To Each Their Darkness

[Ebook] ➯ To Each Their Darkness ➮ Gary A. Braunbeck – 2010 Stoker Award Winner for Superior Achievement in NonfictionExplore the world of writing horror from a Bram Stoker and International Horror Guild award winning author's point of view Gary Braunbeck Stoker Award Winner for Superior Achievement in NonfictionExplore the world of writing horror from a Bram Stoker and International Horror Guild award winning author's point of view Gary Braunbeck uses film fiction and life experience to elucidate the finer points of storytelling both in and out of genre This part autobiographical To Each eBook ✓ always analytical book looks at how stories develop and what makes them work or not work when they're toldBe warned reality is as brutal as fiction Rob Zombie police shootings William Goldman and human misery are all teachers to the horror neophyte and Braunbeck uses their lessons to make To Each Their Darkness a whirlwind of horror and hope for the aspiring writer.To Each Their Darkness

Gary A Braunbeck is a prolific author who writes mysteries thrillers science fiction fantasy horror and mainstream literature He is the author of books; his fiction has been translated into Japanese French Italian Russian and German Nearly of his short stories have appeared in various publicationsHis fiction has received several To Each eBook ✓ awards including the Bram Stoker Award in fo.

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  • To Each Their Darkness
  • Gary A. Braunbeck
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  • 11 November 2016
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    To Each Their Darknessby Gary A BraunbeckApex Books 2010ASIN B004G5Z6XG As much as I enjoy reading horror literature from authors I'm occasionally drawn to their opining on the genre and writing as a whole through their nonfiction titles Stephen King's On Writing sits at the tippy top of that list Gary A Braunbeck wrote a book in a similar vein which was published by Apex Books and much ballyhooed by his peers It is not strictly a memoir though but a collection of essays and criticisms and it had me riveted much of the timeThe book offers everything from Gary's thoughts on his favorite films and what makes a great story and a not so great story all the way to some of the most heartrending glimpses at his personal and professional life It ain't pretty at times but it's honest It's kind of funny in a way because I'll piss and moan about something or other with a put upon attitude but by comparison to some of the stuff Gary A Braunbeck has endured my first world problems really look weakI've only read one of his novels so far Coffin County but it was enough to know this guy is a heckuva storyteller and a writer to be heeded when he's waxing poetic on the craft of storytelling A couple of the chapters feel meandering as he digressing from one crystallized thought to the next but he brings it all together by the end to get his point across And at the end I really came to appreciate the process he goes through in approaching his work and agonizing over itIf there are any authors out there that didn't already have a sobering realization as to what the life of a writer provides both financially and emotionally Braunbeck heaves a healthy bucket of cold water on your most fanciful dreams That said it's not a discouraging portrait uite the opposite Just about every chapter provides some kind of micro revelation whether it's figuring out why he loved Rob Zombie's House of a Thousand Corpses while everyone around him hated it or coming to the conclusion that what is really holding your story back from what it should be is you and finally getting out of your own way or how in Gary's poetic phrasing horror fiction is still the deformed drooling bastard child who picks at its scabs and who Literature keeps locked up in the cellar when company drops by If you are a writer a reader a horror hound a literary snob a pessimist or an optimist I doubt I can recommend this book enough And I dare say that like House of a Thousand Corpses you'll probably walk away loving or hating his book no room for fence sitters It's either a medley of disjointed ramblings or a mosaic of one author's love hate relationship with the horror genre Take your pick

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    If you've ever read horror or dark fantasy if you aspire to write horror or dark fantasy if you've ever read any kind of novel if you aspire to write any kind of novel if you've gone through dark periods in your life you owe it to yourself to read this book Gary discusses the horror genre in particular but he brings to the conversation and that's how this book reads like a conversation with Gary so much I cried at least twice reading this book When an author touches on the dark places of humanity and touches a part of your hidden inner heart at the same time what else is one to do but cry in amazement sorrow regret andyes hope And that's what this book is really about Hope for the horror genre in particular and hope for living in a world filled with heartache sorrow pain bitterness but also filled with joy laughterand hope

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    Wow This book was amazingPart biography part musings on a writer's life He includes old columns and reviews his thoughts on which of various author's books succeeded as films and then intersperses with bits of his own life And when he starts on autobiographical passages I kept saying no no that didn't happen That wasn't real But it wasAn unflinching rollercoaster ride through the mind of a writer

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    Since reading the brilliant novel IN SILENT GRAVES back in 2004 a novel I've now read 3 times Gary Braunbeck instantly became one of my must read authors I uickly sought out as much from his as I could and just about everything I've read from him has managed to inspire me both as a writer and even as a person TO EACH THEIR DARKNESS is an extended version of Gary's FEAR IN A HANDFUL OF DUST HORROR AS A WAY OF LIFE a book I had missed out on so everything here was new to me except for a couple of short sections I had read online over the past few yearsThis isn't a how to manual but rather a series of sections dealing with the films literature and real life events that have inspired and shaped Gary as an author As a huge film fan I could've read another 500 pages of Gary's film reviews and recommendations but as it stands there's plenty here to seek out I was especially thrilled to see how much of an affect the Burt Lancaster film THE SWIMMER had on the author it has been one of my favorites since I saw it as a kid on late night TV Seriouslyif you read this keep a pen and pad on hand as you'll surely want to check some if not all of these films outLike his fiction Gary's real life stories are uite dark depressing and some downright terrifying yet like a car accident I just couldn't look away and now that he has shared these accounts it has given some of my favorite stories from him even depth than they already have it was also nice to see him dissect much of his own writing especially one of my favorites his short titled 'NEED' that literally caused my stomach to drop the first time I read it There's also a story of one of Gary's closest friends that had me laughing my ass off so despite the grim aura surrounding most of DARKNESS there's still a few laughs to be had as well as much to benefit from which I'm sure is Gary's main goal hereGary also gives much space to what he believes keeps horror as a genre less respectable than other forms of literature yet not once does he apologize for being a genre writer And when he gets into the issue of the lack of subtext used within modern horror fiction writers would do well to pay close attentionIf you're a fan of Braunbeck these 330 pages will fly by While I'm not sure it was necessary to feature several introductions Gary had written for other author's books there really isn't anything negative I can say about this look into the mind of one of horror fiction's most gifted authors Check it out

