Gabriel's Mate

[Read] ➲ Gabriel's Mate Author Tina Folsom – After Maya is turned into a vampire against her will vampire and Scanguards bodyguard Gabriel is charged with protecting her and finding her attackerGabriel has never guarded a body as perfect as Maya After Maya is turned into a vampire against her will vampire and Scanguards bodyguard Gabriel is charged with protecting her and finding her attackerGabriel has never guarded a body as perfect as Maya’s But while the sexual tension between them rises and the rogue vampire closes in on them Gabriel can’t allow himself to give into the desire he feels for Maya He fears to fully show himself to her despite the intimacies they share afraid she will react like all other women when she discovers the horror he hidesWill she run from him when she discovers his secret calling him a monster a freak a creature not worthy of her loveCaution graphic and explicit sex scenes not for the faint of heartLength approx words.Gabriel's Mate

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Gabriel's Mate MOBI ò Ebook
  • ebook
  • 331 pages
  • Gabriel's Mate
  • Tina Folsom
  • English
  • 11 August 2016

10 thoughts on “Gabriel's Mate

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    Well isn't this a kinky little morsel Okay I have mixed feelings about this story It started out strong intriguing exciting kinda heartbreaking then fizzled out and I found myself skimming just to find out what happens to 'the bad guy' I can't pinpoint what exactly went wrong but what was a 5 star read to start ended up just being okay I want to see of Gabriel and Maya in future books and I hope to see their relationship has flourishedI'm very much looking forward to Yvette's story next

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    Here's the story of a lovely ladyWho was living uite peacefully on her own Til the one day where the lady met this fellowWell technically this fellow found her as she was dying So let me back up a bitThe lovely lady Maya was rescued from a savage attack by an unknown vampire assailant She is brought to the home of the Scanguard Vampires where they have to make a decision whether she dies or becomes a vampire Gabriel the fellow from earlier decides to save her life and turns her into a vampire If you remember Gabriel from previous books you might remember that Gabriel has the gift to unlock memories This is extremely helpful as Maya does not remember anything about her attack And of course they're instantly attracted to each other I could do without the insta love but no story is perfectGabriel himself has a lot of issues He has a very large scar across his face which women seem to be afraid of Oh and his other affliction which you will find out about later Yep that was pretty much my reactionAnyway they find themselves drawn together even while seeking out Maya's attacker This was by far the most well written and engaging Scanguard novel so far Maya was actually a complex character and a good adversary for Gabriel Also their sexy times were unusual I've actually read kinkierweirder stuff before butview spoilerAnd seriously damn you Ricky for killing my beloved Carl And two penises I did not expect that hide spoiler

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    It's another five stars from me for Ms Tina Folsom The thing I love about these books is that they don't take themselves to seriously which for me make the books that enjoyable They have the right amount of action adventure suspense HOT sex and humor I love how the vampires are described as still living with flowing blood and heart beats this makes much sense to me instead of them being 'walking dead' as some authors describe them I will say that I'm a big fan of JR Wards Black Dagger Brotherhood but unlike those books Ms Folsom makes her books so much light hearted and enjoyable once a start a book I cannot put it down After all how could you not chuckle at Samson and is erectile dysfunction or Amaury and his only way to cure his headaches is with sex Gabriel's 'problem' doesn't disappoint and to be honest I so want to blurt it out but you need to read and find out for yourselfGabriel is the vampire in charge of the New York division of Scanguards and still in town after helping rescue Nina in the last adventure He is called to Samson's home to help a young woman Maya who has been attacked and turned against her will by a rouge vampire Gabriel feels a lustful connection to Nina straight away but has never known the love of a woman due his medical problem Whilst trying to get help for himself from a local witch he is also trying to help Maya come to terms with her new life her thirst for his blood and their attraction to each other Maya is in danger not only does she have to come to terms with her new vampire life but the rogue is also out there stalking and waiting to claim her You are also rewarded with appearances from the other Scanguard vamps Yvette Zane and Thomas I will certainly carry on reading these fabulous books o

