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☆ [PDF / Epub] ★ The Salisbury Key By Harper Fox ✩ – Can love repair a shattered life in time to save the worldDaniel Logan is on a lonely uest to find out what drove his lover a wealthy respected archaeologist to take his own life The answer the elusiv Can love repair a shattered life in time to save the worldDaniel Logan is on a lonely uest to find out what drove his lover a wealthy respected archaeologist to take his own life The answer the elusive key for which Jason was desperately The Salisbury Kindle - searching lies somewhere on a dangerous and deadly section of Salisbury PlainThe only way to gain access though is to allow an army explosives expert to help him navigate the bomb riddled military zone A man he met once than three years ago who is even serious and enigmatic than beforeLieutenant Rayne has better things to do than risk his life protecting a scientist on an apparent suicide mission Like get back to Ira and prove he will never again miss another roadside bomb Yet as he helps Dan uncover the truth an attraction neither man is in the mood for springs up against their will And stirs up the nervous attention of powerfully placed people military and academic alikeFirst in conflict then in passion Rayne and Dan are drawn together in a relationship as rocky and complicated as the ancient land they search Where every step leads them closer to a terrible legacy written in death Warning Contains bombs archaeology and explicit MM sex not necessarily in that order.The Salisbury Key

Harper Fox is an MM author with a mission She’s produced six critically acclaimed novels in a year and is trying to dispel rumours that she has a clonetwin sister locked away in a study in her basement In fact she simply continues working The Salisbury Kindle - on what she loves best– creating worlds and stories for the huge cast of lovely gay men ueuing up inside her head She lives in rural Northumberland in nort.

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  • The Salisbury Key
  • Harper Fox
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  • 22 October 2016
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    Can true love strike twice?With Fox's writing one expects lyricism and evocative language that tempts and beguiles the reader deep into the story Often there is an element of melancholy a sense of romanticism as the characters commune with nature Here that is all evident but there is also a long dark of suffering Death and sorting through the chaos of its aftermath Brutal stolen and betrayed happening when you least it expect it Daniel is faced with all of that and he inelegantly stumbles clutching at life and ghosts trying to keep going as events unfold around him The depth and intense focus on Daniel's grieving process was extraordinarily consuming and made this a difficult read The mystery component of the story was good strong It tied in well with the story and made it come full circle I really liked this but it was so emotionally draining that I didn't love it Favorite uote There was nothing in this pounding hell of release that would let me endure being touched

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    REVIEW COMPLETED AUGUST 28 2012 Rayne kissed me It was the gentlest of gestures only the brush of his lips to my brow But it held me down kept me warm in a time slip whirlwind threatening to demolish the frail reality I'd constructed since Jason's death I felt his fingers tugging gently at my hair It's all right Hang on Daniel is shell shocked after his lover of three years Professor Jason Ross commits suicide While dealing with self doubts and guilt Dan is determined to find out why Jason took his own life Meanwhile Lieutenant Colonel McCade invites Daniel to a meeting One of the areas of the Salisbury Plain Training Area in which Jason had expressed a huge interest was due for demilitarization Jason wanted to publish a career crowning book called The Salisbury Key and that could be Daniel's task now It's a dangerous endeavor though because unexploded ordnance remained on the site and that's the reason Daniel needed someone who could dismantle bombs When Daniel and Lt Rayne are starting to research the site they come to realize that things are not as they seemFirst of all I will admit that I made a mistake Since I like Harper’s work a lot I checked out her backlist and then I saw the high average rating of The Salisbury Key I downloaded it without reading the blurb I knowstupid me Yeah I was intrigued by this huge age gap thirty years between Jason and Daniel however my fascination vanished into thin air pretty uickly With that said I was disappointed because I couldn’t imagine why Daniel was so attracted to Jason in the first place Frankly Jason was a ueer card and I always thought there’s something amiss Additionally a story just doesn’t work for me when I can’t feel the chemistry between two guys Well my theory is that Dan needed some kind of father figure since he lost his dad when he was a little boy As it was I believe that he never processed his father’s death since he never grieved for him This may sound horrible but Jason’s death came as a relief when I was about 14 % in no spoiler just read the blurb otherwise The Salisbury Key would have ended up as another DNF for me It’s hard to finish a book after all when you cannot connect to the main characters I was annoyed when Jason called Daniel his “beautiful boy” and to me Daniel felt oddly out of place in Jason’s world Long story short The Salisbury Key is Daniel and Rayne’s story and it worked for me  I did appreciate the author’s descriptive writing of the geographic region where the story took place The mystic feel of Stonehenge on Salisbury Plain was palpable On the other hand I felt that her deeply poetic prose that I loved in Scrap Metal was missing here The suspense part of the plot view spoilerthe hidden bioweapon hide spoiler

