The Hero Strikes Back Hero Series #2

[KINDLE] ✽ The Hero Strikes Back Hero Series #2 ❁ Moira J. Moore – In a realm beset by natural disasters only the magical abilities of the bonded Pairs—Source and Shield—make the land habitable and keep the citizenry safe The ties that bind them are far beyond th In a realm beset by natural disasters Strikes Back Kindle Ô only the magical abilities of the bonded Pairs—Source and Shield—make the land habitable and keep the citizenry safe The ties that bind them are far beyond the relationships between lovers or kin—and last their entire livesWhether they like it or notThe weather in the The Hero Kindle - city of High Scape is off the charts It’s snowing in the middle of summer and the townsfolk are desperate for Shield Lee Mallorough and Source Shintaro Karish to fix it—which they can’t do But try explaining that to an angry mobMeanwhile there’s a crazed killer targeting aristocrats Karish has forfeited the Hero Strikes Back MOBI õ Dukedom of Westsea to continue working as a Source but Lee fears that technicality won’t matter to the murderer It certainly doesn’t matter to Karish’s mother who’s bound and determined that he take the titleOnly by working together will Lee and Karish be able to figure out the weather catch the killer Hero Strikes Back Hero Series PDF or before it’s too late and most importantlyget rid of Karish’s mother.The Hero Strikes Back Hero Series #2

I started writing my first book when Strikes Back Kindle Ô I was fourteen I was sitting in class bored out of my mind and I started writing a story about a girl sitting in class bored out of her mind Except her class was in a school of wizardry That story turned into a The Hero Kindle - book An awful book that I tried and failed to get published I'm grateful the internet wasn't a thing back then because I surely would have put.

The Hero Strikes Back Hero Series #2 ePUB Ð Strikes
  • Paperback
  • 308 pages
  • The Hero Strikes Back Hero Series #2
  • Moira J. Moore
  • English
  • 09 May 2016
  • 9780441014408

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    Again whoever did these covers or approved them or paid someone to create them is a malignant toad and should be mocked out of polite society Seriously this is beyond antagonistic to the author everybody who read the books despite the cover and importantly to everybody put off by them who didn't get to enjoy an otherwise solid read with interesting characters and good storiesEverything I liked about the first book is there in this one as well and stronger Yeah I wanted to smack Lee's mother and I was afraid Erin would be a repeat of Aiden but both turned out to be interesting characters with great depth revealed through the natural course of the story And meeting Taro's mother and getting to know his history was both touching and revelatory of why he is the man he turned out to be Well doneSo why not the four stars I gave Resenting the Hero? Because the author did in my opinion break faith with Lee's character near the end of the book At some point even someone as withdrawn as Lee is has to notice that things just are not right She ignores fifteen blatant clues to what is going on and I can't say any without spoilers Suffice it to say that running on pages past the point where any reasonable person would have copped to the situation was frustrating and felt manipulative It dropped my enjoyment of the book down a full star

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    The series really warms up with this book BIG improvement over the first in the series the characters are comfortable there's witty banter an interesting plot line and great progress in the main relationship Total page turner

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    25 starsWe got background from Taro in this one which was good but the plot was boring and I did skim a little because of thatHopefully the next book is better

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    4 12 stars I normally try to pick one direction but I couldn't this timeA lot stronger than the first one I love the way the relationship between Lee and Taro is deepening And it was so great to get a glimpse of both of their mothersI also appreciate that for all that these are light books serious uestions are raised about the world they live inAnyway I can't seem to write very in depth reviews of these books but GOODRe read August 2014

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    The Hero Strikes Back is the second book in Moira J Moore's Hero series and it is as promised you were dead on Ann even better than the first book Thankfully Moore doesn't spend a lot of time trying to catch new readers up but plunges right into the new plot with wonderful abandon Lee and Taro are still stationed in High Scape but conditions are rather eerie Instead of its usual string of natural disasters the city is languishing under unprecedented weather anomalies Snowstorms in summer followed by unending heat waves Farmers are losing their crops disease and discontent are running rampant and people are blaming the Sources and their Shields for not adeuately protecting themIn a desperate attempt to deescalate the general unrest the Pairs promise they will work on fixing the weather despite having no actual ability or training to do so Lee true to form insists she and Taro actually try to come through on their promise and their fumbling attempts to manipulate the weather produce some rather interesting unexpected resultsMeanwhile both Lee and Taro's mothers come to town insinuating themselves into their childrens' lives causing irritability on Lee's part and outright fury on Taro's There is some real emotional wrangling in this second volume and I was so pleased to see these two friends and partners grow independently and together come to each other's defense when the situation warranted it and accept the other's help for what it was These emotionally charged scenes were at times delightful and at others excruciatingly painful to read and as I watched Lee and Taro try to navigate it all I found myself so proud of them And exceedingly anxious to find out what happens next

