Resenting the Hero (Hero Series, #1)

❮Download❯ ➸ Resenting the Hero (Hero Series, #1) Author Moira J. Moore – In a realm beset by natural disasters only the magical abilities of the bonded Pairs—Source and Shield—make the land habitable and keep the citizenry safe The ties that bind them are far beyond th In a realm beset by natural disasters only the magical abilities of the bonded Pairs—Source and Shield—make the land habitable and keep the citizenry safe The ties that bind them are far beyond the relationships between lovers or kin—and last their entire livesWhether they like it or notSince she was a child Dunleavy Mallorough has been nurturing her Resenting the ePUB Æ talents as a Shield preparing for her day of bonding Unfortunately fate decrees Lee’s partner to be the legendary handsome and unbearably self assured Lord Shintaro Karish Sure he cuts a fine figure with his aristocratic airs and undeniable courage But Karish’s popularity and notoriety—in bed and out—make him the last Source Lee ever wanted to be stuck withThe duo is assigned to High Scape a city so besieged by disaster that seven bonded pairs are needed to combat it But when an inexplicable force strikes down every other Source and Shield Lee and Karish must put aside their differences in order to defeat something even unnatural than their reluctant affections for each other.Resenting the Hero (Hero Series, #1)

I started writing my first book when I was fourteen I was sitting in class bored out of my mind and I started writing a story about a girl sitting in class bored out of her mind Except her class was in a school of wizardry That story turned into a book An awful book that I tried Resenting the ePUB Æ and failed to get published I'm grateful the internet wasn't a thing back then because I surely would have put.

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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 285 pages
  • Resenting the Hero (Hero Series, #1)
  • Moira J. Moore
  • English
  • 12 March 2014
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    I think this book the first in the series really actually deserves 3 12 stars but since it compelled me to read all five books in the series in a 3 day period I believe the extra 12 star is an obsessiveness bonus I picked this book up on a whim from an List honestly I find the best books that way Thank you contributors It looked to be something I wouldn't necessarily love a bit twee from the description but I uickly fell in love with the characters and the world Just greatThis is a light fantasy romp that is just so well done because of the two main characters Lee and Taro It has romance but not enough to turn off the guys if they're into the tone of the book and it's not a cookie cutter relationship which is what I find so refreshing It's just so sweetly done What really carries the series through is the POV of the main character Lee The books are written in first person from her point of view In this first book I first thought it was too simply written like a Young Adult novel But as I progressed through the series I realize it's because the author is being completely faithful to the first person view Lee is naive not experienced and very stubborn so even if me the audience knows something is going on Lee doesn't necessarily do the sensible thing She grows through the series but is never terrible insightful by definition of her character I just have to admire the author for thatAlso the relationship between the two main characters is very interesting they are both VERY flawed so the story and their relationship goes through unpredictable and interesting real twists I really loved that there isn't some fairy tale happiness between them and that is even endearingAlso the books are uite funny at times because Lee is snarky and amusing Anyway I would highly recommend the books they are very very enjoyable light reads and get better as the series goes on

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    This lovely book was on my to be read pile for a long time I'm glad I finally got around to reading it The idea is very uniue and uite intriguing However it took me a little while to get into the book Once I made it about forty pages in I was settled into a groove and enjoying the rideDunleavy is not happy about her bonded work partner He's probably the second to last one she would have picked and her last choice has a reputation for being a psychopath Lord Shintaro Karish is just too showy and she wants a low key partner But the forces that bring a pair of partners together make the choice not her Although Dunleavy spends too much time trying to convince herself that she doesn't like Taro the time they spend together the she realizes that there is a good man beneath his facadeThe magic system if you will is pretty distinctive I won't go into the backstory of why the Sources and Shields are able to work together to stop natural disasters but it's different One thing that threw me was most of what they do is internal so this isn't what I'd call an action packed book This would be a hard book to make a movie out of for that reason The pace does pick up nicely as it goes along and the climax is desirably dramaticResenting the Hero is a good start to a series that I am uite sure I will enjoy reading I did find Taro delicious but I could see why Dunleavy was trying so hard to resist him even on a friendship level with him Especially when everyone is in love with and admires TaroDunleavy is the 1st person narrator and she makes things feel very comfortable for the reader even though at times she is a bit of an unreliable narrator because her vantage point isn't exactly clear on some thingsThere's a clever little mystery in this book with some nice red herrings It's definitely a book worth checking out so long as you don't mind it being a slow starter That's why I took75 points offOverall rating 425500 stars

