Yellow Submarine

❮Epub❯ ❧ Yellow Submarine Author The Beatles – A whole new generation will be climbing aboard this sunny psychedelic storybook while nostalgic Beatles fans of all ages will be clamoring for a ticket to rideOnce upon a time or maybe twice some 8000 A whole new generation will be climbing aboard this sunny psychedelic storybook while nostalgic Beatles fans of all ages will be clamoring for a ticket to rideOnce upon a time or maybe twice some leagues beneath the sea there lay a colorful land of song and laughter called Pepperland where Sergeant Pepper's Band was always playing your song — until the Blue Meanies burst on the scene and chased all the music and magic away So began the classic film Yellow Submarine inspired by a song and hailed as an avant garde amalgam of pop art Beatles music and highly innovative animation Now that film's dazzling images — and its lighthearted witty tale — is showcased in a glorious picture book sure to be savored by fans and readers of all ages.Yellow Submarine


Yellow Submarine PDF ò Hardcover
  • Hardcover
  • 40 pages
  • Yellow Submarine
  • The Beatles
  • English
  • 01 January 2015
  • 9780763624408

10 thoughts on “Yellow Submarine

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    I read this most recently with my kids We were all crowded together on the lower bunk bed heads all touching looking up at my tiny iPod screen and that was by far the most enjoyable part of the experience that pressure when people who love each other press their heads together The book in its iPod form just blows In the move to high tech hypertextuality the kooky trippy wacky joy of Yellow Submarine is goneWe didn't read it and I didn't have a chance to be silly and deliver energy to the story; it was read to us in the most wooden boring monotone voice imaginable – Liverpudlian lite accent and all And if that wasn't bad enough there were all these injected cut scenes tap play on the screen watch the scene from the original movie and receive the awesome gift of realizing how shite the book is compared to the filmIt wasn’t horrible The story is still fun so even the poor delivery couldn’t completely destroy the experience and hanging with my favourite folks is always a bonus but sometimes technology doesn’t enhance an experience Low tech can be good It really can It sure is good when it comes to the Beatles

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    I only attempted to read but I really couldn't finish it since the iBooks app I read it with kept on crashing in my iPadMy impression on it was that the art was trippy for children's book This wasn't an ordinary ebook though It had clips from the animated movie embedded and the illustrations was animated The Beatles talked funny though since they couldn't resist dropping titles of their songs in their dialogueI really would have wanted to finish this but I couldn't stand the constant crashing I have a lot books to read to spend my time with rather than always restarting the appTry it though it was free on iTunes that was why I got it May you'll have better luck

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    I bought this with the mental excuse of giving it to my little nieces It might be still sitting on my own bookshelves coughs The ghosts of Christmas past present and future might wanna stop by my house this year It's cute just like the movie I love it when Ringo says he's a born lever puller Like Liverpool get it? I wanna pull levers every chance I get instead of pushing buttons

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    I thought this book was excellent but then I guess I’m a little biased because I’m a Beatles fan It also helped that it was a first edition printing and so it had all of those old school vibes including a newspaper clipping from the time that I guess someone used as a bookmark Although it’s not as though you actually need one because you can read the whole thing in one sittingOne of the best things about this is the visuals It looks beautiful and is printed in full colour with all of the psychedelic style that we know and love from the movie Definitely one worth reading

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    I would give this book three stars but Beatrice would give it five so I split the difference I think I've read it to her a hundred times at least The illustrations and all are straight from the Beatles movie as is the message All you need is Love which Bea wonders around singing the day after we read it The Blue Meanies have invaded Pepperland freezing all the love and music The Captain travels by yellow submarine to Liverpool where he picks up Ringo George John and Paul who return with him to Pepperland to fight the Blue Meanies by becoming Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and bringing the music and love backIt isn't the most fabulous kids book in the world which is why I score it at 3 stars average There are definitely some over their heads moments that only Mommys and Daddys or true Beatles fans will get; in fact a lot of it can go over their heads However Beatrice she's now 3 12 LOVES it I don't know whyWhat is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC about it was the introduction it gives to the kids about the Beatles After reading it a few times I remembered I had the CD and started playing the music from the movie which the kids started singing and asking for We also got the movie and they've watched it a couple of times; reuesting it occasion The first few times they heard the CD they would ask Who's singing now? or Is John singing? They now tell me who is singing which song One of the best things was how excited they got hearing the music and wanting to call Papa and DayDay my parents to tell them all about it as if Papa and DayDay had never heard it before That really made me giggle

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    Pepperland 80000 leagues beneath the sea it lay The book beginsProbably the most colourful book you'll ever buy in your life I'd say Every page is layered with it just like the film you rememberThe book zips along at a nice pace Within a couple of pages Captain Fred is in the submarine and over the streets of Liverpool We then meet Ringo uickly meet John George Paul Through the Sea of Monsters and then meet JeremyThrough the Sea of Holes and then back to Pepperland to battle against the meanies with songsMy mum I loved the original film and we both like the book now but what Beatles fan hasn't eh?Either way it's still a great book adults and children alike

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    I got this book for free from iTunes At that price it's a hell of a bargainThis was of an interactive comic rather than a book The story I knew anyway from the movie was trippy as hell but it's still funnyMy daughter and I read this together and we both enjoyed it I'd say the story is probably closer to three stars but the interactive bits and the little video clips bumped it up to a four

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    Really loved the Pop Art artwork popping off the pages It is so distinctive and marks an era I felt like stepping out of a time machine travelling way back to 1968 and entering a psychedelic world Peace peace supplant the doom and the gloom Turn off what is sour turn into a flower and bloom bloom BLOOM

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    CHANTIX dreams have better story lines

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    Reason for Reading I love The Beatles and couldn't resist this homage to the fantastic film and song Yellow SubmarineWell what can I say If you loved the animated film you'll delight in this picture book The plot of the book is a very condensed version of the film's plot keeping the main idea but leaving out many sideplots It is only 40 pages The book's main glory is in it's illustration taken frombased on that of the film I think parentsgrandparents will be buying this one for the fun of reading it to their little ones who will certainly marvel at the illustrations and the fantastical world presented to them The main plot centres around ridding Pepperland of the Blue Meanies but the central idea in the book to vanuishing them revolves around the themesong All You Need is Love Grown ups will delight at the multitude of Beatles song titles thrown into the text such as Do we need a ticket to ride? asked George Only if we're taking the mystery tour Ringo joked and there is plenty of tongue in cheek Fab Four humour that adults will chuckle over such as Frankenstein's a friend of yours? Fred asked Oh yeah I used to go out with his sister Phyllis A delightful picture book kids and adults will enjoy both on different levels

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