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    In my opinion this one improves on the first book Lee and Taro while flawed and opinionated are now really close with each other Once again they end up in the middle of a crazy person's scheme to kill a bunch of people Things get political We also meet their mothers hint Lee's is normal Taro's is horrific I thought the emotional conversations were really well done not too over the top I also really enjoyed the deeper look at this world's social classes My main issue with the plot was Lee's lack of critical thinking skills I get that Shields are only supposed to observe their Sources and the elemental forces and tend to ignore other things like physical sensation but it was kind of frustrating that she couldn't put the most obvious 2 and 2 together Regardless I am looking forward to the next book

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    Most people seem to like this book than the first book but I actually enjoyed this less I think the plot of this book is weaker than the first and not only that it is a bit messier with several subplots that border on family melodrama I think one of the worst things about first person pov is being stuck in the head of someone you don't really like Ok I do like Lee but there is an immaturity to her inner thoughts that seems incongruous with the supposedly stoic and rational nature of the Shields All the inner dialog gets really annoying very uickly However the best part of this book and series continues to be the incredible chemistry between Taro and Lee And come on are they ever going to get together? Somehow I didn't exactly enjoy this book but am still left wanting to read on in the series

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    Another fun installment I still don't really get exactly what all was going on though Taro was incredibly moody as were the people of High Scape in general Lee's bit of speculation as to why at the end was nice but it would be great to get some real detail on thatIt was great though heart breaking to get to know both Lee and Taro's families as well as all the added insight that gives us into their personalitiesAnd I assume that we'll get information on these expanding abilities as the series goes on

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    Ever since I read the first book in this series I've been taunting myself with the second reading the first page or two and then ultimately putting it down in favor of something else This time however I finally decided to finish it up And now I'm struggling with what to say about it Here's my conundrum I'm in a reading slump in a general life slump with not much being able to hold my interest So I struggled with the beginning of this book much than I had expected I might I felt like not much happened for the first uarter or so which probably isn't really true There was a lot of emotional set up done and scene setting after the first book and whatnot I usually really enjoy that kind of thing to be honest but I struggled with it here I honestly think that it's a symptom of the slump than anything else On the other hand once I got into it a bit I read the majority of the book in two sittings It's fun and flows smoothly More importantly there's a lot emotional depth than the first book Instead of relying on the misconceptions that Dunleavy harbors regarding Karish for its emotional arc it deals with a variety of different relationships There's Lee's relationship with her mother Karish's relationship with his mother Lee's friendships with a variety of people including potential love interests and of course Lee and Karish's relationship which will always be an interesting thingUnfortunately I did feel like the plot was a little disjointed Things happen but for a long time we don't really know why and when there are revelations the hints are just a bit too heavy handed making future twists a bit predictable I felt like Lee and Karish didn't get a ton of agency which stinks because they're great characters On the front of things I want of Can we learn about Sources and Shields soon? The magic system is one of the draws to this series for me so I'd really love for the books to delve deeply into Lee and Karish's powers This book gave a bit depth but I'm still itching for information Anyway I will certainly read the next book and I hope that I'll be able to approach it from a slightly better headspace so that I can give it a coherent review

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    This was really good I found it to be just as enchanting as the first book and can't wait for the third nowI really love Karish and Dunleavy's relationship They are perfect for each other and I hope that they become an item soon I'm still learning all their is to know about about a Source and Shield The added factor of the villains of this book the religious fanatics and how Dunleavy thinks that their ritual sacrifice might have actually worked was amusing and bit disturbingThe fact that Dunleavy can now also manipulate the weather is making me thing that author is going for a bit of a special snowflake effect Karish is already different and now Dunleavy as well? I really hate the mothers in this book I liked Dunleavy's mother at first but then at the end she abandoned Dunleavy in the same way Karish's mother did because she didn't understand her She might have been nicer about it but it still obviously hurt Dunleavy

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