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    I can't help but chuckle just thinking of this bookGabriel is basically described as a hideous looking man but I could never picture him as ugly or scary I disregarded the scar ponytail ugly looking man he is describes as and made him my own beauty hahaAnyways on to the book chuckle Gabriel is a hard ass basically He hasn't gotten any in a long time Every time he tries the women run away in fear What is it that they run away from chuckle well my friends you have to readMaybe a spoiler He's meets Maya after she attacked and then turned he is instantly protective of her Here it goes back to well the obvious is about to happen right? Yup Well halfway through the book they get intimate chuckle and she sees what he is embarrassed of She doesn't mind it though Honestly I can't even get to the plot of the freakin' story because when I read what that abnormality was and what it was after they were intimate chuckle my jaw hit the floor My first thought was oh my god My mother recommended this book How embarrassing andawkwardewww But my second closest thought was oh holy jesus that is not hap surely not? Oh dear that did say that that is happening She actually likes it like thatoh dear Anyone has read this knows EXACTLY what I am referring toGuess I could get to the plot huh? So someone is stalking Maya Gabriel is trying to get to the bottom of who it is Boy who it is will surprise you Read this book I recommend it Actually start from the first book in the series I'm glad I did especially with Zane

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    ★★★¾ I liked this one Gabriel is the #2 in Samson's Scanguard Vampire operation when Samson asks him to assist with the integration of a newly turned vampire Dr MayaGabriel is so turned on by her but he can't do anything with her because his man sword is deformed Due to his issues with his junk Gabriel has always gone for prostitutes and uickies with people he can hypnotize and wipe their minds never a real relationship with someone he cared aboutwhen Mara rejects human blood she is forced to drink Gabriel's blood but the intimacy of the act is driving them sexually insane What is Gabriel to do about his man junk issues? can it be fixed if not will Mara accept his deformed man sword?I haven't read her other series but I understand that Tina Folsom did a crossover here Apparently Gabriel is half vampire half satyr so that's the problem with his johnson I swear I found this book amusing though my husband didn't think my jokes were funny

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    Hot hot hot Another sizzling sexy good time from Tina FolsomOk so you've probably read my reviews of the 1st two books of this series so I'm just going to jump into this onewithout lube snicker snickerNow we know Gabriel from before He runs the New York office of Scanguard He's in town San Fran helping Samson with this and that thisBook 1 thatBook 2 And now its his turn Gabriel has thisissue Like a serious issue Do you remember in Book 1 or 2 where they talk about this giant scar on Gabriel's face? It goes from like his eyebrow to his chin or his ear to his chin or something? Anyways it sounds pretty awful and painful But since he has it he obviously got it BEFORE he was a vamp right? Right Let me tell you how he got it He had just been married in 1863 in Philly It was his wedding night Now we've all read historical romances and we all know what happens between a man and a woman on a wedding night Well I guess its STILL what happens Anyways so he's in his new bride's room and he takes his pants off And she FREAKS Yeah he's got a thing with his thingie Know what I mean? A growth above his penis And his wife freaks out runs away gets a knife and slices him up as she calls him a devil People were psycho back in the day So he has intimacy issues due to his deformityand that's an understatementThen Maya stumbles into his life She was attacked on her front steps by a vampire It just so happened that some of Scanguard's people walked by as the attack was happening and brought her back to Samson's Because it was a vampire attack Samson and Gabriel want to solve what happened Maya doesn't remember anything and she's not in any shape to talk after her attack anyways Gabriel takes one look and her and decides that he'd give his life to make sure she's safe But Maya is fading fast Her attacker was interrupted during the feeding It looks like the attacker drained her dry and was attempting to change her So in order to save her Gabriel gives her his blood so that the transformation complete But will she be happy that he saved her?? Or would she rather be dead than be a vampire?? Will she even believe what she has become???What a great book The story is STUPID GOOD I mean its not stupid Its so good that I went ga ga stupid Maya is a urologist of course since Gabriel has a wiener problem right?? But other than that I didn't see ANY eye rolling plot points You know what I mean right?? The sex wasummit was just wow It was so hot Let me give you a little too much info I don't dig anal I've never really read a book that had it in there This one does And holy shit it was hot Oh my god LMAO I just said holy shit when talking about anal LMAO And they get IN TO DE TAIL For realsies And like I said I don't dig it But it was SO hot I can't believe it Anyways enough about the sex yeah right There was the mystery portion of the story and it was really good You won't BELIEVE who her attacker is I was sure it was one guy and then I was sure it was another and then I couldn't decide Gah So goodNow I know you've heard me bitch about too many story lines In this book the author is setting us up for the next book about Yvette But it wasn't obvious Yvette has a larger part in this story so it seemed completely natural Tina Folsom really gets it She brings it ALL together and ties it up in a pretty little bow Oh and the whole penis problemamazing how she works it out I mean there's a reason for his little growth I didn't guess it but you certainly may This was such a great book on several levels You have GOT to try Tina Folsom out She's be up there as one of your favorites in no time I swear it

