The Spook's Bestiary The Guide to Creatures of the Dark The Last ApprenticeWardstone Chronicles

[Reading] ➻ The Spook's Bestiary The Guide to Creatures of the Dark The Last ApprenticeWardstone Chronicles By Joseph Delaney – The heavily illustrated stand alone companion book to the internationally best selling Last Apprentice series the series that inspired the forthcoming major motion picture Seventh Son The Spook's Best The heavily illustrated Bestiary The Kindle Ï stand alone companion book to the internationally best selling Last Apprentice series the series that inspired the forthcoming major motion picture Seventh Son The Spook's Bestiary is your guidebook to the supernatural terrifying creatures of the dark Learn what to do if you must face a boggart a witch a dark mage or even the Fiend himselfFill your pockets with salt and iron Carry The Spook's PDF/EPUB ² a rowan staff and a silver chain And most importantly clear your mind and conuer your own fear Here is the Spook's own notebook full of the instructions that any young apprentice like Tom Ward will need Learn how to bind a boggart Find out how to capture a witch Memorize what to do if you face the Fiend himself If Spook's Bestiary The Guide to Kindle - you are the seventh son of a Spook's Bestiary The MOBI ô seventh son—or even if you are simply a fan of The Last Apprentice series—this book holds all you need to face the forces of evil The Last Apprentice series is soon to be a major motion picture Seventh Son starring Jeff Bridges Ben Barnes Alicia Vikander Kit Harington Olivia Williams Antje Traue Djimon Hounsou and Julianne Moore as Mother Malkin It's a suspenseful thrill ride that's spine tingling Spook's Bestiary The Guide to Kindle - Publishers Weekly and anything but tame Horn Book BUT DON'T read IT AFTER DARK.The Spook's Bestiary The Guide to Creatures of the Dark The Last ApprenticeWardstone Chronicles

The Spook's Apprentice.

The Spook's Bestiary The Guide to Creatures of the Dark
  • Hardcover
  • 227 pages
  • The Spook's Bestiary The Guide to Creatures of the Dark The Last ApprenticeWardstone Chronicles
  • Joseph Delaney
  • English
  • 15 December 2016
  • 9780062081148

10 thoughts on “The Spook's Bestiary The Guide to Creatures of the Dark The Last ApprenticeWardstone Chronicles

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    This fictional book was mentioned in practically all of the installments of the main series Now you can read it As the title says it is a Bestiality notes on all the monsters the Spook and his colleagues had to face in their line of work For them knowledge is the power so the Spook and his apprentices keep this book updated As such it is full of short stories about some of his dealings with different monsters; these were only briefly mentioned in the main plotlineThe only reason I read this book is that is was available in the local library This and that is was short It actually turns out slightly better than I expected The short stories I mentioned filled up some unexplained parts of the main story uite nicely The illustrations were eually good; I would not recommend looking at some of them at night if you are alone As an example take a look at one of the most harmless creature of the book a bansheeIt is a beaut is not it? On the negative side some of the monster descriptions were uoted in the main books verbatim so I remember reading most of them before Still the Bestiaity is good enough and short enough to warrant 3 stars

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    Book defines the ghouls depicted in The Last Apprentice series Do not read before the series however as the storylines detailed within the pages will not make sense to you without having read Tom and Alice's adventures A must to say that you read the entire collection

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    Okay Love the idea But the paperback had grey pages It was hard to readReview to comeYouTube | Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat mirandareads Happy Reading

