The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training

[PDF] ✪ The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training ✬ Josh Wilker – In 1977 The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training had a moment in the sun A glowing junk sculpture of American genres—sports flick coming of age story family melodrama after school special road narrat In The Bad News Bears News Bears Epub Ú in Breaking Training had a moment in the sun A glowing junk sculpture of American genres—sports flick coming of age story family melodrama after school special road narrative—the film cashed in on the previous year’s success of its predecessor The Bad News Bears Arguing against the seuel’s dismissal as a cultural afterthought Josh Wilker The Bad Kindle - lovingly rescues from the oblivion of cinema history a uintessential expression of American resilience and joyRushed into theaters by Paramount when the beleaguered film industry was suffering from “acute seuelitis” the undeniably flawed movie miraculously transcended its limitations to become a gathering point for heroic imagery drawn from American mythology Considered in context the film’s unreasonable optimism rooted in its characters’ Bad News Bears PDF ↠ sincere desire to keep playing is a powerful response to the political economic and social stresses of the late sTo Wilker’s surprise despite repeated viewings The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training continues to move him Its huge heart makes it not only the ultimate fantasy of the baseball obsessed American boy but a memorable iteration of that barbed vision of Bad News Bears in Breaking eBook ¼ pure sunshine itself the American dream.The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training


The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training MOBI ´ Bad
  • Paperback
  • 128 pages
  • The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training
  • Josh Wilker
  • English
  • 07 February 2016
  • 9781593764180

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    What an intelligent and passionate book about a film I will never ever watch After I finished reading it I dreamed I was at a bar near the beach ordering a mai thai and about to give my copy of the book to a family friend who likes baseball I've never had a mai thai and have no idea what it's made of but hope to surprise myself by ordering one in the near futureThis is Soft Skull's strange version of the 33 13 series or alternately the BFI film monograph series but each book is about a B movie I was really engaged by the sampler of the series which had excerpts from the Jonathon Lethem and even interesting Christopher Sorrentino's one on Charlton Heston's Death Wish which is a weird look into 70s social politics This was placed onto the dollar rack at Unnameable Books by a customer but the store was still kind enough to sell it to me for a buck even though it had just come out So far there's been some interesting thoughts on the nature of continuity errors in the film and Michael Eisner's transition to Disney and the work overall deals with hope and fakery

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    In 1977 Paramount Pictures on the brink of collapse hired a young Michael Eisner to turn things around His stated philosophy was to make films with a cheeseburger heart ie not too hard to think about and easy to consume The first movie he greenlit was a seuel to Bad News Bears a dyspepticfunny cynical picture about an alcoholic coaching a baseball team of pre adolescent misfits That seuel The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training is a cloying poorly made exercise in sentimentality Seriously I sat through it; it's awful Josh Wilker's eponymously titled book is an exploration of why we like bad movies and it's a gem Wilker knows it's a bad movie but it holds a special place in his heart because of the time and place he saw it As a 12 year old learning to play baseball it was a cheeseburger heart movie seemingly made for him But The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training book isn't just an exercise in nostalgia; Wilker deftly takes the reader through Kerouac's On the Road the Minutemen's Double Nickels on the Dime the cinema of the 70's the post Nixon politics of Jimmy Carter Vietnam and the uestion of authenticity theres that word again Funny erudite and heartfelt The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training makes a compelling case that any art even bad art is worthy of analysis and even perhaps love

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    The Bad News Bears is an underdog story and by choosing to write about its seuel Josh Wilker has an uphill battle But he succeeds in ways I wouldn't have expected Wilker brilliantly connects the dots linking the film to personal experiences American politics the 1980 Olympics punk bands from Pedro divorce rates in America road movies and the teen rebellion movie OVER THE EDGE He finds depth in a maligned seuel and he takes on seuelitis head on His book will point out the movie's flaws but not in a way that's obnoxious in a way that accepts the production's shortcomings I haven't read any film studies uite like this The same way Tanner Boyle doesn't want baseball season to come to a close I didn't want this book to end I'm looking forward to reading from Josh Wilker

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    I wrote a blog about The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training a few days ago that than justifies a review and will cut and paste it 1 A must for Bad News Bears Fans2 A must for fans of film criticism3 A must for readers interested in new ways that film criticism is leaking into poetryhttpswwwgoodreadscomauthorblog

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    This is the best of the deep focus books I have read yeah I know there were only five but this is a great combination of detail on the movie personal memoir and a nice discussion on how a lousy movie can mean so much to a people It was well written and moved along though some of it was over the top I still had a good time though I remember the movie well enough from childhood to know that I don't want to watch it again

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    Fantastic book though I'm the perfect audience for it I saw the picture when I was 5 or 6 before I saw the original Bad News Bears and it's always held a special place in my heart Wilker does a great job of defending the film and connecting it to 70s political and popular culture This film series from Soft Skull is badass

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    I grew up in the 70's played Little League and had feathered hair Josh Wilker's enthusiastic ode to the 2nd Bad News Bears movie nails the spirit of the 70's on so many levels Coming of age Road trip Divorce Changes in parenting styles The end of Carter and the beginning of Reagan Sitting on the toilet with a bucket of KFC Highly recommended

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