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[Download] ✤ Shiloh and Other Stories By Bobbie Ann Mason – These stories will last said Raymond Carver of Shiloh and Other Stories when it was first published and almost two decades later this stunning fiction debut and winner of the PENHemingway Award has be These stories will last said Raymond Carver of Shiloh and Other Stories when it Shiloh and ePUB Æ was first published and almost two decades later this stunning fiction debut and winner of the PENHemingway Award has become a modern American classic In Shiloh Bobbie Ann Mason introduces us to her western Kentucky people and the lives they forge for themselves amid the ups and downs of contemporary American life and she poignantly captures the growing pains of the New South in the lives of her characters as they come to terms with feminism R rated movies and video games Bobbie Ann Mason is one of those rare writers who by concentrating their attention on a few suare miles of native turf are able to open up new and surprisingly wide worlds for the delighted reader said Robert Towers in The New York Review of books.Shiloh and Other Stories

Bobbie Ann Mason has won the PENHemingway Award and was a finalist for the Shiloh and ePUB Æ National Book Critics Circle Award the American Book Award and the PENFaulkner Award Her books include In Country and Feather Crowns She lives in Kentucky.

Shiloh and Other Stories PDF ☆ Shiloh and  ePUB
  • Paperback
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  • Shiloh and Other Stories
  • Bobbie Ann Mason
  • English
  • 22 June 2014
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    This uiet meditative collection is set in western Kentucky in the homes of ordinary working class people I liked to believe each story was about a different neighbor This is not the book for you if you enjoy a dense plot Be forewarned nothing really happens A couple hundred pages later and I can recall a tree being cut down dinners being made cats being fedlike most fiction I enjoy or movies I prefer what I take with me is the feeling the loneliness the futility This book was a hazy downtrodden blur of yearning Dusks on farms and supermarket checkouts and greyhound buses and TV dinners eaten by the blue flickering light and a soft undercurrent of bored housewives waking from a deep slumberThey are beautiful Sorrowful Understated And the endings come suddenly and much too uickly Like life Things feel incomplete

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    These were really something Not too much of a weak one in the lot My current favorite Georgeann the malcontent preacher’s wife happy with her lousy chickens and playing Space Invaders in the basement Sorry not Space Invaders The Galaxians Space Invaders is the better game says the trucker because things come at you head on And then there’s Mary and her dentist in “Residents and Transients” and Nancy Culpupper twice over and andHow I’d describe these stories actually if the gentler Larry Brown think A Miracle of Catfish; all the Sam parts of Fay wrote Drive By Truckers songs The incongruities secrets and hidden depths in people here’s a book full of them

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    Well written stories that give a glimpse into life in the South for better or worse and that were perfect palate cleansers between novels

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    My personal favorite story in this collection is Offerings which originally appeared in The New Yorker in the 1980s Offerings is not flash but it is very small for a traditional short story length I am guessing maybe under 3000 words I can't get over the story's magic I keep re reading it to comprehend its hypnotic complexity and simplicity both its honesty and intuitive sense of how the world leaves us so connected and so alone The others in this award winning collection the collection won the PENHemingway Award have this uality also the title story Shiloh is breathtaking Jesus they all are Some of them are also outrageously funnyIt never stops with this writer's work her novels and stories BAM's work bubbles with longing sly humor a dangerous amount of tenderness sadness and everyday wisdom; She does this the way no other writer does in such an accessible intuitive no nonsense way using tiny and sometimes random details which stick in ones mind foreverAlmost everyone whose writing I respect has something similar to say about Bobbie Ann Mason's work Mostly when I bring her work up good writers say to me She is the one who made me want to write or think I could write BAM creates for the reader a lingering unforgettable ache for the feeling ones of this world

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    This was on my list forever so I decided to go for it The stories were much sameness but overall the collection worked together to form a sort impressionistic mood and message I think the reaction would vary enormously depending on who read it Funny how such repetitive images and ambiguous characters left me feeling hooked enough to keep on going This is a collection for people who want to feel vaguely melancholy and lost in thought over things like the passage of time in personal life vs for the world as a whole That was my takeaway

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    The title story is as good as advertised but after that I found this collection relentlessly one note Almost every story features a vaguely disillusioned heroine a poorly developed husband who's not on the scene and a rural setting sketched with the same tired references to daytime television and hamburger noodle casseroles It bored me

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    I only read the short story ShilohI couldn't really see the point or the purpose of the story

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    Normally I don’t pick up a volume of stories to read but the fact that this is a well known Kentucky author and I had read some of her other novels I was compelled to see what was inside I’m glad I read this book The stories all have similar themes and if you read it all at once like I did the characters and plots can get a little confusing and start to run together The author writes perfectly using the dialect and slang of country people in Kentucky All the stories take place in western Kentucky and familiar places like Paducah Kentucky Lake and Murray State University are often mentioned I loved the characters in these stories because if you are from Kentucky most likely you have known people who are just like them in the way that they talk and act All of the stories have a theme of relationships and the characters all seemed to be yearning for something out of life although what was not always clear There is not a clean ending for most of these stories but it is just like sampling a slice of their everyday lives This is a nice book to pick up and read when you are on the go and don’t want to be tied down with a long novel

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    Bobbie Ann Mason is an unusually attractive younger writer whose works have appeared in The New Yorker Isn't it strange that the above is the first sentence of the inside book jacket cover for this book? The book won many awards Do any of Philip Roth's book jackets include statements like Philip Roth is really handsome? StrangeThe stories are terrific I just don't see how writers master the short story and then go on to write multiple great short stories Bobbie Ann Mason creates funny poignant thoughtful stories out of ordinary people and mundane situations What a great imagination she has accompanied by an amazing facility with the language

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    A bit like rays of light pulsed dot dash dot from the warmest center of Lorrie Moore's Self Help received and bent through a prism made of the fragile glass dreams of Raymond Carver's down and out husbands sad and fierce wives

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