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    Gary Braunbeck knows how to write about the darker things life can offer up But why do I trust his word over most? Because nothing is wasted on him This man has been through it some of the events he takes us through in detail are enough to make you want to put the book down for a while in the interest of recovery and no matter how hard times have gotten for him there's always a lesson to be learned and most importantly a story to tell You never get the sense that he is preaching or asking for pity You never get the sense he wants you to admire him In fact judging by this book and the majority of his fiction he may well be the most self deprecating man alive But through his insightful critiue of film literature and the writing process we get a picture of a writer and person who should very much be admired for his intellect humour perseverance and love of his work I recommend this book to anyone who loves the horror genre This is a mandatory introductory course

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    Stopped on page 140 I think many will like this book but for myself I fundamentally disagree with his criticisms which makes the book unreadable for me Great beginning with what happened to him as a child but the minute he started comparing books to films 4 chapters based on King books made into films Christine Children of the Corn etc I had to cease Films and books are two completely different mediums Don't compare them But if you do make sure you have at least made 2 feature films yourself so you know what goes into the difficult laborious and always 'less than' experience Unfortunately for films there are always too many cooks in the kitchen Books have the advantage

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    This book made me want to write again Stay tuned

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    This book is a hard read for anyone who really wants to be successful at writing genre fiction It explores the topic with honesty but some might say that this is too much perspective If you still want to be a writer after reading this book you will likely be successful to some degree Buy this book with another Braunbeck book as a uick read after you read this one Your brain will feel better

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    The entire book is an emotional roller coaster Go read it

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    uick Take I'm not entirely sure what I just read but I like itTo Each Their Darkness is Gary Braunbeck’s take on horror It’s part autobiography part analysis of the genre as a whole part reviews of other works and part brutally honest take on his own workBefore I elaborate on this particular book I should probably give a little background on my experiences with this author I have a lovehate relationship with Gary Braunbeck that’s been going on for a few years Make no mistake the man’s brilliant and I’ve no idea why people aren’t reading his workOh wait I also know exactly why people aren’t reading it Braunbeck’s books are gut wrenching I say that not because of the amount of gore and violence oh they are plentiful though but because of the deep emotional upset I experience with every one of his works Gary Braunbeck knows how to hit where it hurts and then to drive the pain in deeper and when you are saying “oh that hurts too much I can’t please no ” he says “Oh you mean no of THIS?” and hits harder And it’s a testament to his level of craftsmanship that at the end of it you feel like you’ve experienced something beautiful and tender and lovingThat went to a weird placeThis review’s a little schizo and all over the map So is To Each Their Darkness It’s not a straightforward narrative of “this happened to me and later I wrote about it in this story” It’s not a simple guide to what makes horror writing effective or a basic list of “these horror booksmovies are excellent and here’s why” It’s all of that and a few other things and in no certain orderSo impressions The autobiographical sections were fascinating Gary Braunbeck puts the worst out there at least I hope it’s the worst If there’s and worse I don’t think I can handle it He openly discusses his abusive but also loving childhood his depression failed marriages suicide attempt the death of his daughter and his time in a mental institution There’s a streak of humor in all the pathos though Example “I worked for a short time as a clown for children’s birthday parties Hand to God I did My professional name was Rags I wanted to call myself Scuzzo the Marginally Humorous or The Banal Mr Wiggles but was worried folks might get the wrong idea about the nature of my show”I’ll admit that the “how to write effectively” sections were a bit of a slog for me Obviously I’m not a writer but some of the peeks behind the curtain were fascinating The section on opening lines titled “Brought To You By The Law Firm Of Beguile Intrigue and Assault” could have been written with me in mind Brilliant opening lines make me all tingly though I couldn’t compose one to save my lifeThe only section that really lost me was titled “Opinions and the One Who Offers Them” It consisted of pretty much just forewards afterwards written by Braunbeck for other authors’ works It felt disjointed like I went from reading a story or article written by one author to reviews of the works by a bunch of other authors several of whom I hadn’t heard of before In a couple of cases I was interested enough to look for the books he mentioned but overall it felt shoehorned in and far too longA few goodies for the non writing readerThe conversation between Gary Braunbeck and his shelf of Stephen King books is hilariousI can say I’ve now seen the longest chapter title I’ve ever seen in Part Two should you wonder and it’s called “Statistics; Subtext; and Why Horror Will Never Be Considered Serious Lit rah chure No Matter How Much We Stamp Our Feet and Threaten to Hold Our Breath Until Our Faces Turn Blue and We Pass Out From Lack of Oxygen Which If We’d Been Using it Properly in the First Place Would Have Gone to Our Brains and Made Us Realize that We Need to Make Our Writing More Than Merely Competent Only Now We’re All Passed Out on the Floor and Have Wet Ourselves and Little Kids Are Sticking Uncomfortable Things Up Our Noses and Who’s Going to Take Us Seriously After That?”The new to me full text of Braunbeck’s short story “Need” It’s one example of what he describes as “After the Fact” horror stories a clever subgenre I had never really heard described and rarely encountered but which I’ll be looking for in the futureFinal Summary Gary Braunbeck is good enough that even when I’m not his target audience I can still find a lot to enjoy in his book His novels are still better though

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