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[Reading] ➰ Return to the Island ➸ Gloria Whelan – Is Mary home for goodIt is the spring of 1818 and Mary O'Shea has returned from England to her beloved Mackinac Island She loves her life on the family firm and knows that she chose wisely in declinin Is Mary home for goodIt is the spring of and Mary O'Shea has returned from England to her beloved Mackinac Island She loves her life on the family firm and knows that she chose wisely in declining a marriage proposal from James Lindsay a young duke she met during her travels She is also delighted to once again spend time with White Hawk her dearest friend And although he is often Return to eBook ´ called away to defend Indian claims to native lands Mary cherishes White Hawk's visits and hopes that one day he will stay forever Then suddenly Mary's future comes into uestion when James appears at her doorstep to ask for her hand—and refuses to leave until she consents Now it seems that the only way for Mary to discover what her future holds is to uncover the truth of her own heart.Return to the Island

Gloria Whelan is the best selling author of many novels for young readers including Homeless Bird winner of the National Book Award; Fruitlands Louisa May Alcott Made Perfect; Angel on the Suare and its companion The Impossible Journey; Once on This Island winner of the Great Lakes Book Award; Farewell to the Island; and Return to the Island She lives with her husband Joseph in the woods.

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  • Return to the Island
  • Gloria Whelan
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  • 07 July 2016
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    saw that coming from a hundred miles away l o l

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    Amazing I almost cried I didn't though D

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    Idl that this isn’t the same illustrator as the others She looks different on every coverThis takes place two years after Mary went to England Her dad died Her sister has a ninth month old son Jacues has a son I liked the tale of Arch Rock how the Ottawa legend says She Who Walks in the Mist met a handsome brave They fell in love but her dad wouldn’t let them marry because he was the son of a sky spirit Her dad tied her to a rock and as she wept her tears washed away the rock forming an arch Her brave came back for her and took her to his home with the sky people I didn’t like that Mary danced many times with the man Elizabeth was interested in so that when Elizabeth tripped her and ripped her dress it was deserved Mary tried to warn her but she didn’t pay attention These books are so lacking; Mary is all dressed up for the dance and White Hawk doesn’t show up That would have been a good sceneThey sleep in Black Kettle’s tepee and the sleeping arrangements aren’t even told Did White Hawk sleep there? Was he near Mary?As before White Hawk’s hope to help his people just seems hopeless Even though he wants to keep up with the government’s plans for them and negotiate for his peopleMary’s plan to catch the grave robbers was like her plan to catch the cow thieves in book oneI like the tidbits on Native American life like how Indian kids are allowed to stay up as late as they wantI loved when White Hawk finally heard about James “If it’s a castle you want Mary I’ll build you one of logs You can wear your fine dress to dinner and ease your waist and take off your shoes whenever you wish”It was nice of James to want to learn to farm so he could be of help to Mary while he changed her mind about her marrying him and moving to EnglandFrom the moment James met the West’s and Emma looked at his drawings I didn’t like what was shaping up there Can’t she see James is there for Mary? Is Emma doomed to like other women’s men?I love when Mary jumped into the boat with Jacues White Hawk and James her brother was mad and James was worried for her but White Hawk stuck up for her‘White Hawk was grinning “Mary has tracked down grave robbers and captured ruffians bent on stealing her cow Let her stay I’m sure she will discover a way to help us”‘How I loved White Hawk for believing I was a help and not a hindrance Before any further argument could be made I took up a paddle’ ‘James’s voice was full of excitement “And we’ll be ready for them” He looked at me His excitement turned to worry “Mary you should not be here”White Hawk gave me an amused look “James you have much to learn about Mary” No further word was said about my presence’They captured the men sent to take the Gauthiers trade goods and mess with their canoes They trapped them in the bog and then tied them up They were using foul language even worse when Mary announces she destroyed their canoe and James covered her ears Lol When they tried to sleep the men didn’t stop cursing so James dumped cold water on them and said ‘“Mind your manners There are ladies present After that all was uiet’White Hawk clearly showed he had feelings for Mary in this book yet I wanted an answer on why he never made a move or did anything about it before And then commented on Jacues’ Indian wife as if he wanted one for himself It’s like he thought Mary would always be there waiting for him That’s why I’m glad he had some competition He needed some shaking up a kick in the pants to get him moving Her sister married and had a kid Jacues married and had a kid Mary was definitely old enough for marriage ‘I believed that James for all his adventurous spirit would expect his wife to distort herself like a lady while White Hawk who had lived among the hardy island women and the women of his tribe was ready to let me do all I wished’When he went off to sketch with Emma he didn’t look back She felt that he saw American women as interchangeable that Emma would do if Mary wasn’t available That if it had been Emma with him on his roof he would have proposed to her too It’s so messed up‘I looked out from my leafy height across the tall pines of the island at the two lakes that joined one another There was no castle on the island but no princess could have loved her kingdom than I’Emma runs and tells Mary that James proposed and she said yes having no care that James and Mary liked each other first and night marry Emma’s mother didn’t approve thinking him to be a poor artist and was clearly waiting to tell them he’s actually a duke’s son and Mary goes and ruins the surprise That’s for James to sayOf course Mary has a plan to get back at James for his mischief Mary was right to feel jealous even though she knew she cared for White Hawk would never live at James’ castle that she couldn’t be uite happy for Emma and JamesIndians call it the Moon of the Yellow Leaves in SeptemberAt the wedding they don’t even get a dancing scene This is all ‘As always White Hawk guesses my mood He stopped me as we were gliding over the parlor floor’The chief Black Kathleen said White Hawk must give her a deer No Indian girl would marry a brave unless he gave her family at least one deer to prove he was an able hunterMary teaching was random to me came out of nowhere Just because she wished Pere Mercier taught girls too she just up and becomes a teacher That she felt was her higher purposeOf course Mary had an idea about feeding White Hawk’s people No one else has any ideas just herIt’s funny like the poem they read white Hawk said don’t think him a laggard in love cause that’s exactly what he is He’s had Mary there since they were kids and never did anything about itI didn’t like that marriage with white Hawk meant farewells cause he’s always going away She’d be like the wives of the voyageursMary was annoying wanting to get back to the farm for Belle’s calving because white Hawk promised her he’d take her back but warned of the northern wind and the ice on the lake they could have died They had to abandon their canoe which got crushed by the iceJacues went out on the ice to get them When Dr West said she had a brave brother who risked being carried away by the ice he said it sss bravery it’s him not wanting to help belle give birth to her calf Not funnyShe wanted a window even though white Hawk warned of the cold and the expense of glass yet he gave her the biggest window on the island declaring it “a wedding present”James has an exhibition of his paintings Someone declared White Hawk a “handsome savage” And James told them he’s a fine scholar He should have given the painting to Mary‘I’m afraid James let his imagination carry him away for he has a most frightening painting of what appears to be himself M and Mme Gauthier some burly Frenchmen and our own Jacues tying up four thugs Surely Jacues and James would never be a party to such scurrility’ Hahaha Mary had commented that night that James memorized the scene of all of them before the fight and would probably paint the sceneIt’s sad that James had to take over his responsibilities and wouldn’t be able to paint any He said “That part of my life is over” Painting Angeliue’s son Matthew was his last painting Seems like he’d still be able to paint every now and thenYou don’t have to completely give it up“Oh Mary if you only knew how long I had hoped that one day you and my Gavin would be married From the moment you were children running about the island together I felt you were meant for one another”That’s so sweet of his mom to sayI liked the mention of the Indian dress; the chief had a topknot of eagle and hawk feathers Red calico shirt over deerskin leggings Some wore British military coats Silver disks in their ears silver bells around ankles Faces painted yellow and red The women wore deerskin dresses with beads and dyed uills on them and silver bands on their armsThe preacher included the Ottawa marriage words “White Hawk and Mary will walk the trail together White Hawk and Mary will share the same fire”So lacking in romance Not a kiss Even at the wedding Imagine getting engaged and never kissing your fiancé She’s old enough for romance to be in here And then as if white Hawk hadn’t enough to deal with on their wedding day at the ceremony on the last page of the freaking book he has news that people want to buy their land AGAIN And he’ll be going AGAINI guess it’s consolation he said she’ll go with him And that they’ll have the summer on their island ‘All that summer we might have been the only two people on the island and the island all our own’The ending could have been a lot better It wasn’t even that happy of an endingThere’s not enough dialogue in her books Too much description And Mary has no personality on the page As with each book in this series not uite sure what to rate it Better than two stars but not uite 3 So 25 stars

