The Sands of Time

➡ The Sands of Time Ebook ➧ Author Michael Hoeye – This second book The Sands of Time continues the adventures of Hermux Tantamo mouse and watchmaker in the imaginary city of Pinchester When the museum announces a show of Mirrin Stentrill's latest pai This second book The Sands of Time continues the adventures of Hermux Tantamo mouse and watchmaker in the imaginary city of Pinchester When the museum announces a show of Mirrin Stentrill's The Sands PDF \ latest paintings monumental visionary portraits of cats Mayor Hooter Pinkwiggin vows to shut it down Cast are touchy subject among Pinchester's mostly small rodent population But while militant mice organize to stop the show most of Pinchester's stylish set is vying for invitations to the gala opening Complications arise when a mysterious chipmunk named Birch Tentintrotter claims to have a map to the royal library of an ancient kingdom of cats When Birch recruits Hermux to help him find the library they discover they're not the only ones looking for it.The Sands of Time

Michael Hoeye has worked as a farmer fashion photographer stagehand and high school teacher He and his wife Martha live in a stone cottage in Oregon with their cat Lionel They The Sands PDF \ enjoy the company of nine big oak trees six bigger fir trees three fat suirrels a noisy family of woodpeckers and a travelling circus of nuthatches blue jays crows finches and robinsMichael's first novel for c.

The Sands of Time eBook È The Sands  PDF \
  • Hardcover
  • 277 pages
  • The Sands of Time
  • Michael Hoeye
  • English
  • 19 February 2014
  • 9780399238796

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    I REALLY liked this bookHere is a reviewOur favorite mouse and watchmaker Hermux Tantamo is up to his ears in trouble again All of Pinchester is in an uproar over his friend Mirrin Stentrill's visionary new paintings monumental portraits of CATS The Pinchester Museum announces Mirrin's exhibition and Mayor Pinkwiggin immediately vows to shut it down After all cats are not a popular topic in a city of rodents and everyone knows they never really existed While militant mice organize to stop the show most of Pinchester's stylish set vies for invitations to the gala openingThen a mysterious old chipmunk appears in Hermux's shop with what he claims to be a map to the royal library of a prehistoric kingdom of cats Before long Hermux is hot on a trail of treachery and deceit that leads all the way from Pinchester to an ancient tomb that lies buried in The Sands of Time

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    Wow This book was SO SO SO much better than Time Stops For No Mouse In this book the city is in uproar over Hermux's friend Mirrin Stentrill's new paintings They are of cats Everyone is shocked and it being a city of rodents you can probably understand why The mayor wants to close her exhibit because he doesn't want rumors spreading Everyone knows cats never really existed Or did they? One day a chipmunk comes into Hermux's shop Claiming he has a map to an ancient kingdom he shares a shocking secret with Hermux; cats DID in fact exist at one point in time Join Hermux on another whirlwind adventure as he and his friends set out to re discover the Sands of TimeThis book was so much better than the previous book no dull or boring bits in this book Overall I feel like the Sands of Time was much better than the previous book

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    An exciting follow up to the author's first book Time Stops for No Mouse this can definitely be read as a standalone as well But do yourself a favor and just buy the whole series I was very glad to see the sweet romance between Hermux and Linka rekindled But some of the plot points had me confused There seemed to a be theme of facing one's fears brought up in the beginning that drifted off as the book went on Also not to be a spoiler but something happens that changes the characters' entire understanding of mouse history I would've liked to see the mice population's reaction to this All in all it was a daring adventure of a book and I can't wait to read about the hero Hermux

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    The book The Sands of Time was an alright book The only thing is though is that I felt like it had some of the same characteristics as The Percy Jackson series Both books had the main characters being someone who had a father who did some crazy things but they didn't know about Then theres the person that comes and tells them about it then they go off on an adventure to defeat something or someone Over all I would tell someone about this book if they hadn't read any of the Percy Jackson books

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    Read in Spanish a bazillion years ago don't remember anything except that I enjoyed very much

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    I adored this series in 4th grade so much so that my teacher had to talk me out of doing a project on Michael Hoeye because he'd only written these first two Hermux Tantamo Adventures and we had to choose an author who'd published at least three books Eva Ibbotson ended up being my substitution but I've always retained affection for this series affection I was pleased to find that persists to this day Tantamo is a delightful character humble introverted and rather shy He loves clockwork and watchmaking but doesn't have much taste in clothing fashion playing a large role in this novel He comes off as eminently likable a steadfast friend in a novel full of posturing and protest Hermux feels so genuine especially in details like his notes of gratitude in his journal or his innocent affection for Linka that he makes this whole book a treasure The Sands of Time reminds me vaguely of the Avatar The Last Airbender episode The Library but in reality is much a commentary on Western archaeology history and storytelling And marketing and reputation and wealth and the like It's worth drawing a comparison to another well known literary mouse Geronimo Stilton whose books I enjoy but being for younger readers lack the grace and subtle humor of Tantamo's books Next time I want to read about a delightful refined city mouse I'll turn to these books instead

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    The Sands of Time I had expected to see the magic in this book but what I found was not least magical The brand new world of mouse who sometimes called themselves or author do people There are a lot of parallels to the real world Nobody believes and even tried to or gave a chance to in pre their historical times when Cats ruled the world Everybody seems to know that this world is badterrifyingdetrimental but nobody could explain why That happens all the way across their existence until one the Chimpuk made an assumption that it was possible He carefully scrutinizes hints and around this the story is built The very same parallel could be drawn here and there in the real world People resisted believing that Earth is orbiting the Sun until cray Nicolaus Copernicus rolled his theory out Even after That's not stupidity that's the willingness to stay in laws of physics motionless objects tend to stay motionless We do not want changes people do not As far as we are here right now alive it's safe to think this way Although the story is not about thisIt's a cheerful little story about friendship willingness to explore truth the way world really is

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    The Sands of Time is a novel with an interesting concept In this alternate world mice are civilized and live just as humans would The plot follows Hermux Tanatamo a watchmaker who is one day confronted by a mysterious chipmunk asking for his father Throughout the book cats are not something that should be casually mentioned in public but the idea of felines play a big part in our main character's adventure I think Michael did a very good job at view spoilerportraying Tucka as an antagonist The bit about her saying that only ugly people would say that beauty lies on the inside was a bit infuriating hide spoiler

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    Even creative and weird and fun and charming than the first book full of archaeology and linguistics and discussions of old money vs new money and the place of art in society and second chances at love and the stories we tell about history And yes I am still talking about a children’s book about a watchmaker mouse Two things will always stand out to me from this book the creepiness is the ancient Egypt style cat tomb and the wonderful restaurant with its cheese bearing trains that I have always wanted to visit It really is a shame that people haven’t read these

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    Charming fable loved the details Like the first book there is adventure and mystery Not swashbuckling all out fighting shooting and what not Just cannot describe how it feels coziness? maybe? The characters are great with a great tongue in cheek to humans Great to read to children fun to read myselfCons hard to get a copy So down to the secondhand shop which is a great adventure as well to get book 3 and 4Recommended

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