to live set against the backdrop of the complete disintegration of basic human moral values the Nazi terror and their Final SolutionErik is the narrator of the novel yet he is already dead like virtually everyone else who was crammed into the Warsaw Ghetto 100000 died from starvation or disease and 300000 were eventually sent to the death camps to be slaughtered He is an elderly Jewish psychiatrist who is forced to move into the ghetto in 1940 where he initially struggles to adjust to a new life occupying a tiny flat with his niece and her young son Adam with whom he has to share a bed Adam is subseuently found dead and his great uncle Erik wants to know who killed him and why It's uite an unusual idea setting a murder mystery amidst the general horrors of life and death in the Warsaw Ghetto but it works extremely well as a small tragedy within a greater abomination it is both very moving and intriguing but it is the greater crimes that continually take the breath awayMy one criticism and hence only 4 stars and not 5 is that I didn't think the ending uite worked but that is just a minor uibble and does not detract greatly from a tremendously well written novel I will certainly be reading of Zimler's work

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    This book is Historical Fiction WWII set in Warsaw I loved the historical side of this It was a sad meandering of sorts through life in the Jewish ghetto of Warsaw This book however focuses on the murders of some of their children and one elderly man tries to get to the bottom of the mystery This had a slow pace which fit the story The MC was well drawn and certainly had a weighty purpose I also liked the humor the author tied to the old man But I had uestions while reading this that never seemed to be answered Some of the discovery process was also a little too convenient at times But even with that being said I liked the writing The author has a great way with words

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    8 APR 2020 Those who lead a double life learn the ways of stealth

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    In October 1940 Warsaw's German occupiers ordered that Jews be rounded up and crammed into neighborhoods that took up only two percent of the city This was the Warsaw Ghetto Specially erected high walls barbed wire and sadistic guards doomed Warsaw's Jews to grim and brutal ways that were only just beginningOne of the doomed is an elderly Jew Erik Cohen once a prominent psychiatrist Erik gets by but is already skin and bones We know little about his former life only that he was respected and took some comfort in that respect Erik's young nephew Adam is one of Erik's few lights of hope Adam has a sparkle about him and might just make it out of this hellThen Adam is murdered It's a grisly killing that leaves the boy's corpse horribly disfigured and tossed onto barbwire just outside the ghetto Erik's shock turns to rage and he summons the grit to find the killer The clues are few and cryptic and Erik will endanger friends and family on the way which would seem careless if they weren't already so damnedThe desperate hunt is on Erik and his old friend Izzy even cross over secretly into regular Warsaw a chase full of riddles and false friends that will lead just where it had to This isn't standard historical crime fiction The story surges between Erik's pursuit of an untouchable and crafty killer who in standard historical mystery style also symbolizes the dark era; and Erik's longing for lives and loved ones lost and soon to be lost the former pummeling Erik in storms of emotion and nightmareErik Cohen had been an atheist and modern Jew but the old Jewish ways loom even as they're being eradicated At times the dead seem to come alive like Ibbur in the Jewish Kabbalah decent souls not sure if they're alive or dead The ciphers and anagrams of that tradition will also help Erik cover his tracks — and lead him to the killerThe dire setting of The Warsaw Anagrams outdoes the mean streets of most any noir novel Those inside slowly succumb to misery and oppression cold and hunger and those somehow alive survive as ghosts of their former selves It's a grueling wasteland churning backwards to a primitive state where good can rarely find its reward Everyone loses and the cunning often win The story evokes noir in the fierce and hopeless way Erik and others scrap and scheme to beat rigged odds well knowing they're well screwed They will finish off what they pursue not so much to survive but to honor their dead and plunge a jagged blade into the throat of all those who thrive on making them disappearAuthor Richard Zimler is from New York and lives and teaches in Portugal Zimler's novels include the internationally bestselling The Last Kabbalist of Lisbon Hunting Midnight Guardian of the Dawn and Seventh Gate He's won numerous prizes for his historical fiction and the reasons ring clear in The Warsaw Anagrams The writing is intense Zimler is able to pinpoint emotions and desires with dead accuracy The beginning and some sections favor loose introspective narrative over action and dialogue that show the reader the way but these passages work with great effect to establish Erik's longing agony and the harsh fate of too manyNear the end when Erik tells the man who will continue his uest for him Beware of men who see no mystery when they look in the mirror you begin to know just what Erik means This review originally ran in Noir Journal

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    I enjoyed this historical thriller set in Nazi occupied Poland during World War II The central mystery involving the murder and mutilation of Jewish children in the Warsaw ghetto is set against the larger injustices of the Holocaust as a whole making for a read which is both intriguing and heartbreaking There is a poignancy to this story and its characters which transcends the genre of suspense Very well done

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    It is not the best amateur detective plot in the world but the setting made it a very interesting read The holocaust was dealt with with respect and integrity

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    I haven't read much historical fiction set in Warsaw during WWII This story was really interesting

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    The uestion of what it takes to survie in times of trial is a hard one The uestion of what happened then and what happened to are even harder The hardest perhaps is what happens after This book offers answers to those uestions Set in the Warsaw Ghetto prior to its uprising and liuidation the book is part mystery part deep thought and all goodIn America while we have our guilt over the second World War JapaneseItalianGerman interment we also had it easier in the war's aftermath Not just the uestion of rebuilding but we never were conuered and had to deal with the Nazi threat in such a direct and viseral way France and Poland for instance seem to have problems with the uestion of what happened then Perhaps some of arises out of guilt but the issue is still If you don't believe what about the Polish response to the movie Defiance? In some ways Anagrams deals with this as wellThe full range and horror of German occupation is in this book is felt by the reader not only in regards to the Final Solution but in terms of what happened to those who weren't Jewish just Polish who were considered sub human All types of dangers are presentThe central character Cohen recieves aid and hinderance thoroughout the novel as he struggles to get to the heart of a series of gruesome murders The description of life in the ghetto however is horrifiying than the murders themselves which don't necessary lack power but whose emotional response lies in the burying of the dead The setting of the ghetto the dirt the closeness the despair becomes another character IN fact all of the settings become characters for the reader feels the change when the character leaves There is something different in the tone It is subtle and that is why it works It makes the bookThat and the book's brutal honesty For the book is honest but not judgemental except in regards to one character The book allows the reader to reach conclusions about the rightness and the wrongness of the actions about evil good pity faith and love It is such a multi layered look at such an issue white black grey all are here

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