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    Gosh I loved this booka lotWhen you read a few books from the same author you start to become familiar with their style right? Josh Lanyon will always have the “wait that’s the end?” ending Mary Calmes will always have the JorySam remix And Harper Fox will wax you poetic until you bleed British blood There’s something comforting to that familiarityI have found that I really like Harper Fox books I don’t always love them but I’m happy to continue to pick another one up I am so thankful that I picked up The Salisbury Key This book was signature Fox lovely but the story itself was just really great I think this is the top of my list of her worksThere are 2 key relationships in this story and both are handled sowellpoignantly and powerfully andfascinatingOne is a May December romance that as it’s layers are being peeled back and looked at closely reveals a “father figure” need in the younger man It’s interesting as he begins to realize how much he relied on the older manyet in the end knew without a doubt that he loved him The other is a GFY due to military relationship and I was lesscertainabout the attraction here but I was drawn to the 2 MC’s I am a sucker for loyalty and utter devotionand these two manage in a short time to take care of each otherI know all of this is a bit cryptic and vague but I don’t want to give too much away I will say that I loved Daniel and Rayne I also loved Jason and even Winter It was just a really strong group of characters in this book Pair all of this with a fascinating mysterysuspense storyline and I was enthralledSo satisfied Discuss this book and others at

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    Lovely lovely weepy smexy teary lovely book Just what I neededAlso this book contains an enactment of the biggest deepest fantasy I have ever personally held a willing admin assistant who sole job it seems is to take rough lecture notes and turn them into handouts and a powerpoint Can someone from academia in the UK tell me is this true? Does such a delicious creature exist?

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    OH HARPER FOX YOU SLAY MEYour words they are so beautiful they melt my cold cold heartNew favorite read of 2014 even if this was released in 2011 whatever I'm late okay?Harper Fox is one of the best writers of our time She could sell me on goat sex probably I'd probably be like I dunno at first and then by the end of it be like WELL GOATS NEED LOVE TOOI can't wrap my head about her writing I'm a die hard Fanyon but Harper Fox might be a closer runner up for that #1 position in my heartI can't even fathom writing things like she does it's so beautiful and drags your heart out through your throat with her pretty words and slow burning situationsIf I write about all the reasons why I love this book I'll cryIt's about a dead ex lover but this book is the most authentic feeling book about a dead ex lover that I've ever read It's slow getting over his death and it's hurtful so damn hurtful But just when you're positive your heart is about to break Fox writes something hilarious and witty and adorable I stared out through the shield Briefly I forgot that I didn’t care about anything any and contemplated a rolling dive out the door and onto the turf How often do I love all the characters in a book?I LOVE Dan the fiery clever young archeologist with a wild streak and a daddy complexI love Jason the older lover smart sophisticated loving and so damagedI love Rayne the gorgeous soldier with a rocky side and a soft side both of which seems to care for DanThe sex was so HOT Natasha loves her some angry sex OH BOY And that scene was so unexpected the first sex scene I was like Ohhh nooooo and the next minute I'm like the Kool Aid guy being all OOOHHH YEAAHHHH Seriously so amazingIf I could make love to a book it would be this one me thinks because it's slow and tentative and holds you so much closer than you'd think any book ever couldI cried one big fat crocodile tear during one of the end scenes view spoilerthe scene with the video from Jason to Dan hide spoiler

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    I very much enjoyed the story of Daniel and Rayne and their budding friendship and then romance However and this is just a personal however Good grief did I have a time getting through the author's wordiness It was like reading the Amplified Bible I'm sure this may be the only time anyone has made this reference in a MM review I have a religious background as a southerner and distinctly remember my grandmother having this thing called the Amplified Bible and being fascinated by how many words it would take to say something so simple Why use ten words when you can use fifty? Obviously others have enjoyed the rich descriptive style used and that's wonderful I just start thinking How could I have phrased that succinctly?In other reviews I have referenced pet peeves And in this one Pet Peeve #9 The use of the term of endearment Love such as in That's it Love Fuck me harder In all my years of being a professional gay I have never called a boyfriend Love nor heard friends call their boyfriends Love Yet it happens all the cotton pickin' time in this genre Is it a regional thing with which I'm not familiar?And now that I've used Fuck me harder and the Amplified Bible in a review I feel as if my work here is done