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    I first read about this series on Ann Aguirre's blog She recommended it so highly and given how much I enjoyed Grimspace I immediately picked up a copy of the first book By the time I cracked it open I'd been sufficiently warned not to be deterred by the ridiculous cover and anemic title It's difficult to get past the outside they said but persevere you must The cover is truly cringe worthy But the contents are not The story has its laughable parts But they're meant to be funny So that's all rightLee short for Dunleavy Mallorough has trained her entire life to be a Shield Shields work together with their Source counterparts Sources have an uncanny ability to detect natural disasters and avert them Unfortunately channeling that much power is guaranteed to kill a Source unless he or she is bonded to a Shield whose job it is to protect the Source's mind for the duration of the channeling A few times a year unbound Sources and Shields are brought together for The Choosing Tradition has it that the first time a proper pair sets eyes on each other the bonding occurs and they both just know And to make The Choosing even nerve wracking the pairing is a lifelong bond When one dies so does the other So yeah No pressureSuffice it to say Lee is less than thrilled when she looks up into the eyes of Taro short for Shintaro Karish the infamous golden boy of the Source and Shield world and just knows The unlikely and on Lee's part completely unwilling pair are immediately assigned duty in High Scape the most hazardous city in their world Shortly after they arrive a series of inexplicably powerful disasters strike the city cutting down all but the newest Pair Lee and Taro are left alone to protect the city and discover the force at the root of the disasters Moira J Moore has set up a rather uniue fantasy world and two interesting complex characters whose strengths and insecurities drive the story I liked Lee and Taro and the fact that things didn't feel rushed This is the first in a series and there is plenty of room for development and exploration inside and out

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    Let me start by saying that I actually like this cover I know some reviewers despise it but I don't I will admit that it lead me to believe this story would be a bit of a romantic farce and actually there isn't any romance and minimal comedy but that can be put down to me judging it by its cover again rather than the synopsis being misleading I'd also expected to really dislike Dunleavy because a lot of reviews mention that she's extremely judgemental While she is judgemental it wasn't overbearing for me She was bit dull and really needs to loosen up but the world building and storyline made up for a lot of thatMy fingers are crossed that there will be some romance in the next book and that it won't take away from the interesting world and abilities created in this book

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    Lee is absolutely ordinary Well except for the fact that she is a Shield someone born with the uniue ability to keep a Sword from dying when he or she channels the forces that cause natural disasters on Lee’s world And the fact that Lee is particularly sensitive to music not in a good way And that she left her family before the age of ten to be prepared for the day which happens to be today that she will be bonded with a SwordA bond to someone she has never met And a bond that will last for the rest of her life Lee asks only two things First that the Sword not be an insane frightening criminal And second that he not be Shintaro Karish the hottest most popular ridiculously sought after Sword in this year’s matchShe manages to escape the formerMoira Moore’s Hero Series is what I think of as fantasy fluff Lightning fast reads with plenty of humor romance and a uniue twist that is pure fun

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    I really enjoyed this one It's not a Romance but rather it's a Fantasy book with a romantic ironic cover I had a lot of fun reading this onethough I'm not uite sure it's your taste How much straight Fantasy do you read now?

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    This is the first in the Source Shield series of books the Hero Strikes Back Heroes Adrift Heroes at Risk Heroes Return Heroes Reward I read them all one after another so I'm afraid they all blur together in my head but I certainly enjoyed them The main character is a tough practical Shield with some odd ideas about how the world works and her own feeling on the matter Much to her disgust she is bonded to an outrageous overly emotional Source Together they form one of the few magical defenses against their world's unexpected and fierce storms The hook is the dynamic combative relationship between the two main characters and it's a good hook

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    Okay So it turns out I actually liked this uite a bit I was worried at first because I thought Lee was pretty judgmental and unfair particularly about Taro But she won me overLet's talk about how I think the author used POV to wonderful effect here Lee definitely doesn't always say the right things But she's thinking them we see that with her internal dialogue She's also witty funny and at times gut bustingly hilarious Definitely sarcastic But the reason she didn't read as bitchy to me anyway was because she pointed that criticism at herself than anyone else in the book She called herself an idiot for example times than everyone else put together She's very self effacing I would go so far as to say that she doesn't think highly enough of herselfAnd sure in the beginning she made mistakes with Taro To some degree that is justifiable as his professor told him that's the reputation that Taro has chosen to embrace and so it is unfair to expect that he wouldn't be judged by it But Lee's opinion of him changes as she gets to know him through working together You can see the shift vividly in her internal dialogue Her relationship with him still struggles because though she is thinking the right things she doesn't know how to say them I can forgive her that given that from the age of 4 onwards she was taught to control all emotions be a calm blank slate she is pretty emotionally stunted I see her coming around though and at the end I think she and Karish have begun to form an understanding of each other because yeah he makes bad assumptions about her too view spoilerI can't believe he really thought that she was going to kill him hide spoiler

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    What the hell did I just read? This is one of those so bad it's good booksI wanted to DNF it a lot because Lee is like super inept This is a pretty good example of her I studied some maps of Middle Reach and the surrounding areas just because I thought I should I didn’t know what I was looking for but studying maps seemed like the thing to do before heading off on a journey She has great intentions but she is totally clueless in the execution of anything other than her actual Shield magic stuff She pulled through in the end but lordy did she stumble a lot on the way It was embarrassing She's a total newb so it's forgivable in the first book But I'll be very disappointed if she hasn't improved in the next bookI dislike first person POVs because I never know who to trust because you just KNOW somebody has to be a traitor I liked Taro but his character is so obviously tainted by a biased POV I wouldn't mind a change in POV every once in a while But the mystery was pretty good and I think it was smart to go super slow on any romance with all the wackiness happening I'll give the second book a shot

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