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    To the ReaderThis is both my chance to catch up and learn some about the world of the Spook stories before diving into the next Tom Ward book I just finished I Am Grimalkin and it was alright It could have been better I do feel like this series has become a bit stretched but I do love the world so that I only mind a little There are still flashes of the brilliance that brought me into this series so I'll take what I can get I don't expect to have many notes for this kind of book but who knows I'll try The other between the numbers books in this series always gave us a glimpse of what was to come as well as summarizing the past In fact I got confused once because I thought Tom HAD encountered a kind of creature he had not because there was a short story about young Gregory coming up against one so I'll be on the look out for stuff like that Either way I'm sure this book will be entertaining The DarkThis was kinda the five commandments of Spookdom haha Gregory is so serious The footnote about Andy was hilarious Cheese I could use some cheese now BoggartsYep I was right only this is SO MUCH COOLER than the previous between the numbers We get short stories between the descriptions of the beasties and how to deal with them There was some review and some new stories They were all fairly entertaining and enlightening I especially liked the tale on how Gregory got the cat boggart to guard over Chipenden It's sad what happened to that guy If only there could be another having him was handy The Old GodsThis too was enlightening We even got to know a few gods we haven't yet met in the story I wonder if that means we might I might love seeing Zeus in this universe That would be interesting Gregory's recount of his first encounter with the Bane was nice I was glad to review a bunch of the things we've already come across and I don't have commentaries to look back on Maybe I shall someday WitchesSooooo much awesome material on the witches I'm pretty sure Old Gregory dropped a hint here and there about things that may go wrong in the next book I loved the footnotes that brought experiences to the pages of the bestiary It makes it authentic This is such a fun little read It really is like peering into one of the dusty old tomes that used to sit on a shelf at Chipenden which is being rebuilt boggartless though I did notice our old friend boggart illustrated on the back cover of the next book gaspMages The Unuiet Dead Demons Water Beasts Elemental Spirits Mysterious Deaths in the County and Final WordsLots nice little shorts and lots information about all the creepy things in the spookverse There was than one nod to things to come in the next books as well Certain things seemed like they were being highlighted I wish I could say without repeating what I have already said but there's really nothing to talk about I think we're about to see some of these creatures and gods in the comping books And I can't wait to finally get through them Lure of the Damned here I come

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    This is John Gregory's guide to The Dark and all the creatures whom dwell within it Some creatures you will have heard of you may even have had your own dealings with the likes of boggarts ghasts and witches Other creatures you may be learning about for the first time such as boogles Kabalos mages and skelts Regardless of their notoriety and level of threat to the County all beings of the dark should he handled without fear with knowledge and always using common senseNot everyone can be a seventh son of a seventh son and therefore eligible to become a Spook many of you will stumble blindly through the dark with little knowledge of the threats that lie in wait for those of you who are foolish ignorant or just plain unlucky But within this Bestiary is the knowledge that could one day save your life if only making you aware that you have a problem and giving you the foresight to fetch a Spook before you loose your thumbs are drained of your blood or are just plain frightened to deathThe Spook's Bestiary is an invaluable guide not only for Spooks' and their apprentices but also to those fascinated with the dark frightened of the dark or are fans of The Spook's series The Dark is an ever present threat that is continuously growing in strength but so to is the Spook's determination to fight The Dark in all its forms With descriptions stories notes and sketches no home in the County is safe without a copy of this book to stave off the dark times An informative and riveting read

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    Disappointed with this book overall loved the stories but not much else

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    Just as an FYI this book is not technically part of The Last Apprentice series but a supplementary book If you're familiar with Terry Pratchett's Discworld Series this would be like one of the map books or Nanny Ogg's Cookbook Also important I am a fan of the TV series SupernaturalWith all that out of the waythis read a bit like John Winchester's journal It's a compendium of all the creatures that are kept at bay by a Spook HunterSam and Dean? in County It includes examples of times John Gregory the Spook who 'authored' this book encountered said creature and uotes from his various apprenticesI found it an interesting take on the creatures originally from mythology especially the Old Gods which come from many different regions Greece Romania Ireland etc and how they were dealt with The last chapter included some instance and probable new creatures that had yet to be identified Supposedly this series has been turned into a movie called Seventh Son which I've never heard of and has poor reviews so I'm wondering how I missed that But I'm intrigued enough to see if I can find an actual book from the series to see what the fuss was about

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    Great book for those who love the Spook's series and want to learn a bit about the world in which the books take placeThere are descriptions of the creatures shown in the books and some others we didn't yet see There are also some annotations by characters of the books and some really good stories to expand the main story like how the spook managed to end up with an ogre in his own house A very nice read

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    A good catalog of ghastly ghouls with powerful images and lots of nods to various mythology I received the book as a gift and while not familiar with the series prior to it if this is indicative of it I'll probably give them a shot Pulls heavily from various myths of old and new gods folklore etc but is effective due to solid visuals

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    Wow really fun to get back into the world of the Wardstone Chronicles In this small book you finally see the book that Master Gregory wrote for his students It is full of beauteful illustrations and fun short storiesRating 810

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