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    35 starsI think I'd better do the likesdislikes things again here Likes I truly enjoy the characters although I must say that I love Winter who is only a secondary character compared to both Daniel and Rayne Daniel is the rounded character for sure He IS the narrator of the story it is written in 1st POV so there is a sense of development in him From the beginning when he is only a 25 year old man having a crush with a man 30 year his senior to handling the grief when his partner commits suicide to dealing with another man in another relationship Rayne comes as a bit mysterious for me since I don't get much information from him except from his interaction with Daniel or Winter as told by Daniel The part with Daniel trying to function after Jason's death is pretty engrossing That is the part I invest the mostDislikes While I think I get into this story slightly uicker than Ms Fox's first and second book I still have problems with her writing Sometimes her description of a situationfeeling is just too much it becomes heavy IN FACT I sort of skip all through the technical things related to the Salisbury Key mystery itself I am prone to reading her dialogs which I believe are totally wonderful and those intimate moments between Daniel and Rayne When I see Bali I'm happy it's part of my country until near the end Ms Fox writes it as part of Thailand from the way I read it And that annoys me A WHOLE LOT I still don't understand why Jason commits suicide That part is still blurry for me I guess I would like to say I like this enough but not as punching my gut like her other works

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    Harper Fox really is a marvel At the sheer level of craft she is one of the best writers in the genre—brilliant perfect metaphors seeming to slip off her pen effortlessly page after page Her settings are especially extraordinary drawn with such incredible sense of place that you feel not just that you’ve visited them but that you know what it would be like to live there The Salisbury Key is the third novel of hers I’ve read and I think I like it best so far In part I was riveted by its portrait of grief—as the blurb tells you the main character Dan loses his lover Jason to a totally unexpected suicide The seuence is beyond intense—it feels almost physically grueling at times and contains many notes that will feel deeply authentic to those who have lost someone close I know everyone knows that suicide would be so very much worse it’s hard to even speak of what it would be like to survive it without feeling presumptuous But there wasn’t a false note here in my opinion her depiction of Dan’s experience was shockingly vivid But of course that isn’t the whole story Though I wasn’t at all surprised that the love story that took place after was wonderful I was very surprised and gratified at how riveting and suspenseful the thriller plot was Too often I find them disappointing implausible or clichéd This wasn’t at all and the stakes were high without feeling overly pumped up Also 100 extra points for the survivalist brother Very highly recommend

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    This book is what I'm coming to think of as classic Harper Fox fascinating complex characters gloriously phrased descriptions deeply moving emotions and a plot that has just a few creaks and holes in it I'm particularly skeptical of the less than 24 hours evaluation of biosafety thing But as ever the issues I have with the plot won't keep me from treasuring and rereading this lovely book

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    The Salisbury Key by the brilliant Harper Fox is a compelling journey through the heart of a young man first struck by loss and grief and then by the unexpected and unsettling encounter with another loveYoung archaeologist Daniel Logan finds himself alone and confused in a big mausoleum of a house after the shocking suicide of his long term partner and academic mentor Jason Ross In the attempt to fulfil Jason's life ambition of conducting archaeological excavations in a military restricted area on the Salisbury Plain Dan encounters Rayne a young Lieutenant who's supposed to map the location of the unexploded devices scattered in the area and to accompany him during his researchThings however are complicated by a secret in Jason's past and by the growing relationship between Daniel and RayneAs pointed out by other reviewers on GR this novel is a deep truthful and painful study in grief Dan's life is shattered by Jason's death and the confusion anger and sense of chaos that his lover's death brings into his life is portrayed by Harper Fox with utmost sensitivity and attention The attraction and emotional attachment he feels towards Rayne and Rayne's own surprise in front of his eually unexpected feelings conjure up the image of two men with a desperate need for support and love Their backgrounds and personal stories however complicate the blossoming and growth of their relationship in a non judgemental environment Dan's circle of acuaintances and Rayne's military world are none too willing to accept and understand their bond and this adds to the guilt and upset that mark the beginning of their love storyAt about the 70% mark the novel swerves from Dan and Rayne's personal story and refocuses on the mystery hidden underneath the Salisbury Plain and this was where at least for me the book partially lost its momentum and strength The military conspiracy the appearance of Rayne's unruly brother etc seemed a bit rushed and not entirely convincingIt's not the first time I've felt this way with a Harper Fox' novel Whilst for instance I've found Brothers of the Wild North Sea solid and engaging throughout Half Moon Chambers and Scrap Metal presented some sections that didn't uite work for me despite generally loving both novels very much I guess that her than solid storytelling skills and amazing way with words make these little slumps and falls in the novels' narrative tension visible and jarring than they would be in the hands of a less talented writerIn any case The Salisbury Key remains a beautiful novel a wonderful one in fact in its most meditative parts with two rounded and convincing MCs some beautifully sensual intimate moments and an emotional weight that is alternatively crushing and soaring I'd certainly recommend it and as of today 5th May 2018 I've decided to update all my reviews of Harper Fox's novels to 5 stars They're amazingly written engaging with great characters and they bloody deserve full ratings

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