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    Mary O'Shea is no longer a child but a young woman of eighteen Having returned to her frontier home on the Great Lakes island of Mackinac after a visit with her sister she is able to bid farewell to her ailing father before his death Now she is keeping up the farm she inheirited with the help of her older brother and his Indian wife But when the English suitor she refused James follows Mary to Mackinac to once try to win her heart she finds herself torn between him and her childhood friend White Hawk an orphaned Indian boy raised by a childless white couple Her feelings for White Hawk have become romantic and a marriage to him will allow her to remain on the island she loves It was uite clear to me from the beginning what the outcome of this book would be but I enjoyed it anyway I am a bit sad that this is the final book but it is a fitting end Mary a child in the first book has grown into a married young woman with a home of her own A highly statisfying conclusion

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    This book was such a sweet slice of nostalgia I read the trilogy when I was young and it was so fun revisiting them The story is lovely but I also love the setting of Mackinac Island Michigan especially now that I live in Michigan and plan on visiting Mackinac Island myself in the near future Also #TeamWhiteHawk

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    Spring of 1818 and Mary is living on the island again Her father passed away so she has taken over the farm Mary is happy with her life on the island but she does uestion things a little when James Lindsay shows up on the island Soon both James and White Hawk are competing for Mary's hand However it doesn't matter what they do because the decision is up to herThe third and final book in this series I love Mary She is a great character Independent thinks for herself even in a time when women weren't supposed to be like that And I am really happy with how it ended who she chose But I knew she'd pick him Definitely a great series

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    Some of best books ever

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    I love these books It is an amazing series and Gloria Whelan is an amazing author

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    With never having read a historical fiction bookseries before I was recommended this book as well With historical fiction not being a genre that I read this series is one of my favorites Gloria Whelan is a fantastic author She was able to not only make me fall in love with her book but made me want to read the other two books that followed She has inspired me even to write my own books and showed me how different forms of great writing through a different genre that I wouldn't normally read I would recommend Gloria Whelan if you are looking for a good read about hard ships family and the great out doors Definitely a 1010

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    This book aside from the boring bits with James which were uickly dealt with was a very nice read It ended pretty much as expected but I enjoyed the journey I felt the characters and plot were very well developed especially as this book is marketed to the much younger crowd if the huge font size and type setting is anything to go by haha Looking back on the series this was a lovely little revisit of my childhoodAlso I feel I should mention that I thought the Native Americans were treated respectfully in the books and their struggles against the white settlers are portrayed very sympathetically I didn't feel like the author relied on any stereotypes harmful or otherwise Then again I'm not Native myself so you know Take it with a grain of salt

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