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    It's official The Scanguards Vampires series has tipped over into guilty pleasure territory with the revelation that the hero Gabriel is view spoiler half vampire half satyr and therefore has double the euipment hide spoiler

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    I spent half of this book trying to figure out what was up with Gabriel's manhood and the rest feeling scandalized once I found out As a result I made uick work of this novel But be forewarned there's a reason why this one comes with a sexual content advisory Gabriel's Mate isn't solely about toe curling action mind you it's also a great storyI immediately developed a crush on Gabriel He hasn't had the easiest of existences Add to that the fact that he's a vampire ergo immortal His torments follow him for all of eternity; you can't help but feel sorry for him Not only does he have a nasty scar across his face that repels women but there's also something wonky going on in his pants that's caused him to be celibate for years I've never been so curious about a character's man parts before Light isn't shed on his problem until half way through the book Let me just say this I think Gabriel is too much man for me I bet you're curious now tooGabriel's Mate revolves around the growing romantic relationship between Gabriel and Maya He holds her hand through her transformation into a vampire and immediately feels drawn to her Maya doesn't instantly feel the same way I enjoyed spending time in both of the characters' minds Readers get to witness Maya and Gabriel's internal arguments in which their brains don't agree with their bodies It's no surprise that pleasure wins There's an interesting twist thrown in at the end that really brings the story full circleAs far as the nookie content is concerned it was abundant hot and at times down right scandalous If you were to judge this book by its cover you'd be almost dead on Except it takes a while for Gabriel and Maya to jump each others' bones because we don't know what's wrong with Gab's junk But when they do finally get it on sparks fly The r rated action's hotness increases until the end and culminates in an oh my god is it hot in here finale What used to be Gabriel's curse is now a gift Reminder this book is not for the sueamishDon't let the high sizzle factor lead you to believe that the story itself is flaky uite the contrary it's intriguing and the naked action doesn't overshadow it Gabriel's Mate is a fun read that will have you feeling and thinking about all kinds of things Yes some of them will be naughty For those of us looking to unthaw in the dead of winter this book will make you hotter than any blanket

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    I’ll keep this review short but sweet If you like a bit of kink with your vampire romances you’ll like this book I have read all of Ms Folsom’s books available via iBooks and this was my favourite because it was the most uniueGabriel a vampire with a peculiar deformity is rejected by all females and resigns himself to living a singular sexually frustrated life which proves difficult as vampires in this book are exceedingly sexual beings Then along comes a beaten bloody half dead and half turned vampire Maya He falls for her she falls for him he turns her and there are many delightful mix ups twists and turns and general “I like you do you like me too” shenanigans as she tries to come to terms with her new life as a vampire and her inexplicable craving for Gabriel’s blood as opposed to human bloodNow I don’t want to give away the main juicy bit because then I would take away the delicious shock fit of giggles wistful thinking then embarrassing visuals that come with it My boyfriend became rather concerned when I kept looking at his groin then away with a speculative expression didn’t realise how much I was doing it until he mentioned it I’d never come across a situation like it in any other vampire romance I’d read before and it takes a uite a bit for a book to surprise me I do wish Ms Folsom's covers were a little less typical thoughhttpindiebookreviewblogspotcom2

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    Check out my other listens at Eargasms Audiobook ReviewsI am not happy with the turn of events in this book I am going to need to take a break before I continue the series I really did not appreciate who the Rogue turned out to be he was my book crushThe story is really well do exactly what I have come to expect in this series Really full and rich stories I was kind of annoyed about the whole deformity situation really took forever for us to find out the details The whole Rogue story was a bit interesting than the whole drama of his issuesThe steam factor was uite delicious Way foreplay and oral action to be expected with the uh problem Once they hit the sheets or the living room wall it was hot and heavy Yummy steam that in the end almost made me wish my fella had the same problemThis book is narrated by Kevin Foley who does a great job He has distinct and consistent voices for all the characters His tone is very soothing and comfortable to listen to throughout the book Terrific job with both the men's and women's voices He gives happy earsThere are several threads left open at the end of the book that I am sure will lead into the next couple books in the series While I am uite sure they will be wonderful I do need time to get over my disappointment of losing a book crush

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